Pre-school – a new beginning

Today we had a taster morning at my son’s new School Nursery.

He’s been going to a lovely pre-school since last September and we had the tricky decision to make – do we keep him there for another year or move him to the Nursery within the school he will go to.

After much worrying by myself, we finally decided to move him to the School Nursery from this September.  Most of his friends at his current pre-school are a year older, so moving to school anyway, or are moving to the school nursery on their own estates.  So I decided one big move was probably better than getting used to a whole new set of people and then still having to move to school next year.

So, today we had a little taster session and met his new teacher who will be joining the school with him in September.  She was lovely and had sussed out his character very quickly.  He had a lovely time, needless to say, I had to go with him everywhere, but he seems really relaxed in the strange environment.  He was in the sandpit, pedalling cars around, at the sand table, playing with the trucks and building a train set – no surprises there then!

He had some milk and fruit and pretended I was a dragon (who knows where that has come from).

He’ll be going to pre-school with a little girl we used to do a baby group with.  Her Mum and I both had a shock when our children came face to face – we hadn’t seen each other for two years – the cute little toddlers were no more!

At the end of the session all the children were given a little ‘holiday bag’ with a challenge, and inside a little scrapbook, personalised bookmark, pencil and rubber.  I have no idea if this is standard practice, but I thought it was a lovely touch.  Monkey proudly carried his little bag all the way home. Holiday bag

Now we have to meet the challenge to fill the bag 🙂

16 thoughts on “Pre-school – a new beginning

    1. I thought it was such a lovely touch. Even more so that Monkey’s personalised bookmark is a ladybird (he loves Gaston from Ben and Holly) so he thinks the new teacher is GREAT!!

  1. Such a wonderful post. Good luck to your little Monkey for his new adventures at his new school. Love the hoiday bag! My little Bruiser starts preschool in sept too. new beginnings all round 🙂 ##ssamazingachievements

    1. It’s lovely, we started today with some hand prints! Oh exciting times for you ahead. We’re all in tears this week as we all leave his current pre-school, most are going straight to school. Think us Mum’s will be in floods by Friday

  2. Glad he got on OK, they are surprisingly good at these things, it’s us that worry! We had to move our son away from a nursery he loved to a new one when we relocated and he fit in right away! Love the idea of that holiday bag 🙂

  3. Hi, I got to your blog from the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky, so just wanted to say it was a lovely post, and how great it is that he had a lovely day. It is so important that the first impression is a positive one. I wish you luck in September, and hope he has a smooth entrance to nursery.
    And the bag idea really is a nice touch by the nursery. It sounds like a great place 🙂

    1. Thank you, it was a big relief he seems to relax in the environment so fingers crossed. I saw his new teacher this morning and mentioned that he and everyone else thinks her holiday bag is such a good idea. Monkey has already started putting things in it!!

  4. We have been having this debate, its so hard to know what to do for the best and sounds like you are happy with your decision. It sounds like he had a lovely morning and I love the little bag he got sent home with.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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