Project 365 2015 Week 39

I’ve been joining in with Project 365 since the start of 2014, and been inspired by The Boy and Me to make sure I take a Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year! Project 365 2015 Week 39 Days 263-269.

Sunday 20th September – Day 263

Project 365 2015 Week 39

The sun was shining and we headed off to the Bedfordshire Steam and Country Fair.  It’s a great day out with lots of traction engines, steam rollers, steam cars and more besides on display. But you also see a lot of vehicles driving around the grounds so Monkey just loves it.  Throw in tractors, old and new and you know he’s going to be smiling all day long.  We’ve been before where we could get into the Shuttleworth Collection for free, this year you could visit with discounted entrance.  That’s also well worth a visit.  Our last day with Cool Bananas, the class mascot was action packed from start to finish.

Monday 21st September – Day 264

Project 365 2015 Week 39 Mon

How proud was I when Monkey came out of school with this award!  He seems to be shining in class since moving to Year One and so far I’m really impressed with his teacher and her approach.  Perhaps I need to employ her to take Monkey to his swimming lessons! Bless him, he was thrilled to get this and a friend has since told me he’d have been awarded this in assembly in from of both Year One/Year Two – I wish I’d seen that.

A lovely way to remember my youngest niece’s 17th birthday too.

Tuesday 22nd September – Day 265

Project 365 2015 Week 39

I spent the day catching up with work.  When Monkey finished school we headed down to our local Hobbycraft.  He’s started to learn to sew at school and was really enthusiastic about it.  I didn’t have any suitable needles and all the Aida fabric I have is a very small count, so not great for youngsters.  We found some plastic templates for £2 which would work brilliantly for kids practicing running stitch, so we got a pack of those, and a suitable needle for him.  Then we headed to our aquatic store – a must visit destination every time we head to this part of town.  Monkey would love to have a fish tank of his own one day. For now we’ll settle for the Aquabot variety.

Wednesday 23rd September – Day 266

Project 365 2015 Week 39

Monkey’s best friend G turned 6 today.  Monkey woke up full of excitement as he was joining him for tea at Wimpy that evening.  It looked like they’d all be having great fun at school today – the crime scene tape was out, clues were scattered, apparently someone had stolen the magic porridge pot!  Why wasn’t school that exciting when I went? I had a good Jado Chi session and enjoyed the sun shining again.

We headed out to the party and Monkey was still really excited, when we walked into the party area he started to struggle a bit.  It got noisier and even though he knew most of the children and a few of the adults, he was a limpet.  A balloon  saw him joining in a little bit, but there was no chance that Mummy could sit on the sidelines. It was getting late by the time we left and bless him he was worried that he’d missed bedtime; see expression on his face above!

Thursday 24th September – Day 267

Project 365 2015 Week 39

Today has been fuelled by tea and painkillers.  I woke up to back pain, the type where I couldn’t risk bending down for fear of not being able to get back up. Joy.  Monkey had a great day at school, he actually performed a magic trick, firstly to his teacher, and then to one of his friends in class.  This is amazing, I can’t believe how well he’s doing with his confidence in school.  We got home and I knew swimming was going to be a battle, one which I wasn’t up to fighting.  I certainly couldn’t sit on ‘the ledge’ feeling like I did.  So I chickened out and we stayed at home.  I fear this has sent Monkey the wrong message but I’ll have to live with the consequences.

Whilst having dinner Monkey suddenly started complaining of pains in his chest and he got really upset.  I’m not sure if it was indigestion but he had no temperature, and the pain wasn’t in his tummy.  We ended up lying down on his bed together until he fell asleep.  All very strange.

Friday 25th September – Day 268

Project 365 2015 Week 39

Monkey woke up as bright as a button thankfully.  My back still isn’t right but is better than yesterday.  It was a lovely sunny day, I really should have got some gardening done, hopefully I can get out there next week once I feel more flexible again.

Monkey had a good day at school and was full of it until he had a major meltdown before dinner.  Load enough to wake Daddy P up, upstairs.  Pizza seemed to cheer him up and then it was time for Teacher Monkey to give Daddy P a phonics lesson.

Saturday 26th September – Day 269

Project 365 2015 Week 39

We went on a blogging trip to clothing retailer Lands’ End in Oakham in Leicestershire. I could see all three of us wearing their clothes, totally our cup of tea! Monkey wouldn’t join the other children in the kids room sadly, he was far more interested in being my style advisor. After being introduced to some of the key elements for the AW15 ranges and having had lunch we were treated to a boat trip around Rutland Water.  The weather couldn’t have been better, it was just lovely.

One very tired Monkey and his Mum have got home and are both ready for an early night.

Project 365 2015 Week 39

12 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 39

  1. We always go into the water world place too. Fab watching the fish swirling round.
    Sounds like it was a great week at school.

    I didn’t realise Lands End was in Oakham, I’ve got a friend who lives near there and teaches at Oakham School. If I’d have gone, I’d have been able to see her at the same time.

  2. Fab that Monkey is thriving in year 1 and has great fun too. Big well done on the award! Hope your back is better this week. I’d like to visit Lands End outlet.

  3. I hope your back pain is better now.
    How lovely to see the award and Monkey’s confidence building.

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