Pride of Oven Pride Blogger Challenge 1

Pride of Oven Pride Blogger Challenge 1 #OvenPride

Pride of Oven Pride Blogger Challenge 1You may remember that I mentioned a while back that I’d been selected to be a Pride of Oven Pride Blogger for 2014.  Well, I was recently set my first Pride of Oven Pride Blogger Challenge 1.  It was going to be a very tough mission!

Oven Pride makes oven cleaning less of a nightmare than other cleaners, which therefore means you have lots more time on your hands to do more enjoyable things! I’d been set a challenge to spend that extra time sprucing up my kitchen. It was a hard challenge, but I forced myself to go shopping!

My kitchen is rather brown, varying shades and could certainly do with an injection of colour.  Now I can just imagine you all thinking – this is Mary, this can only mean blue!  Well I decided I’d live dangerously!  This was a challenge after all.  I’d push the boundaries. For my Pride of Oven Pride Blogger Challenge 1, I went …. Purple!

Pride of Oven Pride Blogger Challenge 1I went for a set of new mugs, place mats, coasters and tea towels.  I added in a lovely glass vase for my ever-growing collection.  It was a luxury item but it exactly matched the purple in the other items I’d already purchased.  It just called out to me, it would have been cruel to resist!  I’d also, been after a nice gravy boat for a while, so thought that would be a great addition to the kitchen.

Now I know that a new rolling-pin and cutters are not technically going to make my kitchen look prettier, but they will make the things Monkey and I bake, look better!  After all, thanks to Oven Pride, he has his own baking set, so I really needed to update mine too!

Even more amazing is the fact I went for a floral pattern!  Quite unheard of, but I really liked it, I think it works well in the kitchen and brightens the room up.  All I need now is for someone to buy me some flowers for my lovely new purple vase – hint to Daddy P!

disclaimer:  I was compensated for this items purchased for this post.


8 thoughts on “Pride of Oven Pride Blogger Challenge 1 #OvenPride

  1. Love purple!! You made the right decision there. Now I just hope Daddy P reads your blog (unlike Daddy M) and you’ll have some gorgeous flowers in that vase very soon! 🙂

  2. Beautiful cups! I must say I have quite a few cups in the cupboard, but they don’t match and they are not as pretty. Perhaps I could get some lovely ones like yours! 🙂 x

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