Caterpillar update time – week 2

Saturday 15th June – I can see our pupating caterpillar moving from the underside of his home.  I picked the glass jar up earlier to remove the uneaten Hawthorn leaves and I could see the cocoon moving quite a lot.  Guess our caterpillar is making himself at home within his casing.  It’s still quite fascinating and my son asks to look at it every day. Pupating caterpillar week 2 Pupating caterpillar week 2

No real further action to report this week,  It would appear that part of the caterpillar was discarding in the pupating stage, but it’s still in the cocoon – must ask Guru Gramps about that when I Skype him next.

Let’s see if we get further movement next week, Guru Gramps thinks we have a few more weeks to wait until our moth emerges – perhaps we should run ‘A guess the date’ comment fest?  What do you think?  I’m going to go for 4th July – Independence Day and also would have been my dearly missed saggy old cat’s 20th birthday, bless him.

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