Paper crafts for Christmas

Paper Crafts for Christmas

Following on from my paper snowflakes last week, I’ve been busy this afternoon with more paper crafts for Christmas.  All inspired by a course I attended last Christmas at our Children’s Centre.

I made a couple of flat bauble decorations last year which are now hanging in the living room.

Paper crafts for ChristmasI’d bought some sparkly strips of paper, and although they are much thinner that last year’s attempt I thought I’d try to re-create a sparkly version.  I’ll give you the original instructions to work to, but I’ve used the same principle.

Using a piece of A4 paper or thin card cut 7 x 2.5cm wide strips lengthways along the paper.  Cut two of the strips at this length (30cms) and cut the rest as follows: 2x25cms, 2x20cms and 1x17cms

Paper crafts for ChristmasSandwich the strips like this: 30cm, 25cm, 20cm, 17cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm

Paper crafts for ChristmasEnsure one end is flush and staple ( I used sellotape with my sparkly strips as they are too narrow to staple).  Position the other ends so that they are flush and staple in place.

Position a thread through the flat bauble ready for hanging.

Paper crafts for Christmas Paper crafts for Christmas

I’m quite pleased with the result.

Next up in my paper crafts for Christmas are Christmas Bells, turning a 20cm square piece of paper/thin card into a decoration.

Start with a 20cm square, you do need to be really precise with this or you will not be able to fold your Christmas Bell correctly.  I use a ruler to get a clean crease.

Fold you square in half, and crease, unfold and fold in half again the other way, crease.  unfold and you should have a cross-crease on your paper.

Now fold the square diagonally, corner to corner, crease, unfold and then fold the opposite corners diagonally, crease and unfold again.

Taking hold of one of the corners, take the adjacent corner and fold it over to the diagonal line, creating an aeroplane fold, crease.  Take the other adjacent corner and folder over to meet the first corner and crease.  It should look like an aeroplane/kite shape.

Unfold and repeat this step three more times with the other three corners.

Pushing the centre edges of the square in and push down in the centre of the square, holding the corners, the sides should fold in and the points should come together to create a Christmas Bell as shown above.

Make holes at the top and thread a hanging cord to hang.

Last year I filled them with chocolates and we had them as table decorations instead of crackers.

Paper crafts for Christmas, easy to make and very effective.

I had one last idea to use up my sparkly strips.  I’d tried using them to make snowflakes, but they didn’t like a glue stick or PVA glue.  So I decided to try making a golden star, and fixing with sellotape.

Paper crafts for ChristmasI’m rather pleased with it!


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  1. Mary you are a craft queen! Look at you go with your handmade decorations. They look amazing too although I think yours are far better than mine every would be 🙂

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