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Pet Facts with Petplan

I’ve always insured my cats,  they only need one accident and you can just see the bill from the vet mounting up.  Do you use insurance for your pets?  Oh course you do need to check all the clauses especially with an older animal, like my beloved old Monty.  But it’s a reassurance.  This video has some great pet facts with Petplan.

I’ve had pets named after a racing driver – Niki, a song from Duran Duran – Rio, a band – Roxy, and now a cat named after a train in Chuggington – Brewster!  What names have given to your pets over the years?

Pet Facts with Petplan

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  1. What a cute picture! My cat was called Boggy when we rescued her, which I hated so we changed it to Twinkle as she was a little star in our eyes! I miss her now she’s gone but maybe we’ll have another one in the future.

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