Project 365 2017 Week 3

Project 365 2017 Week 3

Project 365 2017 Week 3 Day 15 – 21.  The week the painting started, sorry this might get a bit boring, you have been warned!

Sunday 15th January  – Day 15

Project 365 2017 Week 3

We drove down to Hillingdon to spend the day with one of Dad’s cousins.  The weather wasn’t good enough to visit the park, so Monkey found his own way to keep entertained.

Monday 16th January – Day 16

Project 365 2017 Week 3

Finally I got the painting underway. The frame around the patio door and the staircase are all stained dark wood.  Time to prime and undercoat them so I can gloss everything white. In the living room I’ve decided to gloss on wall of skirting board at a time so we don’t need to take the whole carpet up.  It’s meant a bit of chaos this week, but I was glad to get started.

Monkey was intrigued to find out why he needed to take his toothbrush to Beavers this evening.  Apparently they got to eat some different fruits before brushing their teeth.  Who knows!

Tuesday 17th January – Day 17

Project 365 2017 Week 3

I’d got part of the staircase primed yesterday and put the ‘one coat’ gloss on, sadly one coat isn’t going to work with this so I’ll be painting everything three times over.  It’s going to be a long week.  But I can already see that it’s the right decision.

Monkey decided to do some extra reading after school as part of their latest reading challenge.

Wednesday 18th January – Day 18

Project 365 2017 Week 3

We’ve pulled up the carpet in the cloakroom and hallway, and I cracked on with painting the skirting boards throughout.  Then on to the staircase again.

The carpet/flooring company came out to measure up for two different options, now we await their quote.

Wine was required at the end of the day.

Thursday 19th January – Day 19

Project 365 2017 Week 3

What chocolate Mummy?  Today was a long day for both of us.  Monkey is going to be having an hour after school for a one on one session with his teacher every Thursday.  Today was the first session and I was a little anxious about how he’d get on.  Would he cope with the every hour?  Would they actually achieve anything?  Anyway, I needn’t have worried, his teacher was really pleased with how well he applied himself.  He’s struggling to decode words, which then makes a paragraph of text look overwhelming.  Mixing that in with handwriting and maths, we’re all hoping it helps him in the long run.  He seemed to have had fun, and went out like a light at bedtime.

I’d spent 7 hours priming and painting, an early night for me too!

Friday 20th January – Day 20

Project 365 2017 Week 3

A bit of a frosty start to the day.  Monkey headed off to school and I headed back to college for the start of stage 2 of my photography course.  It was lovely to catch up with my class mates and welcome others who’ve joined from different sessions.  Got to try and get some black and white portraits done for homework which could be tricky this week.

Came home and got the banisters upstairs primed.  Sods law meant I had to buy a new tin of primer to cover the last three spindles.  But it’s done.  Now I can get on with the first coat of gloss on Sunday, when Daddy P and Monkey have a boys day out.

Saturday 21st January – Day 21

Project 365 2017 Week 3

It was another frosty morning and I was quite glad our plans had changed so we didn’t need to go out in the car first thing.  A quiet day at home, chilling out together has been in order.  My college homework for the week was to get some black and photo portrait shots so I convinced Monkey to help me with my homework for a change!

Project 365

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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 3

  1. oh i dont envy you that task, painting all the woodwork, i had to do it to our home a few years ago, I found sugar sanding the the woodwork first saved on the undercoat, but then i was repainting it all white and the house was empty of husbnad and kids

  2. Ahh! My fella has been painting here this week too….He was painting the hall and up the stairs. The bottom half of the wall was brown paint so it took a few coats. I’m sure he can feel your pain.
    It sounds like the extra session at school for Monkey went well….I hope it helps x

  3. Nice to use Monkey in your homework.
    Love your frosty berries.
    One coat is never one coat even on a new build house that is in perfect condition, not sure why they are allowed to sell it under that name.

  4. Your stairs look so much nicer white already. Ours could do with a refresh at some point when we are on to decorating the landing and hallway. We’ve been working on the bedrooms recently … one day it will all be finished!

    Stevie x

  5. Love that frosty shot. That’s great that Monkey got on well with his extra session. Anything that helps and gives more confdence has got to be a good thing

  6. The white is making such a difference to your stairs. The brown was far too dark. Wonder whether I should paint ours eventually. They are currently the original pine (I think) stripped back so a light brown.

  7. Feel your pain with the glossing! Our house was all dark wood and we spent so long covering it! There are still little bits around the house we haven’t got round to painting.
    Love your frosty photo and well done to Monkey for his extra lesson!

  8. Your hallway is going to look so much brighter when you’ve finished that. I love lots of white everywhere. Your frost looks so pretty, it’s been unsually mild where we are but so foggy!

  9. I do love a good portrait black and white shot – handsome boy! I do not envy your painting one little bit – we are long overdue a redecorate here but the thought fills me with dread, well done on how much you’ve got done!

  10. even thought it is a right pain to do, your woodwork looks so much better white and will make your hallway seem much brighter and lighter.
    lovely black and white photo of Monkey -gorgeous eyelashes, and a lovely photo of you and him together too 🙂

  11. Great frosty shot and the black and white is also beautiful. The first one made me laugh as I didn’t spot him to start with! #project365

  12. I hate gloss painting!! We have a huge amount that needs freshening up, but I’m avoiding it right now! Love that last photo of Monkey, beautiful x

  13. Every time we paint the hall we debate painting the stairway white but never do it as the front door is dark wood too.
    I must say that yours is looking good white.
    How reassuring that Monkey did well at his extra help session.

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