Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 010315

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 010315

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 010315

44 thoughts on “Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 010315

  1. I was going to ask where it is, but I think I know, although I’m not sure exactly which part of the gardens it is. Love the shapes of the shadows especially.

  2. Such a beautiful combination of brick and metal they really compliment each other.xx

  3. ah that is wonderful i love the light playing on the brickwork, and the shadows and the metalwork. great shot.

  4. Unrelated to the post but have you got a code for the HappyEgg badge? Have you made your own or have they given it to you? I had no luck getting one from them and I would love to add the badge to the blog.xx

  5. What a great picture, I love how all the shadows and different colours give it depth #mysundayphoto

  6. Antique bricks have such a charm and you’ve captured it just perfectly, it’s they way they were fired apparently. These days bricks are baked very evenly but back then it could be hot in one spot and cooler in another which is why they look so wonderful.

  7. What a great capture, I love the way the shadows reflect the sharp lines of the steps while the dark brick shape mirrors the softer roundness of the balustrade.

  8. So much to be said about this one photo;
    The steps – where do they lead?? The light, pattern in the brickwork and it looks really seasonal. Lovely!!

  9. This is lovely, the metal work against the brick is lovely, as is the fact that the sun was obviously shining šŸ™‚

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