Project 365 2017 Week 12

Project 365 2017 Week 12

Project 365 2017 Week 12 Day 78 – 84

Sunday 19th March  – Day 78

Project 365 2017 Week 12

The youngest member of our NCT group is due to have her third baby the day before my birthday.  We wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate the imminent arrival of baby number 10 to our group, so we took N out for afternoon tea in The Orangery at Blenheim Palace.  The food was devine and we all enjoyed the afternoon. Blenheim Palace is a special place for our group, and we ended our visit with a trip to our tree.  The tree we watched our babies grow up underneath, on countless visits. A lovely day.

Monday 20th March – Day 79

Project 365 2017 Week 12

After the walk to school I drove to my friends to get my hair cut and coloured.  Back to being short, short.

I’d had Monkey’s feet measured on Saturday and bought him new school shoes and plimsolls.  But as his feet have grown I knew he’d need new casual shoes and wellies.  I bought him the only size 2 pair I could find in Sainsburys and then got him a nice blue and green pair of casual shoes from Clarks in Bicester Village.

He was eager to put his new shoes to the test after school, and ran all the way to Beavers.  Afterwards he tried (not very hard) to not tell me what he’d made me for Mothers Day.  He can’t keep secrets from me.

Tuesday 21st March – Day 80

Project 365 2017 Week 12

My photography homework for the week has been landscape photography using a tripod.  Today was the only free day I had to get some shots and get them developed in time for class on Friday.  Thankfully it was dry in the morning at Stowe, but with a bitterly cold wind.  Wearing three layers and gloves I headed off and managed to get some ok shots without the tripod blowing away.  But typically my favourite shot of the trip, had nothing to do with landscapes at all!

A hailstorm on the way to school ended the day.

Wednesday 22nd March – Day 81

Project 365 2017 Week 12

The day it poured with rain.  Blimey did it rain!  I headed over to meet up with my oldest niece for a long overdue catch up.  She’s making me a Great Auntie in September, so there was plenty of baby talk to be had.  Exciting times ahead.

After dodging the rain all morning, I headed home and picked Monkey up from school.  He was full of chatter as we walked home and very excited to have a bit of Daddy time.  I’d been invited to a preview evening at the Hotter store in Oxford with a number of other Oxfordshire Bloggers.  Daddy P normally works Wednesday nights, so one of my NCT friends was on standby in case he had a delivery arrive at work before I could get home.  I got to meet up with a couple of bloggers I already knew, and some from the area I’d not met in person before.  I had such a hard decision to make on my sandals choice (I was totally focussed on sandals) but picked these strappy sandals in the end.

Thursday 23rd March – Day 82

Project 365 2017 Week 12

Monkey was in a particularly grumpy mood at breakfast, screaming at the mere mention of reading his school book. When he’d calmed down, sat down and actually read to me, I noticed that he was developing a rash on both sides of his face and across his torso.  Shout out on Facebook to confirm it was Slap Cheek, rather than anything more sinister.  He was gutted that he had to go to school!

A friend had suggested someone who might be able to deal with my now too tall display cabinet, he’d rung me last night to say he could look at it today.  He did, and it’s done.  Yippee!  Daddy P popped home to help me put the two halves together and push it into place.  Tomorrow after college, I’ll get the shelves back in and put all the contents back inside.  THEN I can move things around in the hallway and feel like we are really getting there.

Next decision will be whether to make one wall in the living room my photo wall or to have them going up the wall by the stairs.

Friday 24th March – Day 83

Project 365 2017 Week 12

Red Nose Day and Monkey was very happy as he could dress in anything red (his favourite colour).  His cheeks joined in the fun too.  I headed off to college, we needed to pick 4 photos from this term to enlarge for next week’s presentation.

When I got home it was time to unpack boxes and finally sort my display cabinet out after it had been trimmed down yesterday.  We nearly had a disaster as one of the pins to hold the shelves in place was missing.  Luckily Daddy P found it on the driveway, as it must have fallen out when it was being cut down.  So nice to get things sorted at last. My racing memorabilia is now in place ahead of the first grand prix of the season.

When I picked Monkey up from school it’s fair to say the slap cheek had definitely come out to play.  He looked liked he’d been toasted, bless him.

Saturday 25th March – Day 84

Project 365 2017 Week 12

Spot the child.  Monkey has a Trackmaster train track running all around his bedroom, but apparently that isn’t enough.  He’s now started constructed a wooden track under his bed. I wonder how much longer it will be that he can actually get under the bed.

We had dreaded writing homework to get done this morning.  Thankfully an Amazon delivery arrived to provide the ‘carrot’ to get Monkey to finish his work.  All will be revealed about the delivery later in the week, if all goes to plan.

The sun was shining so we walked into town to get a few bits before walking to school for the Easter Fayre.  It’s been lovely to see the difference over the last few years with Monkey and the Easter Egg Hunt.  Year four and he runs from one clue to the next and actually read the clues out to me this year.  Progress indeed.  One Smarties Easter Egg secured and one happy child.

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  1. Sounds like a busy and fun week. It’s weird to think that your niece is pregnant because my only niece is 4! Those sandals are lovely. My daughter is now asking for sandals, but I think it’s a bit early! I’m very impressed that Monkey can fit under his bed!

  2. Your group if NCT friends and all the babies and that tree sounds so do lovely! Also love the photo f Monkey under the bed!!#365

  3. What a lovely story about the tree and your NCT group. I got excited with the sunshine today thinking it will soon be time for sandals! The Easter Fayre is a bit early!!

  4. Having a close group of NCT friends sounds lovely! Amazing photo of the swan, I love it. Yay to getting things back onto your unit. Unpacking and making things look more like home is such a nice feeling 🙂

  5. Sounds like a lovely week. Love the sandals, great colours. Hope Monkey is fully recovered now.

  6. Oh I love the blogger events at Hotter. I wish I could get a ‘Hotter Moment’ in the Donna style though.. But have ended up with Black Shakes and the Ivy boots.
    The sandals look great.. debating now whether to take back one of my new pairs and swap them for those sandals!!

  7. your son makes me laugh with not telling you what he’d done for mothers day, only 1 of mine remembered by himself, one was reminded by his teacher and the other 2 boys were prompted by their girlfriends in the evening. I so need those sandals, love the colours, how do i get invited to a hotter event?

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