Project 365 2015 Week 38

Project 365 2015 Week 38

I’ve been joining in with Project 365 since the start of 2014, and been inspired by The Boy and Me to make sure I take a Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year! Project 365 2015 Week 38 Days 256-262.

Sunday 13th September – Day 256

Project 365 2015 Week 38

Monkey had a day out with Daddy P, I could have spent the day doing chores around the house, but decided to be a bit indulgent instead.  I discovered Channel 5 were having a Friends day and that was me sorted.  I also got some cross stitch and part of a new WASGIJ puzzle done.  It was nice just to chill.  The boys spent the day looking at trains so everyone was happy.

Monday 14th September – Day 257

Project 365 2015 Week 38

I’d had to order a new credit card just before the bank holiday as someone had tried to use it fraudulently and it finally arrived.  Time to get the shopping done, and a whole host of birthday presents bought.  I was so proud of the way Monkey has been going into school that I bought him the last of 3 KNex sets he needs so we could construct this rather fab Space Shuttle.  Getting him to stand still with it was a mission too far as you can see from the blurred photo!

Tuesday 15th September – Day 258

Project 365 2015 Week 38

Monkey got ready for school in record time so we had the opportunity to play dominoes before school.  He practically ran into class, I’m amazed and thankful.  He still moans every morning that he doesn’t want to go, but I get a kiss and a wave as he disappears inside the door.

Wednesday 16th September – Day 259

Project 365 2015 Week 38

Jado Chi was cancelled so I cracked on with an Apple Cake I wanted to bake, sadly I dropped it trying to get it out of the tin – sobs!  It may not have looked pretty but it tasted good.  I was washing up when I noticed something grey moving in the front garden.  We often get Coloured Doves and Wood Pigeons visiting, but I soon realised that this visitor was a little different.  This female Sparrowhawk sat in the front garden for ages.

After school Monkey and I went to a meeting to listen to how and what he would be taught this year.  There are 3 classes with a mix of Year 1/2 children.  I know a lot of parents work, but I did think it sad that so few parents turned up.  It was really interesting and I can see a lot of it working really well for Monkey.  Time will tell but I really do like to have an idea what’s happening whilst he’s at school as I get very little information from Monkey himself!

Thursday 17th September – Day 260

Project 365 2015 Week 38

Busy day Brewster?  I had my hair cit and coloured before heading out to lunch with my brother and his eldest daughter.  She’s off to University of Saturday so it was lovely to spend some time with them both before she starts her new adventure.  I’m very proud of her and can’t wait to see where life takes her.

Thursday is not only swimming day, it’s PE day part 1 – this is now Monkey’s least favourite day of the week.  Throw in the fact that the swimming assistant has now gone to uni and a new lady has joined his teacher, and the lesson was doomed from the start.  His teacher deserves a medal and wants us to persist for the next 3 weeks when the 10 week block finishes.  I may see if Daddy P can take him next week and see if that makes any difference.  I’m really gutted, as he was settling into his new class before his perforated ear drum struck, but now I just don’t know what’s going on in his head.

Friday 18th September – Day 261

Project 365 2015 Week 38

I spent today at the Blenheim International Horse Trials with my friend N.  I’d been given two VIP tickets and was really looking forward to a very different day.  We were unbelievably lucky with the weather as it was pouring down when I woke up.  We got to see some stunning dressage displays and great jumping.  I know nothing about horses but have always loved watching eventing on the TV.  It was such a relaxing day, spent with a fab friend, and did me the world of good.

Daddy P picked Monkey up from school so that N and I could make a full day of it.  I got home to some wonderful news.  Monkey’s teacher had told Daddy P that he’d had a really good week at school and had been chosen to take the class teddy home for the weekend. Monkey was grinning from ear to ear, it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Saturday 19th September – Day 262

Project 365 2015 Week 38

We caught up with some homework in the morning. Monkey was ably assisted by Crazy Bananas the class mascot, I think he needs to visit every weekend!  In the afternoon we heading out to pick my youngest niece up from her weekend job.  She’ll be 17 on Monday so we wanted to make sure she’d got her present beforehand.  We took her home where we got to say goodbye to her big sister as she left to start University.

Project 365 2015 Week 38

14 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 38

  1. Sounds like school’s going well. Crikey you’re a long way into the swimming term. We’ve only just started back – felt like nearly 3 months since the last class!

    Impressive sparrowhawk, especially living in town with lots of cats around. We don’t see many on the ground near here, although see lots of birds of prey in the air.

  2. Lots of animals on your blog today! Love the cute cat pic – wouldn’t it be lovely to just laze around like a cat some days?! Fab that Monkey is settling into school well now – he certainly looks keen on his homework (or was that staged?!).

  3. Well done to Monkey on such a great week at school! Hope you have all been having fun with Crazy Bananas!

  4. I love your cross stitch, I always think I’d be too impatient for it, but seeing yours it looks so good.. maybe I should try! Any recommendations where to start?

    Ha, do you have a minion as the class mascot? I think we’ve got a scabby bear…!!

  5. So pleased school is going well for you, and I agree that not enough parents go along to these things. I always think I must be the boring one as I go to all of them! Love crazy bananas! looks like you had some great fun out with him “helping” over the weekend.

  6. Love the cat shot and the wonderful bird one too. Swimming and PE are challenging for my boy too, because it’s a bit noisy and a change of routine. He also has had ear issues. Don’t know if there is a link. Hope he settles, it’s a funny age for them, lots of changes and growing up.


  7. How great that he is going into class much happier, shame the same cant be said for the swimming.
    A huge well done to Monkey for bringing the class bear home.
    Quite right on relaxing and doing what you wanted on Sunday instead of doing work.

  8. Gorgeous stitch Work! And wow at the bird of prey visitor, I don’t think I’ve seen any nearby. Brewster is charming as always, and Monkey did a fab job with his KNex.

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