Paper Valentines

Paper Valentines

At the end of last week Monkey and I were feeling the need to do something with paper, we decided to make some paper Valentines.  I found some red card in the craft cupboard, along with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.  Monkey decided that I was in charge of shapes and cutting, we would be in charge of sticking!

Paper So I set to work, drawing round the cookie cutter and cutting out our paper hearts.  I found some pink paper to add to our paper valentines too.

Valentines Paper Valentines

Then it was over to Monkey, he decided he wanted to make some cards.  Oh is one for me?  No Mummy, no!  Oh 🙁

Valentines Paper Valentines

He had a great time making his cards, picking which colour to use, making Valentines cards for the other women in his life!

Paper Valentines Paper Valentines

So I wonder whether Monkey’s paper Valentines will bring a smile to a few people’s faces next week?

While he was busy with his cards I decided to do something myself.

Paper Valentines

I found a piece of ribbon and made a little hanging for our kitchen.  I’m rather pleased with it.

Paper Valentines

What will you be making for this February 14th?


17 thoughts on “Paper Valentines

  1. We’ve not done much yet, it’s been a bit busy! But, need to sort out all the class valentines and teacher gifts this week… It’s a big deal over here 🙂

  2. I really must try and do something for Valentine’s Day and this is a great way to get children involved…love your heart hanger too…I love hearts so would be really happy to have that hanging in my house!!

  3. I love the hanging hearts in your kitchen. This could also be used throughout the house as well. Simple to make and it looks great. It would be a really nice addition to the guest bedroom as well. Also, BTW, I love Ferrari’s too! LOL
    Thank you for your post, I really enjoyed it.

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