Photo of the week – week 22

We have a fascination in this house with mini beasts and snails! My son and I were in the garden on Wednesday and he found a snail moving through the grass.  It kept him captivated for ages, especially as it was so active.  He was enthralled by its slow slithery movement and the way its antenna shrunk and extended as it felt its way over the blades of grass.

I got my little camera out and this shot seemed to capture his movement the best.  What do you think?

Photo of the week Snail in motion

19 thoughts on “Photo of the week – week 22

  1. Great photo! We had loads of snails in our garden Edinburgh, haven’t seen many here – except at the beach this week, where there were hundreds of sea snails (winkles)! #CountryKids

  2. A great capture, I’m glad Monkey enjoyed watching his new friend – maybe he’s going to take after his Grandad! It’s nice to see pictures of the children investigating nature and it’s inhabitants. Thanks for sharing on Country Kids.

  3. That’s a fab photo! I’m forever rescuing frogs from the clutches of our young cat, one of these days
    I must grab my camera too. They tend to freeze when stressed which isn’t great if the cat’s trying to have a go, but handy to snap quickly with a camera! Not that I want them unduly stressed obviously, but a nice camera shot would be good!!

    1. I took loads, he was a really active little snail, kept Monkey and I glued for ages, so I had time to grab the camera, really interesting to watch him move close up. One of my old cats bought a toad home for me once – ended up under my bed , no so pleasant!

      1. Ooh, not nice! Luckily, I’ve been able to rescue every frog so far. Did you know they scream? V distressing sound when you realise what it is and why they’re making it. The joy of cats!

        1. Really? Didn’t know that. I was screaming when we had our visitor – I do remember that! Yes, joy of cats – mine decided to come home earlier with a bird firmly in its jaws 🙁

          1. He! He! Not so good for our animal friends really. So far we’ve ‘only’ had dead mice….

  4. That’s a great capture – they usually disappear in their shells so quickly 🙂

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