Project 365 2017 Week 10

Project 365 2017 Week 10

Project 365 2017 Week 10 Day 64 – 70 the week the new carpet was fitted.

Sunday 5th March  – Day 64

Project 365 2017 Week 10

Our new living room carpet is being fitted on Tuesday, but as Daddy P is home on Sundays, we needed to get all the furniture moved and the carpet and underlay to the tip today. Poor Brewster really hasn’t enjoyed all the upheaval lately and I think this was his protest stance – no more.

With our kitchen and spare room totally full of furniture there was no option but to have dinner out.

Monday 6th March – Day 65

Project 365 2017 Week 10

I’d avoided painting the ceilings when I was sorting out the renovations earlier in the year as I have a few issues with my neck.  But on a bright Spring day, with an empty living room, it seemed daft not to just get it done.  So I headed to the DIY store, bought an extension pole for the paint roller and got the job done.  I’d forgotten what a pain it is to paint an artex ceiling.

After Beavers Monkey got a chance to watch a bit of TV before bedtime, we agreed that our dining chairs aren’t the most comfy thing to sit on for any length of time.  Roll on tomorrow.

Tuesday 7th March – Day 66

Project 365 2017 Week 10

Carpet fitting day.  The fitters arrived bright and early and started work before Monkey went to school.  They were done before lunchtime and had our living room door trimmed down for us too.  Daddy P popped home in the afternoon to help me move the furniture back into the room, only to find that my beloved floor to ceiling oak display cabinet is now too tall.  It’s currently sat in the middle of the room in two halves, awaiting a carpenter to sort it out. Hopefully the cornice can be trimmed down, otherwise there will be tears.  BUT other than that I am so pleased with it, I’d just like to get properly unpacked.

Wednesday 8th March – Day 67

Project 365 2017 Week 10

I spent the morning sorting out the bookcase in the living room and trying to go through some of Monkey’s games before cracking on with other house jobs.

Monkey’s homework for the week is to find a poem and learn it by heart, to read out in class on Monday.  You can imagine how much this idea thrills him.  We’d found a short poem about Winter Roadworks (a perfect Monkey subject) and I typed it up and printed it off for him.  The practicing began.  We also caught up with Granny and Gramps on Skype.

I have wanted to take a photo of the moon for as long as I could remember, but never had a good enough camera/lens.  Now I know what I’m doing more with my DSLR and have a longer lens and tripod it was time for my first attempt.  It wasn’t a full moon tonight, but I could get a clear shot from the living room.  I’m thrilled with my first attempt, craters and all.

Thursday 9th March – Day 68

Project 365 2017 Week 10

I had my appointment at the Eye Hospital within the grounds of the JR in Oxford this morning.  It’s a pig of a place to get to with the traffic and woefully inadequate parking means they recommend you arrive an hour early just to look for a parking space (yes that comment is actually in their letter). Luckily my Chalazion has almost disappeared after 4 months so I didn’t need it draining and have been discharged.  It could take another 3 months for the inflammation on the underside of my eyelid to disappear, and there’s no guarantee that I won’t get one again.  But at the moment I’m lucky.

It’s been a beautiful Spring day.  Monkey didn’t have his extra after school session with his teacher today, but came bounding out with a medal round his neck.  He’d done really well in a spelling test and got it as a reward, along with other children.  He was really chuffed.

Friday 10th March – Day 69

Project 365 2017 Week 10

I think Brewster is feeling a bit happier now he’s got used to the new flooring.  College was all about showing our wildlife photography homework before we started talking about reportage and documentary photography.

Monkey came out of school happy that it’s the weekend and we finished his How to Train Your Dragon book – a big hit.  Now to read book 2.

Saturday 11th March – Day 70

Project 365 2017 Week 10

We had a go with some science experiments after breakfast for a review, before heading off to Blenheim Palace for some fresh air.  Monkey remembered to take his camera and he was soon off taking photos of ducks and swans on the lake.  Then he found some sticks.  The smile says it all.  It might not have been sunny, but it was pleasantly warm and we had a lovely few hours exploring a different part of the palace grounds, before heading to the train and pleasure gardens.  No visit to Blenheim is complete for us without a visit to the Bygones Museum and the Butterfly House.  It’s been a rather lovely day.

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 10

  1. get that cat off the carpet now. is it shoes off at the door? and just how deep is the carpet for your furniture not to fit? oh dear. at least the hospital letter warned you about the parking so you didn’t miss your appointment

    1. It’s always been shoes off at the door (old carpet was beige) lol. The ceilings in this house are low, we had to cut the unit down to get it in, in the first place, when it had fit perfectly in my other 2 homes perfectly. The old carpet here, really was old and very flat, this one has better underlay and is a deep pile. We reckon we need to lose one centimeter to get it to clear the ceiling ok.

  2. Must be so nice having the new carpet in. Hopefully your cabinet will be able to be sorted out – so annoying when that happens.

  3. Oh I often look at my artex ceiling and know it needs doing but I just can’t face it…so well done. -and that moon photo is just amazing. I really need to have another try at it!

  4. I think cats always like to investigate and approve a new carpet. Pity that the new carpet means your cabinet doesn’t fit – hope you find a solution.

  5. The new carpet looks lovely. I can’t believe the hospital has to suggest you arrive a whole hour early! That is totally crazy and makes me very glad we never have to go. #365

  6. the new carpet looks lovely – and I like the colour of it too. Shame about your cabinet but hopefully you will sort something out. I did smile when I saw your cat sat on the naked lounge floor! well done to Monkey and his poem x

  7. I might be tempted to cut away the carpet under the unit to fit it in……then it could never be moved again right enough.
    Bob still collects sticks. Nice to see him taking out his camera.
    Great moon picture, its great what you can do with the right equipment.

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