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I wonder how much my son will expect for pocket money?  I wonder how old he will be when he asks for pocket money?  My pocket-money memories are of always feeling worse off than my friends.  I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I realised that all of my friends were getting pocket money and I wasn’t.  This is my entry in the Tots100 Pocket Money Tales competition with Roosterbank.

I do remember the conversation with my parents – something along the lines of ‘it isn’t fair, ALL my friends get pocket money, they ALL get £1, why can’t I have pocket money too???’

I can’t remember, but now I wonder if my pocket-money tantrum hit the home at the same time my Dad was made redundant.  Probably!  Would be just like me.  I do remember being told I could have 20p a week but I needed to up my help around the house to get that amount.  I can remember being suitably unimpressed with both the amount and the extra jobs!

Over the years my pocket money slowly increased, always way behind my friends, and some of them didn’t even need to do jobs – scandalous.

Now I’m older, I can understand that my parents were probably really struggling to make ends meet, especially as I do remember Dad being out of work for a while, back in the day.  20p in those days went quite far when a Mars bar was 7p.  Strange the things you remember.

I can remember a school trip to Paris when I was 12, I was so excited to be going abroad, we were going for a whole week!  My oldest friend is half French so I’d been on holiday with her and her family in Brittany before, but that was the extent of my foreign travels.  The only issue I had, was how much spending money my parents would give me?  My friends were all talking about £20-£30 which was a fortune 30 years ago, what would I be given?  I can’t remember the exact amount, but it was nowhere near what my friends had been given.  But somehow, I managed to buy a few things for myself – an Eiffel Tower key ring, a beautiful wooden crucifix from Sacre Coeur – both of which I still have, presents, postcards, including some map postcards for my collection, and I came home with change.

In fact, I had enough change to make a start on my rebellious phase!  I’d wanted my ears pierced for ages, and been told NO, emphatically.  My friend Amanda was getting her ears pierced when we got back from Paris, how much does it cost?  Uum I’ve got enough for that!  I have no idea how either of us managed to get our ears pierced without an adult in sight.  Neither of us looked remotely old enough to be judged as 16-year-olds.  But anyway, I rang my Mum at work and proudly told her what I’d done; yep I was in BIG trouble.  My teenage troubles had started a year early!

Pocket Money Memories

So when it comes to my son asking for pocket money I’m sure my Dad will chuckle and be glad that it’s my turn to listen to – it’s not fair, it’s not enough, I don’t want to do jobs!!  I will expect him to help around the house, to earn his pocket money, but hopefully, I will be in a position to offer him the going rate for his efforts!



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  1. We have said we will start giving Little Mr A pocket money when he goes back to school but he won’t be getting a lot! For one thing we can’t afford it, another we didn’t get any and he gets taken out lots and lots of other treats to, he’s not exactly hard done to! Good luck when it starts!

  2. Ahh now this does bring back memories. The constant to’ing and fro’ing with my parents, negotiating pocket money lol

  3. What great memories! I can just imagine the smug look on your Dad’s face when it’s your turn to deal with the parenting issues! #PoCoLo

  4. We’re lucky, our two don’t bother with pocket money. I put money from my salary straight into their banks every month and they get their £10 a week each for their activities such as karate or dancing or the kids’ club. I had to earn my pocket money which I think is fair enough. Everyone should have to learn that you have to work for your money, no matter the age.

  5. I am dreading the day mine argue or ask for more, they are young enough at the minute that if I give them £1 or a 1p they are happy!

    I didn’t get as much pocket money as my friends growing up, but I got more in other ways, days out, fun time together and buying us things that if we had more pocket money we would have to buy ourselves!

    I think if too much is given it can take away the value, teaching saving and budgeting are vital life skills!

    Great memories, thank you for sharing!

  6. lol 20p – imagine if we gave that to our kids these days for pocket money they would be well unimpressed!
    i used to have to clean up a neighbours garden from leaves, and earned 75p a week!! what a rip off lol – slave labour :p

  7. we have pocket money in the house, usually in return for jobs. But I shouldn’t complain as he does do lots for me including hovering and washing up and is only still 7. We also had him delivering yellow pages a couple of weeks ago, but I havnt decised how much yet to give him for that!

  8. I never really got pocket money, only the odd 20p or 50p for doing jobs. My parents were of the mind that they paid for everything so I didn’t really need it. I got a paper round from age 14 so earnt my own money from then on.

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