Project 365 2015 Week 11

Project 365 2015 Week 12

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky Project 365. A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 2015 Week 12 Days 74-80.

Sunday 15th March – Day 74

Project 365 2015 Week 11

Mothers Day and this photo summed my day up.  I had a splitting headache which caused me to retreat to bed after watching the Grand Prix with Monkey.  He’d made me a lovely card at school and a paper bouquet, and written in the card that Daddy P had bought. On a positive note it was good to see that Ferrari might have a half decent car this year!

Monday 16th March – Day 75

Project 365 2015 Week 11

Another washout day for my, splitting headache again and then I managed to fall down the stairs!  Luckily no major damage.  I did have time to enjoy the lovely daffodils Monkey had given me yesterday.

Tuesday 17th March – Day 76

Project 365 2015 Week 11

A little tractor racing show put on for me as I got ready for the day.  Thankfully my headache had gone and I could catch up on some blogging work.  Off to swimming after school and Monkey worked really hard.

Wednesday 18th March – Day 77
Project 365 2015 Week 11

I went to Jado Chi in the morning, remembered most of the moves but had totally learnt one hand movement the wrong way round which then threw me.  Monkey had a good day at school and decided to get comfy in his dressing gown before bedtime and play trains – again.

Thursday 19th March – Day 78

Project 365 2015 Week 11

I’ve been pondering an extravagance for a while as I’ve never been that thrilled with my bridge camera.  I’d finally earned enough pennies and pressed the buy button.  I picked my camera up this morning and spent the evening reading up on all its settings.  There’s a lot for this old brain to take in!  I needed a bit of cake to help.

Monkey had his best friend over for tea, Monkey was better at sharing but still refuses to play a game of anything with G.  The joys of an only child still emerge.  But in general all went smoothly and he wants his friend to stay after school every day!

Friday 20th March – Day 79

Project 365 2015 Week 11

The eclipse was rather disappointing here.  It was darker and Brewster didn’t seem happy at all, but too cloudy for any real excitement, although Monkey drew me a lovely picture. My left knee has decided to play up so that’s been fun, but in general it’s been a great day. Lots of lovely, surprise deliveries and then I found up I’d gone up to 20 in Tots100 – I have no idea how that’s happened but I shall enjoy the moment 🙂

Monkey came home from school with a few review items to play with and it wasn’t long before a new train track was down.

Saturday 21st March – Day 80

Project 365 2015 Week 11

As you all know Monkey just loves dinosaurs and Dinosaur Roar has been a firm favourite since we reviewed it last year. When I spotted that Paul Stickland was holding a session at the Oxford Literary Festival I just had to buy some tickets.  Unfortunately our Special Sheba wasn’t well enough to come with us, but Monkey had a ball and Paul was really good with all of the kids.  We also had time to spend in the Ashmolean Museum, a place Monkey loves to explore, before heading home via Blenheim Palace – trains and butterflies, to finish off a great day out.

We’re away for the Easter Holidays so will be back with our adventures for Project 365 in a couple of weeks.

22 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 12

  1. Oh how cool, we loved the Dinosaur Roar books when the kiddos were younger! I don’t think I’ll ever get my head fully around my camera – I need to go on a course but I also need to use it ALL the time as I just forget stuff so quickly! Hope you’re ok after the headaches and tumble x

  2. How fab for Monkey to meet Paul Stickland! The huge train tracks put a huge smile on my face as they reminded me how my son used to do the same.

  3. I’m very jealous of your new camera, can’t wait to see lots of pics. Hope you’re ok after falling down the stairs

  4. Sorry to hear about your headache, but good to hear that Monkey got on so well with his friend. Well done on your Tots ranking too! I was pleased with my increase of 2! The Ashmolean is fab. I’ve been there helping on school trips a couple of times and always think we should go back as a family.

  5. I got an SLR for Christmas and love it, although I haven’t played around with as many of the settings as I should have, but I feel it’s already improved my pictures. Pity about mother’s day.

  6. What a great opportunity to meet the creator of Dinosaur Roar! Eddie just commented on the photos of Monkey playing with his toys that he wants the same (my son and his greedy eyes, lol, he always wants what he sees).

  7. Sorry you’ve not been feeling great, but it sounds like you had a good week. Glad Monkey had fun with his friend and it must have been great to meet Paul Strickland. Huge congrats on your Tots ranking 🙂

  8. Sorry to hear that you’ve been rather poorly this week. What a shame 🙁 Loving the mother’s day daffs and very well done on reaching no. 20 in the Tots. Amazing! x

  9. What a shame about Mother’s Day. Will we see lots of photos with your new camera next week?!

  10. Oh new camera!!! Hope you’re getting plenty of practice in while you’re on holiday.
    The big train track reminded me of when my boys were the same age as Monkey, train track and cars in lines everywhere!

  11. Glad your feeling better, I’ve also had a few days of a bad headache last week which seems to have subsided now. Love the silhouette photo and happy new camera! x

  12. a 2 day headache can not have been much fun. Bringing home friends is a start, maybe through time he will get better and play games with them.
    OOhhh at the new camera, I treated me to one today as well, looking forward to tying it out properly.
    Enjoy your holiday.

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