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Pass Your MOT With Flying Colours

Lots of cars pass their MOT inspections without even a single thing that requires attention. However, all too often, car owners have failed to make basic maintenance checks and, as a result, their car fails its MOT when it could so easily have passed. If you know that your car’s inspection is approaching, then it is worth remembering that an MOT test is available at Elite Direct London branch that you can book as well as some of the simple things you can do to help it pass. What are some of the easiest things to do?

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Check Your Wipers

If you don’t travel in the rain very often then it may be some time since you last used your windscreen wipers. However, a car will fail an MOT if the screen cannot be cleaned properly. Leaving streaks behind that block the view is no good. Make sure the screenwash reservoir is topped up and that any wiper blades that are worn down are replaced.

Inspect Your Lights

Every year, a large number of cars fail their MOT tests because of bulbs that are no longer working. Many motorists notice when their headlamps are not working properly but what about your indicators and your brake lights? Check them and do not forget about your sidelights, your fog lamp or your reversing light either. Failures with the bulbs can lead to unwanted MOT results.

Look for Seatbelt Wear

You might notice that your seatbelt is beginning to fray if you are driving every day. However, it is not just the driver’s seatbelt that counts with an MOT. You need to make sure all of your car’s seatbelts clip into their buckle properly first time with nothing blocking the passage of the clip. Equally, you should ensure all of your seatbelts are free from wear and that they can move freely when pulled smoothly.

Confirm Your Tyre Tread

Tyres are a big deal with MOT inspections. To begin with, you should check there is enough depth to the tread by inserting a 20p coin into the grooves. If the rim of the coin disappears, then you have enough tread left. However, you must do this all the way around each tyre and not just in one place. You should make sure your tyres have enough pressure to work properly, too. Check the inflation level your car manufacturer recommends and pump your tyres up to this level before taking your vehicle to its MOT inspection. 

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  1. Hey, thanks for the information. My MOT is due in few months. Do you know what happens If we do not pass the MOT test?

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