Planting seeds

Planting seeds

We’ve been busy in the garden these last couple of weeks.  Monkey and I went to our local garden centre and bought a little greenhouse.  We also discussed what we wanted to grow this year, off he went and selected his choices.  So recently we’ve been planting seeds.  We’ve planted peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers first.

Planting seedsMonkey has his gardening tools from last year and was eager to get started.  Planting seeds, an indication of Spring and new beginnings.

Planting seedsI found the propagators in the garage and Daddy P had bought some compost for us.  We were ready to get started.  Actually it was lovely, Monkey just got on with it!

It was lovely to watch the concentration on his face.  Mummy am I doing this ok?  Yes, brilliant.  He did need a bit of help with the seeds to make sure they were evenly distributed, but he is so enthusiastic.

Next up, more planting seeds, this time wild flower seeds.  Whilst we were in Spain last month our friends at the RSPB had kindly sent us a Grow Wild kit.

Planting seedsInside the box we found the parts to make a bee house (more on that in a future post) and some packs of wild flower seeds.  We have given a pack of seeds to each of Monkey’s NCT group so that all the children can enjoy planting seeds and growing something again this year.  Now it was Monkey’s turn – planting seeds to grow into lovely flowers.

Planting seeds planting seeds

We’d asked Daddy P to bring home some small flower pots but he’d forgotten, so we had to wait a few days before Monkey could be planting seeds again.  This time he was planting sunflower seeds.  Last year we planted them later, and straight into the garden.  This year, he planted them into pots.  Again we’re having a competition between Monkey, Daddy P and myself!

Planting seedsWe’ll have 3 seeds each Mummy, but I’m going to win!

Planting seeds Planting seeds

It was lovely watching him, having fun, concentrating, planting seeds.

I’ve dug up most of an old shrub around the back of the garage for Monkey’s new veg plot.  I just need Daddy P to just a bit of brute force with the spade to get rid of the roots.  Then Monkey can start sowing his carrots, spring onions and radishes.  A bit of a strange combination, but he picked everything, and actually they are things he really loves.  We grew a lot of rocket last year, he doesn’t like it, and even growing it, didn’t change his opinion.

Planting seeds, having fun at home.  Me and my son 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Planting seeds

  1. Such fun. Did you know you can use old egg cartons as great seed trays? Will be doing that soon! I’ve also used cardboard boxes. I’m getting quite creative with my upcycling at the mo!! I tried the, ‘let’s plant the tomatoes and see if you like them to eat’-nope. Doesn’t work, but we enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Brilliant, he looks like he’s having great fun. I’m waiting for the weather to be a little warmer to plant my carrots and peas. The courgettes are doing really well inside at the moment though

  3. This looks like a great thing to do with your children! I look forward to seeing the results later in the summer… #CountryKids

  4. Monkey looked very able and confident planting the seeds. It’s such a great idea to get the children involved in gardening and growing your own fruit/vegetables. Mine are on hold this year until the greenhouse stops being a nursery for poorly or orphaned baby animals! Thanks for linking up and sharing your garden fun with Country Kids.

  5. What great fun, we’re looking forward to doing some planting and gardening now the weather is improving too 🙂 x #countrykids

  6. This looks great, Monkey looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying himself. I think it’s great children growing from seed and enjoying gardening, just wish we had better weather for it!

  7. I really need to get back into the garden and do some digging and planting. Your greenhouse looks fab! x

  8. I love this! I’m so un green fingered lol but I really have thought about planting seeds with the kids this year. Monkey looks like he’s doing a great job there! I think I’ll go out and get the same thing as this…. you have inspired me 🙂 x

  9. I remember one of the first things I learnt at school was how to grow cress and make sandwiches with it. I still grow cress (and carrots) now.

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