Project 365 2015 Week 34

Project 365 2015 Week 34

I’ve been joining in with Project 365 since the start of 2014, and been inspired by The Boy and Me to make sure I take a Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year! Project 365 2015 Week 34 Days 228-234.

Sunday 16th August – Day 228

Project 365 2015 Week 34

We went out for Sunday lunch in Aylesbury for a review, nice food and great service with a smile. Daddy P has wanted to visit Bletchley Park for ages so we visited for the afternoon. Monkey was really too young to appreciate it all, but he was free and our tickets become an annual pass, so I’m going to go back on a school day!

Sunday night is bath night with Daddy P, look I’ve got a beard!

Monday 17th August – Day 229

Project 365 2015 Week 34

We drove down to Whipsnade Zoo for the day, it really is one of our favourite places.  We met up with one of my Dad’s cousins and spent a lovely day seeing lots of baby animals – elephant, hippo and lemur were highlights.  Monkey’s wasp phobia decided to come with us, which proved challenging at times, and sadly doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Any ideas on how to de-stress a child in this situation would be appreciated because I am out of ideas.

Tuesday 18th August – Day 230

Project 365 2015 Week 34

We spent the day with my ex MIL and my eldest niece who’s just come back from her first holiday abroad with her boyfriend.  So lovely to see the smart young woman she has become.  Monkey had a lovely time making up the ‘Wasp’ game!  He made a paper wasp and then we helped him make a big cardboard dice out of cardboard.  Of all the subjects for a game ……

I’d totally forgotten to take any photos and luckily my cross stitch project came to the rescue!

Wednesday 19th August – Day 231

Project 365 2015 Week 34

Oh what a challenging day.  I haven’t been to Jado Chi since the school holidays started but my friend and I had arranged to go and take our boys with us.  Her son is in the year above Monkey, but at a different school – they were at Pre-school together 3 years ago – eek!  Well Monkey wasn’t impressed and was literally stuck to me like glue.

A quick trip home to change and then we met back up for lunch, the wasp saga continued but we did get some giggles and he almost had a conversation with us all.

Thursday 20th August – Day 232

Project 365 2015 Week 34

We’d got Monkey’s first swimming lesson in 4 weeks late in the afternoon so I decided we’d have a home day.  Monkey was happy playing whilst I caught up with a few job.  I was expecting a review delivery which should have been with us by 2pm, of course it didn’t arrive until after we’d left at 4.30!

Swimming – what to say.  I knew it would be a challenge, 4 weeks in Monkey’s world is a lifetime and we’d missed class change, so there were a lot of new children in his class. Cue him running away from the pool twice, me taking him back to the pool edge and him nearly dragging me in with him.  Tears, screaming, you name it we had it.  The teacher and her assistant tried everything.  It was the worst he has ever been, and in the end we had to admit defeat.  It has left me totally drained and even more concerned about what we face when he starts school again next month.  Do I admit defeat and give up on lessons, and walk away from 18 months of trying, find a one to one class, I just don’t know. He actually loves being in the water, so I have no idea.

Right now I’m just drained, running on empty and in need of one easy day.  Sorry feeling sorry for myself, ignore me.  Tomorrow is another day!

Friday 21st August – Day 233

Project 365 2015 Week 34

We met up with Tina from The Soup Dragon Says and her son for the day at the Winchester Science Centre.  After yesterday, I wondered what Monkey would throw at me, but apart from breaking my bracelet (sob), he was on good form and really enjoyed himself.  He wasn’t interested in the planetarium but loved everything else.  This crane was his clear favourite, but he really had a wonderful time.  Can thoroughly recommend, and he’s already asking when we can go back.

Saturday 22nd August – Day 234

Project 365 2015 Week 34

We drove over to Blenheim Palace to meet up with a few of our NCT friends, the aim was to have some fun in the Pleasure Gardens and enjoy a picnic together.  Monkey decided he didn’t want to play in the sandpit, so we took our bucket and spade back to the car. After a quick visit to the Bygones Museum we headed back to the gardens to find a bit of shade to set up our camp for the day.  Then the wasp issue returned and Monkey was getting very upset.  Someone on Twitter had suggested using water bottles so he could aim the water at the wasps, it didn’t help with the hysteria at all sadly.  We headed off to the Butterfly House hoping it would distract him, but he was just getting more and more upset.  So we left our friends and headed home.  🙁

Project 365 2015 Week 34


12 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 34

  1. It seems like you have had a challenging week with Monkey but had some lovely moments too…
    A beard in the bath is a must if you have bubbles….hehehe x

  2. Oh no, hard week. Maybe back to school will end up being a good thing and he might surprise you.

    One to one on the swimming might work out well. Strange that he dislikes the classes when he likes the water outside of lessons. Hopefully he’ll get back to normal enjoying the lessons soon.

  3. You sound like you’ve had a really busy week. Hope you manage to find a solution to the swimming lessons and the wasp issue. Wasps are horrid as it is, having a phobia must be even worse. Both Bletchley and Blenheim Palace sound very very interesting visits though!

  4. Huge hugs for your rough week.
    As far as the wasp phobia is concerned a phobia is a phobia, our youngest is nearly 30 and still has a phobia about bees/wasps/things that buzz as they fly ever since she got stung on holiday at 6. I have a phobia of the common household eight legged creatures and even a picture in a magazine or on the tv is enough to freak me, and I have abandoned a car I was driving one day when one dropped from the sun visor, the car was still moving at the time, phobias are irrational and only professional desensitisation ( so they say) does any good – you aint getting me that close to try it!!!!!
    Shame it has spoilt your week, but the inside activities went down well ( apart from being a bracelet) and maybe more of them need to be planned for the next few weeks.

  5. aaa I bet the good times out weigh the challenges this week, you still managed to get some fab photos! x

  6. Good luck with the wasp thing. I’ve always been very relaxed around wasps and bees and tried to pass that attitude on, but we have had a few problems since H got stung at playgroup repeatedly (the wasp got into a play house and I think it felt trapped in their with 3 preschoolers). Thankfully he’s not as bad about it as Monkey.

  7. Sounds like an up and down week. As difficult as it is try not to worry about the start of term too much and enjoy the last week of the holidays. Hope this week is less challenging for you both xx

  8. Oh dear what a tough week.
    My youngest boy used to be same at times with swimming lessons. We were lucky that our pool also had a teacher that specialised in nervous / unwilling pupils and actually got in the pool with them. A few games at first to relax them and then down to work!!
    I can sympathise with the wasp issue, I’m the same with flying birds. Ok if they are still and perched but once they take off….i’m off for cover.

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