Pox watch is back :(

Oh dear, been up since 6am with Monkey (unlike him) and we have a few more spots. Do we have the pox? I thought he’d be covered within hours of first two appearing, so when that didn’t happen I presumed that he was fine. So now it’s a couple of days later and we have a few more spots, but still not hundreds. Waiting for NHS 111 service to call me back. Feeling guilty; should I have known? We went swimming yesterday – have we now infected those in the toddler pool? The joys of motherhood!
He seems fine and currently sat on my bed having a pretend breakfast with his favourite teddy and quackers the duck. Watch this space …..

So nurse for 111 has confirmed; Monkey has the pox šŸ™

2 thoughts on “Pox watch is back :(

  1. Hope he’s feeling a bit better now hon – and not too itchy. Wish my 2 youngest would catch it while they’re still benefiting from my immunity, and young enough that they shouldn’t get any scars or miss important school!

    1. He’s not too bad during the day, just totally off his food. Last night was awful, don’t think we got more than 2 hours sleep all night. Tonight he has crashed out on his bed with only his pj top on. Guess I’ll find out if he can go dry overnight tonight!! I just wish none of the ones on his face scar, as he already has a mark follwing an infection when he was 4 weeks old. Just horrible when you see more and more spots coming. But, at least it will be over and done with and one less thing to worry about going forward. Joy!

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