Project 365 2015 Week 3

Project 365 2015 Week 3

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 2015 Week 3 Days 11-17.

Sunday 11th January – Day 11

A quick stroll by the Oxford Canal

If you’ve read my #CountryKids post this week you’ll recognise this photo.  It just shouts happy and free to me.  I know the focus isn’t great but I don’t care – it’s all about that face! We got Monkey some new boots and went for a quick walk before heading home.

Monday 12th January – Day 12

Project 365 2015 Week 3

A bit of sticker time after breakfast before the school day began.  I had a check up at the dentist, all ok thankfully, and back in 4 months time.  Then it was on to my sewing lesson with my sewing machine.  Using sewing pattern for the first time, scary stuff!!

For some reason Monkey wouldn’t settle at bedtime – going to have a grumpy boy. tomorrow

Tuesday 13th January – Day 13

Project 365 2015 Week 3

That yawn sums up the day.  The back to school routine has kicked in, back to lots of grumpiness.  We went to swimming start from school with a rather reluctant Monkey. There were quite a few new starters so the group is now quite large – not ideal for Monkey.

Wednesday 14th January – Day 14

Project 365 2015 Week 3

I had my Jado Chi session in the morning, I’m actually remembering moves and find it really relaxing.  Monkey’s passport expires next month, we’re off to Spain in June so we need to get it renewed.  So off we went to the local camera shop to have his photo taken. With much bribery and a very patient photographer we ended up with a photo which I really don’t want to look at for the next 5 years, but it should do the job.  Let’s just say we didn’t need to worry about Monkey smiling!  I did a bit more of my latest cross stitch project that my blogging Secret Santa sent me.  I’ve been updating my progress each day I’ve stitched on Instagram.

Thursday 15th January – Day 15 Project 365 2015 Week 3

We’d arranged for Monkey’s best friend to come over after school and stay for tea.  Both boys have been on a countdown since we arranged it last week.  Monkey was up at 3.20am this morning!  No it’s not play time yet!  The boys had a lovely time helping me make pizzas and covering ice cream with sprinkles.  But Monkey doesn’t do sharing, or letting someone play with something if he doesn’t want to play with it.  So we had a meltdown and it was a sad end to what had been a lovely afternoon.  His friend G was very good, but Monkey …….

Friday 16th January – Day 16

Project 365 2015 Week 3

I got out in the garden for a bit and this sight always cheers me up – the first signs that Spring isn’t so far away.  Got a few jobs done around the house and then picked monkey up from school. Cue huge meltdown when I provided the wrong snack.  He was a nightmare, explosive temper and getting very physical.  not pleasant and hard for me to control.  Cancelled Skype session with Granny and Gramps.

When he finally calmed down he wanted to start his weekend homework.  The kids now have a homework book with a task.  This week it’s all about cutting skills and working out size comparisons.  Monkey can’t decide whether he wants to cut with his left hand with left-handed scissors or with his right with right-handed scissors!  But he enjoyed the task and cheered up a bit.

I was exhausted by the time I got him to bed and was tempted to skip swimming and hit the wine instead.  But, I was good, went to the lesson and floated on my back and front without any assistance.  It was a great lesson and I felt so much better for going.  Cue drink when I got home to celebrate!

Saturday 17th January – Day 17

Project 365 2015 Week 3

Mummy it’s snowed!  Then he got into bed with me so I knew it couldn’t have been that much to look at.  1 millimetre – no snowman building here.  I’m trying to make Saturdays a chill out day as Monkey seems to be struggling after school during the week.  So this apparently translates to staying in pj’s for as long as possible.  But he’s happy and running around organising school dinners for the next week and I’ve been employed as a teacher. That’s our role play sorted for today then. One cheesy grin for all.

Lunch and then homework – working on fine motor skills with some cutting out.  It would appear that my leftie prefers to use right-handed scissors and cut with his right hand.  I can’t begin to understand how he could do that.  But hopefully it will mean he’s be more flexible than his left hand for everything mother!  Then size sorting – easy Mummy.  I fear that every week is not going to be quite so easy.

39 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 3

  1. I use right handed scissors, and so does my son-we’re both lefties as you know. Don’t worry x

  2. I don’t have any tips for after school meltdowns unfortunately. Just try not to have any activities if you can see it’s not going to be a good day, and perhaps some quiet time with a book, or a bit of TV.

  3. my girls use right handed scissors and cut right handed too. That first pic is fab, the face to remember when he is having a meltdown.
    Sadly only children often struggle with sharing as they never have too. My youngest had the same problem as the older ones always gave in to him. Bu t he met his match with a child minded only child the 2 of them were a nightmare for a few months.
    No easy answer, apart from dont give in if you have said no over something, just think twice before coming up with a yes or no.

  4. We have after school tiredness and grumpiness here too, I try to get her to do something restful such as colouring or PlayDoh, doesn’t always work through.

  5. Goodness, 3.20am is a bit early! I think after school grumpiness is pretty common at the moment, especially this term – it’s so dark and dreary, no one is getting enough sunlight. It will get better! #365

  6. From another leftie, left handed scissors are really hard to use (especially if they’re the kids version). I use right handed ones in my left hand.

    Nightmare when they get really tired and stroppy. Hope Monkey gets back into the swing of things soon

  7. That cross stictch is so pretty! Love the first photo, a moment of fun and being care free, lovely. I’m left handed and use right handed scissors too. xx

  8. You got 1mm more snow than we got! We were hoping for a snow day! Love the signs of Spring, we bought seed potatoes today so Spring must be around the corner. Hope Monkey doesn’t make the 3:20 wake too much of a regular thing!?!

  9. Sorry to hear about the after school meltdowns. No doubt he will eventually grow out of them as he gets less tired. No advice here, I’m afraid, my kids have never had a problem with tiredness and have never had after school meltdowns. He certainly looks very happy in his pyjamas on the last photo though! That’s a beautiful spring pic in your garden.

  10. Very happy photo indeed! Eddie was very excited about the snow as well, and wanted to build a snowman, but alas, not enough snow for that. He also gets grumpy after school sometimes, as he gets very tired. It is a long day for a little person, I wish the school day was shorter for this age group. Good progress with the cross-stitching!

  11. Lovely photos – your cross-stitch project looks fab and I love Monkey’s smile in the last one – shame there wasn’t enough snow to play in though.

  12. It sounds like it has been a tough week – E is struggling getting back into school routine too and has been really tired this weekend (not helped by his little sister waking him up early!). Hope this week is a little less stressful for you all x

  13. Firstly, I think it’s amazing that you’re committed to delivering a photo a day, 365 days a year. It sound like this week has been a bit of a struggle, and after the Xmas hols getting back into a nursery routine. Tiredness is a challenge for everyone, and it’s hard to deal with. Best of luck, but you do have some lovely photos to show despite your challenging week!

  14. We have problems after school too sometimes. I think it’s both tiredness and hunger. H flies of the handle very easily on the walk home and it’s worse if I haven’t got some food inside him before we leave the school playground. I often have a choice of snacks in my pocket as that seems to leave less potential for explosions. Hope you find a way to keep them under control (and pass on how you did it afterwards).

  15. That first shot is just wonderful with his big smile! And am feeling hopeful now after your sighting of some spring growth.

  16. Oh dear you do seem to having a few problems at the moment with Monkey. I can only agree with what Elaine says. Don’t give in if you’ve said no.
    My youngest boy used to have tantrums and used to lay on the floor screeching. Not good in the middle of a big shop! I got so fed up of it I told him next time I’m leaving you here.. and I did.. (naughty mummy). I told the lady in the shop what I was doing and she kindly bought him outside when he realised I wasn’t having any of it.
    It didn’t stop him but the episodes did get less and less.
    Just keep on giving him opportunities to mix and he’ll see that the behaviour is not what is expected.

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