Project 365 2017 Week 18

Project 365 2017 Week 18

Project 365 2017 Week 18 Day 120 – 126 Motor racing, a big step forward in the confidence levels, bluebells and camping!  Well ok, glamping, but who would ever thought you’d get me under canvas!

Sunday 30th April  – Day 120

Project 365 2017 Week 18

We got up early and headed up the motorway to the Donington Historic Festival.  We had a great day, and the weather was very kind to us.  Monkey and I spotted the only Ferrari on show and he was as pleased as punch to see it, can you tell? I hadn’t been to Donington for 40 years and it really reminded me of the racing events we went to as children.  Easy access for the fans and a really far more hands on feel to everything than the big events at Silverstone.

My best friend lives fairly close to the track so we popped in for a cuppa before heading home, via Pizza Hut in Banbury for a late tea.  Three very tired people all went to bed happy.

Monday 1st May – Day 121

Project 365 2017 Week 18

Bank Holiday Monday and I’d hoped Monkey would have a lie in after our late night.  No such luck.  He did decide though that it would be a pj day and spent most of the day racing his racing cars (there is a Ferrari under his hand in this shot) round and round the sofa.  He was happy.  Daddy P and I were shattered.

Tuesday 2nd May – Day 122

Project 365 2017 Week 18

Back to school for Monkey and blog work to catch up with for me.

Monkey is still working his way through his Easter chocolate supplies, it seems never-ending.  I caught him mid munch! Monkey woke up about 10pm and I thought he was crying, when I went into his room he was laughing, really laughing, but he wasn’t really awake.  It was so bizarre and a little spooky.

Wednesday 3rd May – Day 123

Project 365 2017 Week 18

Who doesn’t want to be woken up by Furby?  I wish there was a volume control on our furry friend.  Monkey has no idea what he was dreaming about last night.

A day spent catching up with the washing and shopping. There was fun after school as our caterpillar delivery arrived.  Last year we reviewed the My Living World Butterfly World and it was such a big hit I promised Monkey that I’d order him new caterpillars this year so we could try it all again.  Hopefully he’ll be able to share the experience with Gramps when he’s over at the end of the month.

Thursday 4th May – Day 124

Project 365 2017 Week 18

Polling day for the local elections.  It always amazes me just how many parents walk straight past the polling station without casting their vote.  We’re so lucky to have the right to vote, it’s a shame not everyone feels the same.

Monkey’s gone on his first solo play date straight from school and I’ve been stressed about it all day.  Just as well the girls are over for curry night later.  The house seems so quiet without my little whirlwind, as his toys look rather abandoned.

The play date went well, although he managed to lose his coat between school and his friends house.  I rang the bus company and no luck, so thought I’d try asking in a couple of the town’s Facebook groups.  Bingo!  Someone had spotted a black coat abandoned at a bus stop, we hurtled round in my car and there it was.  Result.

My NCT group came round for curry and we got to meet the latest member of the group, little A, who was born 2 weeks ago.  He was very generous with his cuddles and we all felt rather broody by the time his mummy took him home.

Friday 5th May – Day 125

Project 365 2017 Week 18

Monkey was in school for 8am for his one on one session and I headed out on my first location shoot with my photography course class.  We were shooting the bluebells at Wytham Woods, I wasn’t feeling as inspired as I thought I would but I’ve got a few ok shots hopefully.

After school it was time for Monkey’s check up at the dentist before we headed home to get ready for the weekend’s adventure.

Saturday 6th May – Day 126

Ready Camp Drayton Manor

Anyone who knows me well will find the fact that I will be sleeping under canvas tonight, totally hilarious. I’m very much a loving my creature comforts and en-suite facilities kind of girl.  BUT as I’m hurtling towards 50 at an alarming rate, I figured that during this year I should try different things as the opportunities arise.  So tonight Monkey and I are the guests of Ready Camp, tonight we are sleeping in a tent, albeit it a rather plush one.  That’s a phrase I never thought I’d be saying.  Wish us luck!

17 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 18

  1. It looks like Monkey has been having a lot of fun this week. The Historic Festival sounds like a great day out. I’m glad the play date went well. That was so lucky with the coat.
    That tent looks awesome! Good luck. I hope you have a great evening x

  2. fab looking car, i love days out like that, even without the kids, is your dad coming over on his own? how is your mum getting on after her health problems the other month? Hope your son enjoyed his play date and well done on finding his coat and i hope you enjoyed the glamping, for me it’s proper camping, I love it

    1. Mum’s doing really well thanks. They’l both be over for half term week at the end of the month, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks early so they can see all the grandkids

  3. Good luck with the glamping! I’m not a fan of camping either, but I would be willing to give glamping a try! Glad you managed to get Monkey’s coat back and the play date went well. Love the pic of him with the little Ferrari at Donington.

  4. That is absolutely wonderful about the coat! What a lovely community you have in your town. I am also very jealous about the camping as I haven’t done it in years and would love to! #365

  5. That looks like a great way to camp – definitely beats the hassle of tent erecting! My kiddos would always lose something if going to a friend’s house too – usually lunch boxes. Enjoy the camping!

  6. Lovely bluebell picture. Glad the playdate went well.
    I have to admit that this time was the first I’ve not voted. I only realised 2 days before that we had an election (OCC), I’d seen no campaign materials, nothing on the news, etc and the only views I have on the matter is that none of them are any good because they want to combine to be one (or is that the city council?) which would mean Banbury being forgotten even more than it is at the moment. I’m sure the same guy would have won round here. He’s been in post about 40 years.

  7. we use to camp with the 3 younger children many years ago, only problem was always the distance away from the toilet blocks.( and the dreaded midgie) Well done you for trying something new and leaving your comfort zone.
    How lovely to take Monkey somewhere you went at about the same age and to pass on your passion to him. Amazing how kids bounce back quicker than the adults.

  8. Sounds like a good week was had! Agree with you re the voting. Only 24% of our city actually voted….seems such a shame.

    Camping is something I have never considered……

  9. Oh gosh I remember my oldest boy used to laugh and shout in his sleep. I wonder if he wakes his wife now???
    Lovely shot of the bluebells. If your photography isn’t pressing your buttons at the moment try revisiting Emma’s course. It’s onto creativity now and helps you to open your mind and eyes. 🙂

    I’m like you with the whole canvas thing. I prefer 5 star anyday!

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