Pedalling his bike

Pedalling his bike

I shared some our Monkey’s new first’s from our visit to Coombe Mill recently, well the surprises didn’t end when we returned to Oxfordshire.  Monkey was saving something quite wonderful for our return. We were about to witness him pedalling his bike.

You may remember that we bought Monkey’s bike over a year ago now. Well, he soon got frustrated with not being able to pedal and said bike has been gathering dust in the garage for a long time.  Any mention of trying again would be met with refusal.  I sighed and decided that we’d just have to hope the bike would still be the right size when he decided to try pedalling his bike again.

Of course in this last year, we’ve seen friend after friend mastering their bikes and removing their stabilisers, but still Monkey was adamant he would not be riding his.

So fast forward over a year, and it’s Easter Sunday, I’m preparing a roast dinner and Monkey and Daddy P are out in the garden doing some jobs.  Then comes a knock on the front door – you’d better come quickly!

This is what was waiting for me, Monkey pedalling his bike!

Pedalling his bike

There was determination written all over his face.

Pedalling his bike

It was magical, I was totally amazed.  How? Apparently Monkey spotted his bike in the garage and said to Daddy P that he wanted to try riding it.  That was that. He was off, straight away, got it, look at me Mummy.

Off they went to the end of our road, to join the cycle path and start the beginning of a new and exciting journey.  It was very emotional.  I know we’ve got the whole stabiliser thing to deal with at some point, but finally he is pedalling his bike.  It’s happening, that moment we have waited so long to see.

But that wasn’t the end.  The next day, when we got back from Blenheim Palace, Mummy can we all go out with my bike?  Of course!  Let’s see where the cycle path leads shall we.

Pedalling his bike

We are really lucky to live in an area with loads of cycle paths, now Monkey is pedalling his bike we can explore.  We chatted away as he pedalled, he was so chuffed with himself and it was just wonderful to watch.

Pedalling his bike

I’m so excited for where this chapter will lead Monkey.  Boys on bikes, to me it’s like break and butter, just made to go together.  I love that finally things have clicked into place and that it’s the right time for Monkey, he feels confident and happy to be pedalling his bike.

Of course this now means that I’ve got to buy a bike and then try not to fall off it myself. That will be a challenge in itself, but like swimming I’ll do it, I’ll do it for him, I want to be able to explore with him and share this new journey together.


11 thoughts on “Pedalling his bike

  1. Yay, go Monkey. It’s funny how some children take to pedalling straight away and others aren’t keen. Our 6 year old nephew can, but just isn’t fussed about his bike at all. He didn’t even want to try N’s balance bike when various cousins were all doing bike races up and down the drive.

    Do you not cycle at all? Or just not for a long time?

    My bike was a £50 heavy mountain bike with no suspension that I bought when I moved to Oxford after uni. It did the job but is painful, and had been left outside in the snow and rain on the farm for years, so I’m not sure it’s fit for anything now. I need to get a new decent one (swap the saddle over because that was one item I did buy specifically for comfort) and then I can go out with N. Although the roads by us are lethal with pot holes, fast cars, tractors and no pavements so it’s not the best place for cycling.

  2. You know both my two were (and youngest still is) incredibly reluctant to pedal. My eldest didn’t learn to ride until she was 7. But she got there in her own time, just like Monkey will. I rather like the idea of us bringing our bikes down to you and going out for a cycle. I’ve no doubt you’ll conquer the cycling, as will Monkey-you’re both very determined! x

  3. What a lovely milestone. He looks so pleased with himself and so proud! We’re getting LP a bike for her Birthday in August and I can’t wait for moments like this x

  4. Well done Monkey. It took Miss A ages to want to ride her bike, now she can she loves it, but she’s still riding a 16″ which she is far too big for, but is refusing to get a bigger one. I have managed to get her into the large toy super store to try out a few so hoping she’s mulling that over in her mind now that she can ride a larger frame.

  5. Its lovely watching them achieve something they so want to do, Mr C is still not able to peddle his bike but so wants to! Well Done Monkey

  6. Well done Monkey! It’s great when they work these things out and want to do it isn’t it. E loves his bike now he can ride it!

  7. This is fantastic, he brought the magic home with him. We debated about getting Ethan a bike for his birthday this week but we just know he isn’t ready. Perhaps he will be ready next year. We too have cycle paths near our home and all over town, I really hope we can explore together too. Enjoy your little biker x x x

  8. Awww fantastic and how brilliant that he did it at his own pace. You’ll all have brill adventures now!
    I love the concentration on his face (understandable) and his little cycling gloves.
    Well done him and thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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