My perfect family holiday

My perfect family holiday #markwarnermum

Spending time as a family is a really rare thing for us.  I’m married to a workaholic who owns his own business.  Getting him to take a day off can be a challenge, let alone a week! Until very recently, our only trips away have been to visit family in Spain.  Whilst this may seem like a holiday, it’s really visiting my parents.  Which although, lovely, and don’t get me wrong, I’d fly there tomorrow if I could, it’s different from a holiday.  So what would my perfect family holiday be?

I’ve thought long and hard about that question – my perfect family holiday?  I feel that Monkey misses out on so much, with a Daddy who is rarely around and the only grandparents he has living overseas.  My perfect family holiday would see us all together, all of us on holiday together.  So not staying in Spain at my parents house in the mountains.

I’d love my son to experience going on holiday with his parents and grandparents.  Going on an adventure together.  With Monkey just turning 5, and my parents in their 70’s I’m thinking of a European destination for my perfect family holiday.  No long haul flights, no tropical heat to wear out both Monkey, Daddy P and my Mum out.

The penny dropped!  My perfect family holiday could be in Portugal, somewhere along the Algarve or maybe a different part of Spain.  It would be a relatively short flight for Daddy P, Monkey and I, and for my parents, only a car drive away, which they could take at a leisurely pace.

No holiday with a 5 year old is complete without a trip to the seaside and a splash about in the sea.  When I was a little girl I was so lucky, my grandparents lived on the Kent coast, I’d go on holiday to stay with them and spend hours on the beach.  Happy memories.  I want to make memories for Monkey.  I happen to know that Gramps is the king of all sandcastle builders, how wonderful to be on holiday near the seaside so Monkey could witness that for himself.

My perfect family holiday

So my perfect family holiday would have to be based near to the seaside.  But I’ve never been one for spending every day of a holiday on the beach, and I wouldn’t want that for Monkey either.

Over the years I’ve travelled to destinations all over the world, with work and on holiday. I’ve always believed in seeing the places I visit, not in sitting by the pool solidly for the entire vacation.  I’ve never understood people that do.  I love experiencing different cultures, learning about the history of places, exploring, getting lost.  I want Monkey to travel and learn about the world around him – whether that be looking at the natural world, trying new food, visiting historical sights or meeting new people.

For my perfect family holiday I would always have to pick somewhere that offered us a beach, yes, but more than that.  Interesting places to explore, both on foot and by car. As regular readers know, we are often out and about.  Monkey is no stranger to walking! He loves nature, it helps having an amateur entomologist for a Gramps, but I’m keen for him to take an interest too. So a perfect family holiday for me would have to include somewhere where we can explore the countryside, spotting mini beasts along the way!

My perfect family holiday

My perfect family holiday would have to include places of interest to visit nearby.  Whether it be an old fort or castle to explore …….

My perfect family holiday

…….  cobbled streets to wander through ……

My perfect family holiday

….. or boat trips to see the world from a different point of view.

My perfect family holiday

Mum would have it known that no holiday can be complete without a trip to a local market, and it’s a great way of seeing local produce on display.  Daddy P might be on holiday but he’d still want to see what fruit and veg is available – once a greengrocer ….!

So my perfect family holiday would really be somewhere where we can spend time as a family, quality time, with grandparents enjoying a break too.  Somewhere where we can spend time relaxing together, somewhere new to explore together.

My perfect family holiday

Where would your perfect family holiday be?


9 thoughts on “My perfect family holiday #markwarnermum

  1. That does sound like the perfect family holiday. It is so difficult not having much family around, especially when your OH works such long hours.

  2. It is hard for the only breadwinner. Really hope your husband will calm down soon and enjoy his time with your family. This is the perfect family holiday. I dont know about spain. I myself from Singapore, will also love to do that too! Good luck!

    1. One day maybe Eileen! I live in hope. I loved Singapore when I visited, but it will have changed so much since then – they were building the marina etc – I think even the Merlion has moved too?

  3. That sounds lovely! I think our perfect holiday would be Florida, I really want to take the kids to Disneyland over there since we loved it in Disneyland Paris, so i think it would make some great memories but we might go for a more extended family holiday this year, since we have a cousin getting married so we will all go to Sri Lanka for the wedding and probably rent a big place for all the UK cousins to go stay there together, so should be fun!

    Good luck for the Mark Warner!

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