Planning to upgrade your bathroom suite

Planning to upgrade your bathroom suite?

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom suite this year?  When I moved in with Daddy P it would be fair to say that his bathroom and en-suite were in drastic need of modernising.  He was really stuck in a time warp, the mint green and peach suites had to go!

So what do you need to think about when upgrading?  Space is probably the biggest thing isn’t it.

We have a very small room and as much as I would have loved a roll top bath it just wasn’t a feasible solution for us when looking at bathroom suites.  With limited space we had to stick with the same room layout but to create more space and give us some discreet storage we went for an integrated toilet and sink unit.

Planning to upgrade your bathroom suite

We also went for plain fittings and went from separate taps to mixer taps.  Daddy P has the strength of King Kong and over tightens everything to the point I can’t always turn taps on!  I was pregnant at the time we upgraded and wanted fittings that would withstand Daddy P’s abuse and also be easy for a child to use.

We decided to go with an over bath shower option and again, due to space restrictions and had to opt for a shower curtain with rail rather than  my preferred screen.  We have a large corner shower in our en-suite which Daddy P uses. But if we’d had more space we might have gone with a curved bath design with integrated shower screen so he had more space to shower in the bath.

Planning to upgrade your bathroom suite

Where to place your taps in your bath?  We went for the traditional taps at the end of the bath as we were having an overhead shower fitted.  But in my last house I had the luxury of a double ended bath, where the taps are in the middle.

Planning to upgrade your bathroom suite

Great if you have kids sharing a bath – no one has to have the tap end! For the romantically inclined, this is also a great idea.

Style – what style of suite fits in with the rest of your house?  Daddy P’s house is a typical 1980’s built house, we aren’t super chic, so we went for a very plain suite which hopefully won’t age too much.

My best friend lives in a converted barn and she has a massive bathroom complete with free-standing roll top bath and a more ‘period‘ style sink, toilet and fittings.

What style of bathroom suite would you choose if you were upgrading your suite?  If you’re planning a change, it’s well worth visiting Bella Bathrooms to check out their various ranges.

disclaimer:  this is a collaborative post, my words remain my own, honest opinions.



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  1. We did ours a few years ago – because I wanted a decent shower over the bath so we didn’t have to use the rough electric one downstairs, and also to change from champagne colour to white. The only problem is the toilet is never unblocked so we just can’t use it. I think it’s because we’re not on mains sewage, and the pipes and side of modern toilets are so much smaller than the one we removed. So we really need to get a bigger toilet back in again. Luckily we’ve got a cloakroom and shower room downstairs so we’ve still got 2 working toilets.

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