Project 365 2017 Week 2

Project 365 2017 Week 2

Project 365 2017 Week 2 Day 8-14 – the week of uninspiring photos I’m afraid as illness took over.

Sunday 8th January  – Day 8

Project 365 2017 Week 2

This little chap has been such a rascal today.  He’s tried my patience at times but then you get the cutest smile and all is forgiven.  I’m trying to get at least one photo a week of the two of us together, even if it’s just a selfie on the phone.  Better than nothing.

We were both shattered after yesterday and the back to school routine so this morning was a lazy one.  Then we visited a local carpet centre to look at flooring options for our living room, hallway and cloakroom.  We’ve brought some samples home to try to decide which way to go – carpet or wooden style flooring option.

Monday 9th January – Day 9

Project 365 2017 Week 2

The day that didn’t go to plan.  I dropped Monkey off at school and wanted to get started with the decorating downstairs.  We can’t get the carpet/flooring installed until the gloss work at least is done.  We’ve got a fair bit of dark stained wood that I want to gloss white, so time for a mixed primer/undercoat to get things started.  Pulled up the carpet in the cloakroom and prepped in preparation to gloss on Tuesday.  Bought all the extra materials I need for the work.

Did feel a little shattered when I picked Monkey up from school, and by the time I picked him up from Beavers at 7pm I had a high temp but was shaking with cold.  Uum.

Tuesday 10th January – Day 10

Project 365 2017 Week 2

It was clear I was going nowhere today.  A call to Daddy P informing him he’d need to take Monkey to school and pick him up.  Luckily (for once) he took one look at me and realised without me saying a word, that he’d have to stay home with Monkey until he’d gone to bed.

I slept pretty much all day and Brewster took on the roll of body-guard, quite literally.

Wednesday 11th January – Day 11

Project 365 2017 Week 2

Daddy P had to take charge of school walk duties again.  I’d got showered and dressed, but there was no way I’d make the walk to school, even though it’s only a 5 minute one.  A quiet day was needed whilst Daddy P worked from home.

Sky man came and changed our box without any issues.  It was almost as if they knew of the ‘problem’.  But anyway, let’s hope that it’s all sorted now.  We’ve lost everything we recorded over Christmas but never mind.

Monkey decided he wanted to do some puzzles after school as I watched on from the sofa.  I’d won a few Sorgenfresser puzzles a long time back, and had been saving them for him.

Thursday 12th January – Day 12

Project 365 2017 Week 2

I walked Monkey to school and rearranged my missed meeting with his teacher.  Walked home and realised that any hope I had of decorating or switching on the laptop was totally unrealistic.  Shattered, and so I did the sensible thing and gave in to it, daytime TV, blimey, not watched any of that for years!

Snow watch – Monkey was so hoping it would snow.  It rained all afternoon and did start snowing, but it was way too wet and was soon just snowing again.

I had a meeting with Monkey’s teacher re SATS, and saw a paper that the class had done earlier in the week.  It had totally overwhelmed Monkey and I’m so glad she hadn’t shown him his score.  Monkey goes into panic mode whenever he sees more than a few lines of text together.  It’s not that he could not read what’s written, more that he just glazes over and can’t see anything.  I’ve seen it at home, so his teacher is going to help him for an hour a week after school with some one to one time. If it’s too much, if it doesn’t help him, we’ll stop.  He loves his teacher so I’m hoping it will help him in the longer term and one on one time can only be a good thing hopefully.  For me, any help he can get now is a building block for the future. He seems to be really enjoying learning to write with joined up hand writing, so we’re going to do 5 minutes a day here after school.  Trust me, for Monkey to happily agree to that is massive.  Thankfully his Maths seems to be absolutely fine. This child is clearly his father’s son!  He’s worked so hard to catch up with his friends this last term, coming from so far behind them, I just want to know that he’s staying at that level.

Friday 13th January – Day 13

Project 365 2017 Week 2

I walked Monkey to school and felt shattered again once I’d got home.  Uum, that’ll be another lazy day then.  It started to snow but just didn’t come to anything.  We have lots of birds in the trees behind our garden, but with Brewster around, they often ignore our feeders and head to our neighbour instead.  But today we had loads of Long Tailed Tits flitting around the garden, whilst Brewster slept upstairs.  I grabbed my new lens and managed to get a few decent shots through the glass of our patio door.

Monkey wasn’t quite so keen on the reality of 5 minutes hand writing practice but we got there in the end.

Saturday 14th January – Day 14

Project 365 2017 Week 2

We’ve both woken up full of cold, don’t you just love this time of year.  Today was always going to be a quiet one at home.  Monkey had a poem he needed to write-up for his homework.  It was a rather painful experience for both of us, but finally he finished it and did a little of his handwriting work too.

This afternoon we’ve been in a puzzle zone, both working on puzzles and chatting away.

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23 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 2

  1. Oh it sounds like you really have come down with a nasty chill, Mary. I know that if I tell my OH that I can’t cope he knows I must be really poorly, because it rarely happens. I’m sure its the same with you. I do hope you keep warm – chills and sniffles are everywhere this time of year.
    It sounds like you have some really supportive teachers in your school, and you’re right, any additional support given now can only be building blocks for the future. Good luck with the additional handwriting practice. You always say Monkey does things at his own pace, I’m sure things will slot into place. I think it’s such a shame they have to be pushed to do exams at such a young age…I have a problem with the SATS & the pressures on the children, but that’s for another time!
    Have a lovely week
    #Project 365

  2. Oh no! I hope you both feel better soon….It’s rotten being poorly when you have things to do.
    That’s a shame that you never got much snow…We had a little but it was gone by lunchtime. x

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill this week. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now.
    It’s a lovely idea to get a photo of the two of you every week. I usually get photos of myself with the kids on holiday, on my birthday and at Christmas!
    The SATs stuff seems stressful. I hope the extra work is good for Monkey.

  4. It can be really really irritating when you feel crap and cannot do a thing. Thank goodness daddy could take time off to help. Feel the older I am getting the longer it takes me to recover.
    Not a lover of wooden flooring as the dust just travels to the side and with cats the hairs will be everywhere. But then it is easier to keep hygienically clean.

  5. Love the idea of a photo of you both each week, I hope that you are both feeling better very soon, and the painting will still be there, when you feel well enough.

  6. Hope you are fully recovered soon. I do think SATS are such a waste of time and don’t help children at all. They spend much of Year 6 and Year 2 preparing for them instead of getting a proper education.

  7. I hope you’re feeling better soon, there’s nothing wrong with having a few rest days, I hope you get the woodwork sorted and decide on your new flooring soon. You have a very good teacher there if she’s willing to give an hour after school for extra lessons

  8. Oh gosh a cold can really take it out of you.. you did the best thing and had plenty of rest.
    I can’t understand why schools have to test such young children on a national level. It’s too much stress.

  9. Oh no hope you feel better soon! It’s horrible being ill.

    My eldest had some test sats a few weeks back..Just seems like so much pressure

  10. well done on aiming to get at least 1 photo a week taken with Monkey, because it is important that we mums be in photos too. Burton took his stats for the first time last year, I am happy that his school play it down quite a bit, like it is not a big deal so less pressure on the children. It is lovely of Monkey’s teacher to offer him some one on one support. I am sure he will manage ok, children learn so fast don’t they? wish him luck x

  11. A photo of the two of you a week sounds lovely, what a lovely memory to have at the end of the year. Hope you recovered from your chill/cold/wipe out for this week, there is nothing worse than feeling so under the weather. Good luck for the SATS *sigh* I have my own thoughts on those from being a TA..another time. The birds are brave to come to your feeder, but hopefully they will continue to come as they are beautiful.

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