Project 365 2015 Week 33

Project 365 2015 Week 33

I’ve been joining in with Project 365 since the start of 2014, and been inspired by The Boy and Me to make sure I take a Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year! Project 365 2015 Week 33 Days 221-227.

Sunday 9th August – Day 221

Project 365 2015 Week 33

We finally got down to Portsmouth to use our new annual pass at the Historic Docklands, the sun was out but Monkey was having an ‘I’m scared of everything’ kind of day.  It took a lot of persuasion to get him on the various boats and even more to get him to walk around them!  Patience was needed in bucket loads, but he managed it all in the end.  I was a bit disappointed that the masts and rigging on HMS Victory are being renovated, and the scene just wasn’t as I remembered, but still a great day out.

Monday 10th August – Day 222

Project 365 2015 Week 33

We’ve been having a home day. The Smart ForFour I’ve had for the last week for a review was being collected and the gas man was due to service the boiler.  Daddy P was trying to work, so Monkey and I played upstairs.  Our day in Portsmouth was being reenacted, the pirate ship was Victory, Scooby Doo was Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar moved to the carpets of Oxfordshire.  I just loved listening to it all, Monkey is such a sponge when it comes to information and it’s wonderful to see it all come out in his play.

Tuesday 11th August – Day 223

Project 365 2015 Week 33

We were off on another adventure, this time to stay with my best friend A in Derbyshire. She lives quite close to Calke Abbey and we’d had a great time there last summer, so it was time for some afternoon fun.  We had a lovely afternoon and it was topped off for Monkey when we saw lots of Combine Harvesters and Tractors.

After dinner we went for a walk along the disused railway line close to A’s home, to ensure Monkey was thoroughly tired out!  He went straight to sleep, leaving A, her partner M and I to chat the night away.

Wednesday 12th August – Day 224

Project 365 2015 Week 33

My friend A had suggested visiting Rosliston Forestry Centre for the day and it was a great choice.  Lots of trails to follow through the countryside and woods.  Monkey was in his element.  My friend took this photo for me, an all too rare shot of Monkey and I together.  I know this is cheating, but it’s my favourite photo from the day.

After popping back to A’s for a cuppa we headed home before the rush hour.

Thursday 13th August – Day 225

Project 365 2015 Week 33

Monkey trashed his last pair of school shoes and they went in the bin on the last day of term.  I didn’t want to wait until the last minute to get him sorted for September so we headed to Banbury to see what Brantano had to offer for a change.  Really impressed with their service, let’s see if our first experience with Hush Puppies will be a good one.

Friday 14th August – Day 226

Project 365 2015 Week 33

We should have been spending the day at Whipsnade Zoo with one of my Dad’s cousins. But we both agreed the forecast for today looked grim and we’ve postponed until Monday. Fingers crossed for a little bit of sunshine, rather than today’s constant rain.

I’d bought Monkey a small KNex set recently and he has really caught the bug.  A few years ago I asked a friend to look out for any KNex whilst she was at a local NCT sale for me. I’ve had a box full of it sat in my spare room, just waiting for him to be old enough to appreciate it.  Today we got the box out and built a windmill and the batteries in the motor still worked!

Saturday 15th August – Day 227

Project 365 2015 Week 33

Today has been all about patience.  I got on with my cross stitch review work whilst Monkey played indoors this morning.  He has developed an absolute terror of wasps over the last week and is now paranoid about them.  I have no idea what’s started this off.  This afternoon we walked to one of his school friends who was having a birthday party.  They have a communal garden so the party was outside, cue hysterics about wasps, a refusal to leave my side.  He did relax at one point and had a little runabout with another friend, but only with me running too.  We left early and I for one felt very deflated.  Some days he really is very hard work.  It makes me feel so sad when he won’t join in with party games and play with friends.  I’m sure one day the invites will just stop coming.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

Project 365 2015 Week 33

21 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 33

  1. Love that pirate ship, my little boy would have hours of fun with that! The picture of your boy climbing on the logs is lovely 🙂

  2. Isn’t Derbsyhire so beautiful? I used to love driving to Matlock for work, the scenery is amazing and Chatsworth is well worth a visit. I love that Scooby Doo was very much a part of that history lesson 🙂

  3. Ugh school shoe shopping drives me mad!! Hopefully ours are still ok from the end of last year! I have a pass awaiting me down in Portsmouth – must get down there before they forget me 🙂

  4. Love the photo of the 2 of you. Like you I rarely have any, just selfies with him.

    Interesting that you managed to get Hush Puppies in Brantano. When I spoke to them last year about kids HP, they said they didn’t do them, only adults (although can’t say I’ve ever seen any in there). Good to know because we usually have to go to Chippy to the independent shop there.

  5. Sorry to read about Monkey and the wasps. I’m sure he will get there in his own time socially.
    It looks like you’ve had a busy week and the photo of the two of you together is lovely.
    School shoes are a sore point for me this week! My younger son is starting grammar school and really wants to look smart – no velcro or big, clumpy square toes. Unfortunately as an H fitting that’s all that’s available! It won’t look right with his smart new blazer 🙁

  6. Lots of adventures had this week! THe photo of you and monkey is lovely and definitely one to treasure x

  7. We have done school shoe shopping for Eliza this week, plus new shoes for Sebby. Still have the boys to do (eek). We loved the historic dockyard and hoping to do the submarine next

  8. kids do go through stages of fear that we cannot pinpoint the exact cause, middle son decided one day he didn’t like water any more, despite being almost 3/4 fish at one point and from the age of 5- 8 he wouldn’t go near water, unless it was a bath and then that took a lot of persuasion, he would insist on wearing a life jacket before leaving the car when we went to the beach. youngest had a fear of wooded slatted bridges and refused to go on piers. Just as quickly as they came, they suddenly stopped. my 4 yo niece is currently having a wasp/bee issue, she was stung when she was under 1, but my sister thinks it’s more to do with the wasp/bee just appearing and making her jump, not the fear of being stung, as she reacts the same way to flies, butterflies etc.

  9. Lovely photo of you two! Great re-enactment with the pirate ship and Scooby Doo. Sorry to hear about Monkey’s fears, but I think most kids go through the stages. I am also terrified of wasps. Love your new cross stitch project

  10. Sounds like a week full of adventures. I love how Monkey recreated what he learned on his Portsmouth trip. And it’s nice to see a picture of you and Monkey together 🙂 I could never review cross stitch – it takes me years to finish a kit!

  11. That is a lovely photo of the two of you, and I love the one of Monkey climbing on the rocks. I’m sorry the party didn’t go well. My 6yo is petrified of wasps, he was stung a few weeks ago and it has got exponentially worse, he is now hysterical if one comes near him, so I can really sympathise 🙁

  12. You really seem to be making the most of the summer holidays with lots of fun adventures at home and away. Lovely to see your smiley pics 😀

  13. nice to know that despite being reserved and wary of everything he still took in all the facts, and I love the re-enactment, just brilliant.
    Glad you had a nice time at your fiends, and we all love Knex here as well,

  14. lovely photo of you and Monkey.
    I used to buy Hush Puppy shoes for my boys – very hardwearing.. well at least they were when they were in school!!

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