Project 365 2015 - Week 19

Project 365 2015 – Week 19

I’ve been joining in with Project 365 since the start of 2014, and been inspired by The Boy and Me to make sure I take a Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year! She needs to take a break from the linky to concentrate on family and work, so a few of us are looking after the project for a while and running it as a blog hop – please feel free to join in. Project 365 2015 Week 19 Days 123-129.

Sunday 3rd May – Day 123

Project 365 2015 - Week 19

This photo sums up our day really.  We decided to take things easy, make train tracks, potter in the garden and treat ourselves to dinner out.  Our bird table had been overrun with snails, I was in snail heaven snapping away as Monkey helped me to re-home them.

Monday 4th May – Day 124

Project 365 2015 - Week 19

We spent the day on the Severn Valley Railway.  It’s definitely one of our favourite steam railways and well worth a visit.  Monkey had a bit of a meltdown when we were walking around Bridgnorth, but that aside, it was a fun-filled day spent in the sunshine.

Tuesday 5th May – Day 125

Project 365 2015 - Week 19

My car was meant to be fixed today, it didn’t happen, long story, but I’m without a car for another week it seems.  Joy. Monkey went back to school rather reluctantly and he really wasn’t bothered in his swimming lesson.  No kicking today Mummy.  At least Brewster was on top form, yes I will try to sit on the laptop – it’s comfy.

Wednesday 6th May – Day 126

Project 365 2015 - Week 19

I dropped Monkey off at school and headed down to London for the Jacques Vert Group AW15 press show.  The weather was actually kind to me for a change – it only rained whilst I was on the train.  I got to see some beautiful coats and occasion dresses which I will share with you later, at the moment I think we all just want to concentrate on warmer, sunnier days ahead.  I had a walk along Oxford Street and marvelled at the Selfridges building before heading back to Oxfordshire to  pick Monkey up from school.  He’s not too happy with having a different teacher on Wednesday so it’s always a challenging afternoon these days.

Thursday 7th May – Day 127

Project 365 2015 - Week 19

This cheeky chappy read to me over breakfast and went off to school a bit happier.  His Clarks shoes haven’t lasted half a term, much to my dismay.  Their stitching doesn’t appear to be able to withstand Monkey’s abuse.  So I left him at school in his plimsolls and prayed it didn’t rain.  Iona came down for the day so she whisked me and the offending shoe into town and the local shoe shop worked a miracle, shoe re-stitched and hopefully better than new.  We had a nice, chatty day, before picking a very chatty Monkey up from school.

Friday 8th May – Day 128

Project 365 2015 - Week 19

I did some baking this morning and then caught up with some work.  When I picked Monkey up from school he was eager to get on with his homework!  He’d been given a Superworm (aka a length of string) and he needed to find things that were longer and shorter than his Superworm.  Of course, the very first thing that had to be compared was the header from his combine harvester.  He was allowed to have photos of his comparisons so I was tasked with taking the photos for him.  Let’s just say that if his teach had any shadow of a doubt about the sort of things Monkey likes, she won’t have after looking at his homework book.  Love my vehicle addict!

Saturday 9th May – Day 129

Project 365 2015 - Week 19

London bound with one excited Monkey as we were invited to the British Museum to celebrate Thomas & Friends 70th birthday.  We had a lovely time although Monkey found it a bit overwhelming at times so it was nice to escape into the theatre from time to time. We also spent a bit of time looking at some of the exhibits within the Museum and will be back again for a proper visit.


15 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Week 19

  1. Fab photos of the snail and Brewster! You’re looking good too. I also found with Clarks that their shoes for kids don’t last very long

  2. Do like that shot of the snail! Hope you had fun today, bet Monkey was in his element 🙂

  3. You’ve made a snail look rather gorgeous! Must have been fun at the British Museum – look at that smile on Monkey!

  4. I’m impressed that you could get to London and back in the space of a school day! Also very impressed at the shoe shop mending Monkey’s shoes 🙂 The Thomas celebration sounds like fun. Our Thomas days our so far behind us, but we used to love him!

  5. We love the Severn Valley railway too. That said, more recently we have taken to just visiting the Engine House and the museum at Kiddi because those are H’s favourite bits. I think he prefers to watch the trains rather than go on them.

  6. It sounds like you had a great family bank holiday weekend. I can’t believe a pair of Clarks only lasted that long, glad you got them fixed!

  7. Monkey is looking so grown up now. What a shame he doesn’t like his Wednesday teacher – I start on a weds but luckily they all appear to welcome me 😉 The trip into London sounds great 🙂

  8. Clarks shoes use to stand for quality and value when my children were children, not any more, I know my daughter wont buy them for the children, glad you managed to get it restitched, too near the end of term to want to be buying more he no doubt will have grown out of by September.
    some nice days out have been had, shame one was spoiled by a meltdown.
    I have no idea what I am going to do car wise come July when mine fails its MOT, first bus out the village not till 9 am on a Sunday and I start work at 8. It is so difficult to be without one isnt it.

  9. What a great week! Your cat is so fab, he makes us laugh. Thomas at The museum sounds fun x

  10. What do you call a snail with no home?…….
    A slug.
    Ok sorry for the bad joke but makes me chuckle.
    Love the railway. We are going to see Thomas and friends in July so can’t wait. Hope you had a great time.

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