Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015 – Mr Bump

Last year we missed all the excitement of World Book Day as we were in Spain celebrating Mum’s 70th birthday. This year the school has set a challenge to all the children – create a potato book character for #WBD2015.

Blimey! Well I as Monkey still isn’t too keen on dressing up I thought this might actually be an easier option for us.  Ok Monkey which book character would you like to make out of a potato?  Tractor Ted please Mummy.  Not sure my artistic skills are going to be able to help you recreate a green tractor to be honest Monkey, could you think of something else?…

Cue frantic search on Pinterest – no help, the only thing I could find was Harry Potter and Monkey has no idea who he is. I opened the fridge to get some milk and ping! There was our Mr Bump cold compress. Monkey I’ve got it!  How about Mr Bump?

Oh yes Mummy, I like Mr Bump!  Time to hit the craft cupboard, blue paint – check,  blue straws – check, blue pipe cleaners – check, lollipop stick – check, white ribbon – check, glue – check.  Marker pen to be sourced.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

Monkey we are ready to go! Let the painting commence.  Two coats of paint were needed for the potato and the lollipops.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

We then made the arms for Mr Bump using a blue straw cut in half and blue pipe cleaners.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

We folded the pipe cleaners to make a 4 finger hand just like the character in the book.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

Monkey then pushed each end of the pipe cleaners into the straw arms.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

We did end up cutting our straws down further to make the arms a bit shorter.

Once you have painted your potato and lollipops all the way round and they are dried, you are ready to assemble your Mr Bump.  This bit was down to a Mummy – no pressure! I pushed a letter opener into each side of the potato to make a hole large enough for the straw to fit in and turn pushed it into the potato on each side.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015 5

We had 2 arms.  I snapped the lollipop in half to make our legs. To fit them to the potato I used a vegetable knife to make a slit in the bottom of the potato just wide enough for each lollipop to fit in and then pushed them in.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

Back to Monkey to fit two blobs of plasticine on the ends of the lollipops for Mr Bump’s feet.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

We had some white ribbon to use for bandages and used a drop of PVA glue to stick the ribbon to the potato.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

Finally a marker pen to give Mr Bump his eyes and mouth and he was complete .
Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

Fingers crossed our accident prone potato Mr Bump gets to school in one piece in the morning!  Monkey had great fun making his Potato Book Character for #WBD2015.

Potato Book Character for #WBD2015

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19 thoughts on “Potato Book Character for #WBD2015 – Mr Bump

  1. Brilliant. I love it. Great idea – and good practise for when you need to move onto egg decorating for easter!

  2. He does look good-I hope he survives relatively intact today, although he is Mr Bump after all and it would be slightly disappointing if he were to remain totally accident free

  3. That is so ridiculously cute!! What a fantastic idea, something completely different – kudos for the idea! Unfortunately our school for some unknown reason do not get involved with WBD nor did they last year – personally I would love them to do something. I shall make a stand for them to do something next year – may even put the potato idea forward!x

  4. Grace says – Oh My Gosh – that is sooooooo cute and Monkey’s done such a cool job. Definitely one of my favourite #minicreations this week. Thanks for linking up 🙂

  5. This is a great idea, so much easier than trying to create a dressing up costume! Mr Bump was an inspired choice and he really does look fab!

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