Project 365 2015 Week 8

Project 365 2015 Week 8

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky Project 365. A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 2015 Week 8 Days 46-52.

Sunday 15th February – Day 46

Project 365 2015 Week 8

Visiting the Brooklands Museum has been on my ‘To do List’ for a very long time, and having read PODCast’s recent post, we set a date and off we went.  It was a brilliant day, good weather and a really happy Monkey.  He was eager to go on everything, it was wonderful.  We even went on Concorde, which we all enjoyed.

Monday 16th February – Day 47

Project 365 2015 Week 8

We were meeting up with friends and had planned to visit the Oxfordshire Museum only to find out that it isn’t open on Mondays.  Never mind, we headed back to our friends house and the boys had a great play date and lunch instead.  Back home there was Duplo fun to be had before bedtime.

Tuesday 17th February – Day 48

Project 365 2015 Week 8

We spent most of the day on art and craft activities before heading off for a memorable swimming lesson.  The boy actually swam a width of the junior pool, unaided!  At last!  So very proud of him, let’s hope it’s the start of a new adventure.

Wednesday 18th February – Day 49

Project 365 2015 Week 8

Another day of changed plans.  We were meeting up with Redpeffer and family and were meant to meet at Kenilworth Castle.  But, after Monday’s issues, I checked online and noticed that the cafe is only open at weekends until April.  We all agreed to save that for the future and they headed down to our neck of the woods.  After a quick refreshment stop at our house, we spent some time at Waddesdon Manor.  I’ve been raving about one of our favourite haunts for ages and finally Iona and her family got to see why we love it so much.

Of course, Monkey found a stick and was having lots of fun with his friends.  Later in the evening Iona sent me a text which sent me straight to my homepage – I’ve made it to 45 in Tots100.  I still can’t believe it, and am sure there’s a 1 missing there somewhere!!  But if it’s only for a month, I will enjoy it 🙂

Thursday 19th February – Day 50

Project 365 2015 Week 8

We spent the day with our Special Sheba, had lots of fun and a lovely lunch out.  I totally forgot to take any photos until Monkey had gone to bed and I noticed his latest Jenga block construction project – Stonehenge in the making perhaps?

Friday 20th February – Day 51

Project 365 2015 Week 8

We drove down the motorway to spend the day with one of Dad’s cousins.  Monkey was in his element showing L and I a tractor flying display (you had to be there) before having lunch.  He was chatting away and had a lovely time, we had a quick visit to the park before feasting on homemade cake.  There were problems on the motorway so we drove home across country.  It’s been a busy week and I was shattered, so decided to take a night off from swimming lessons.

Saturday 21st February – Day 52
Project 365 2015 Week 8

We’ve had a lazy day at home and I decided to crack on and finish my two outstanding sewing projects.  Monkey now finally has his dressing gown and I sewed in the elastic waistband for his summer pj shorts.  I’m going to alter a white t-shirt to go with them. Can’t believe our week together is nearly over, going to miss my sidekick on Monday.

34 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 8

  1. Love your sewing projects! Sounds like you both had a very good week. Well done to Monkey for swimming his width and very well done to you for your Tots100 ranking.

  2. Well done with the tots – I still can’t get my head around how it works and just float around in the 400 and somethings! Concorde sounds great – my boy would love it, reminds me of when I was on jury service in Bristol and court was adjourned so we could go out and watch the last ever flight go over! Well done to monkey on the swimming – my boy is a bit older and has just achieved his 10 metres so I understand how proud you are! 🙂

  3. Brooklands did look great from the posts I’ve seen about it. I’d never heard of it before.

    So annoying when places don’t open on certain days, and the out of season time on lots of tourist destinations.

    Looks like a successful week.

  4. what a shame some of your plans did not work out as planned, but you seem to have had a good time regardless.
    Well done on the swimming achievement, ever right to be proud.
    Love his happy happy face on friday

  5. Big round of applause to you both: Monkey – for swimming the whole length unaided, to you – for your creative sewing projects. Sounds like you had a fab week!

  6. Just had to pause reading the post to have a discussion with hubs about when we should go visit Brooklands. He’d love it as much (or even more) than the kids

  7. Well done on your sewing achievements. I have yet to master any clothes on my machine yet. Big well done to monkey on the swimming.

  8. It sounds like you have had a fun and busy half term, even if your plans did have to change! Well done to Monkey on his swimming achievement and well done to you on the sewing – the dressing gown looks fab!

  9. How amazing to swim a width, my twins won’t even have lessons yet! Love the sewing, very clever. And congrats on the tots position, well deserved x #365

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