Calling time on swimming lessons

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

I’ve been joining in with Project 365 since the start of 2014, and been inspired by The Boy and Me to make sure I take a Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 2015 Week 23-24 Days 151-164.

Sunday 31st May – Day 151

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

I dropped Brewster off at the cattery first thing in the morning.  He wasn’t happy.  Then home to finalise packing, stripped the beds and got a few loads of washing out-of-the-way. Monkey had a quiet day playing with his toys, this one is still a favourite.  An early night was needed for all of us.

Monday 1st June – Day 152

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

We were up at the crack of dawn to get to Birmingham for our flight to Malaga.  We managed a quick breakfast at Giraffe before being called for our flight.  I’m so lucky that Monkey loves flying and he was really easily amused.  I had brought the iPad with me, thinking he might need some added entertainment, but it didn’t leave my bag the entire trip.

We’ll gloss over the fact Daddy P decided to head out of the terminal in the wrong direction when we left Malaga.  It was a rather challenging half hour trying to get back to the right road, but we managed it eventually and 3 tired people arrived at my parents slightly later than planned.  But the adventure had begun and after Monkey went to bed, the gin was opened to celebrate our arrival in the warmth of Andalusia.

Tuesday 2nd June – Day 153

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

We were all eager to get out in the Spanish sunshine, but wanted to stay close to home for the day.  It was time for one of our favourite activities – a walk in the Campo, going on a bug hunt with Granny and Gramps.  Although it was a lovely sunny day, there was a brisk breeze so it was hard to get the numerous butterflies to sit still long enough to see them properly.  But Monkey still had a good time.  He got to see lots of tractors so he was a very happy boy come bedtime.

Wednesday 3rd June – Day 154

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

We drove down to the coast and spent the day at Playa De La Cala, near Fuengirola.  It wasn’t built up at all, no high-rise hotels, just my sort of place.  Well done Granny for doing the research.  We parked in a nearby street, and made our base for the day, hiring sun loungers and canopies. We had a bar behind us which served hot and cold meals, toilets and a shower close by too.  Perfect for a stress free day at the seaside.

Monkey was in his element, he spent the entire day digging in the sand and I actually got to enjoy some chill out time on a lounger.  It really was a lovely day, and reinforced my feeling that we really need to look at a proper beach holiday for the future.

Thursday 4th June – Day 155

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

No visit to my parents is complete without a visit to the John Deere dealership in Osuna. We are now regulars and it’s a real highlight for Monkey every time!  It’s combine harvesting time in the region at the moment and Monkey got to see so many tractors and combines – we lost count by the end of the week.

In the evening we left Granny and Gramps in charge and went back to Osuna with our family friend C.  An evening of chat, Cruz Campo beer and many tapas awaited.  Daddy P isn’t very adventurous but I love trying new things – elvers were a first – yum!  We finished off our evening past midnight (go me!) on the roof terrace of a hotel overlooking the old part of town. The sky was wonderfully black and there were stars shining brightly.  Perfect.

Friday 5th June – Day 156

Project 365 2015 Week 23

We spent the morning at El Torcal de Antequera, in the free nature park, exploring the karst formations.  We followed the shortest trail and even Granny made it round.  It was an enjoyable hike through the rocks and we were all glad we’d started out early as the heat was building up by lunchtime.  We had lunch at the cafe and looked around the visitor centre, before heading into Antequera town.  A quick stop at the Bull Ring with a less than happy Monkey.  He was certainly having one of ‘those’ moments.  His good humour was restored when we stopped off amongst the wind turbines on the way home AND got right up close to a working combine!

Saturday 6th June – Day 157

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

You are never too old to be carried by your Gramps, especially if it means getting a better view of the tractors in the Cooperativa.  We spent a quiet day walking around the local area for heading to El Chorro in the afternoon.  Monkey loves visiting the railway station and looking through the mountain tunnel.  For the first time in all the years I’ve been visiting, we actually timed our visit perfectly and we saw a train – one very happy Monkey.  We then headed down to the Embalse de Guadalhorce to a favourite restaurant for dinner.  It would appear that I share my love of Albondigas (meatballs) with my son – he devoured his meal.

Sunday 7th June – Day 158

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

We went out for lunch at a favourite restaurant on the mountainside close to where my parents live.  The views are always wonderful.  In the evening Daddy P and I went into town to watch the Festividad del Domingo Santisimo which was quite beautiful.  It was a lovely way to end our break away.

Monday 8th June – Day 159

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

Time to fly home.  I’m totally rubbish at saying goodbye and always end up in tears in the car.  Softie alert.  Monkey loves his Trunki and he was happy watching planes taking off and land as we waited to board our plane.  Once back in Blighty we dashed down the motorway to pick Brewster up from the cattery.  I unpacked, loaded up the washing machine and Daddy P went out to get us a fish and chip supper!  Then it was off to bed for Monkey – back to school in the morning.

Tuesday 9th June – Day 160

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

Monkey went off to school rather reluctantly and Daddy P went off to work.  I had great intentions for getting some work done, but I’d had little sleep for a couple of nights and was totally shattered.  A catch up with the Canadian Grand Prix with a cuppa was in order. I was dreading how tired Monkey would be after school, but I was saved by a wonderful delivery from Magformers and Monkey was totally engrossed.

Wednesday 10th June – Day 161

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

Monkey is 5 and half today and Mum and Dad celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary.  I decided a change was in order and had my hair cut short.  We went to the park with Monkey’s best friend and his family after school.  The sun finally came out and the boys had a lovely time.  Once home it was time to try out some board games before dinner.

Thursday 11th June – Day 162

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

Monkey went off to school and I got on with some work before popping over to Milton Keynes to have lunch with Leandra from Larabee.  We’ve been chatting on-line for ages, and it was lovely to finally meet.  Afterwards I enjoyed a cuppa in the garden, enjoying the sunshine before picking Monkey up from school.

Monkey had his second stage 2 swimming lesson,much to his dismay.  Thankfully his original teacher was back in charge, and with some coaxing he actually tried everything that was asked of him, with Mummy rooted to the side of the pool (his condition!).  I was really proud of him, but I am dreading the move to Year I at school even more now.  This young man hates change with a passion.  When he discovers I have to leave him at the classroom door, in a new room, with a new teacher and a new class – there will be trouble ahead I fear!  Any advice gratefully received.

Friday 12th June – Day 163

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

A day all about friends.  Daddy P’s cousin and his wife popped in to see us on their way home from holiday.  We haven’t seen them for ages, so it was lovely to catch up and swap news of our boys.  Then it was time to give a friend a hug as one of Monkey’s classmates left school today, to prepare for their return to the States.  We’re going to miss Little Miss Sunshine and her Mommy.

As soon as I picked Monkey up from school we headed up the motorway to visit my bestie – Auntie A.  The traffic wasn’t kind to us and we were both shattered by the time we arrived. I do love her garden, and it was nice to see it after all that traffic!

Saturday 13th June – Day 164

Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

We’d been invited to visit Conkers for the day, to try our hand at bush craft and barefoot walking.  Auntie A joined us, and we had a great day.  The rain wasn’t as heavy as we’d feared and clad in our waterproofs we were ready for anything.  We even made fire!  Me and a flint, can you believe it???  I can’t.  Monkey had a ball, and we’ll definitely be returning during the summer holidays.


10 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 23-24

  1. Looks like it’s been a good and busy couple of weeks. The bushcraft stuff sounds interesting.

    At school, will they not do some moving up sessions? And surely he’ll still be with the same children? In our school it’s mixed classes so although only some reception go up as year ones into the Class 2 with year 2 children, they’re all used to at least half of the children they’ll be in with, and the school’s small, so all the teachers know everyone.

  2. looks like a fab holiday and living abroad ourselves we love nothing better than a handful of visitors

  3. Sounds like a lovely holiday. I think i’ve been to that quiet beach too, much nicer than the hustle and bustle of big resorts.
    Lovely piccie of Monkey being carried by Gramps.
    My best advice for school is to not make it a big deal. Remain positive, he’s likely to be with the same children so play on that part. It’ll all settle as he becomes more mature. 🙂

  4. It looks and sounds like you had a fun packed and fabulous time in Spain – lovely photos.

  5. You did have a busy couple of weeks! Looks like a wonderful holiday, love the shot of Monkey in the sea 🙂

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