Project 365 2017 Week 33

Project 365 2017 Week 33

Project 365 2017 Week 33 Day 225 – 231 It didn’t rain every day!

Sunday 13th August –  Day 225

Project 365 2017 Week 33

We headed down to Kent for the day.  We were meeting my Mum’s brother and sister for lunch and sandwiched that with two visits to Chartwell.  We walked around the gardens in the morning and visited the house in the afternoon. It’s well worth a visit.

Monday 14th August – Day 226

Project 365 2017 Week 33

We were visiting the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames for the day.  We got parked up, I went to take the first photo of the day – Card Error.  My heart sank, I hadn’t downloaded any of the Kent photos last night.

I used my iPhone when we were in Henley, the museum is definitely worth a visit and Monkey had lots of fun.

Back home, I bought a card reader, tried numerous software options and nothing worked.  All of yesterday’s photos lost.  The SD card is knackered.  I’m totally gutted.

Tuesday 15th August – Day 227

Project 365 2017 Week 33

Monkey and I drove up to Derbyshire to spend a few days with my best friend.  After lunch at her house we went for a walk in the sunshine.  She lives in a lovely part of the world.

After a lush meal at the Gelsmoor we put Monkey to bed and spent the evening catching up over a few drinks.

Wednesday 16th August – Day 228

Project 365 2017 Week 33

We’d been invited back to the National Forest Adventure Farm and we were really looking forward to it.  We’d had such a good experience last summer, we were worried it might not live up to our expectations this time around.  But it was fab, it took a team effort to crack the Pirate themed Maize Maze and we’d certainly earned our lunch by the time we got to the end.

Thursday 17th August – Day 229

Project 365 2017 Week 33

We spent a quiet morning with my best friend and dodged the showers to go for a walk along the old railway line before lunch.  The motorways behaved on the way home too to end the day off nicely.

Friday 18th August – Day 230

Project 365 2017 Week 33

Monkey helped me do some shopping in the morning and we collected a package from the sorting office.  The afternoon was spent with him having a meltdown over a Lego set he’d not built correctly.  Tears and shouting ensued.  Eventually he calmed down, gave me a hug and a kiss and all was well with the world again.  I took his Lego Bugatti apart and rebuilt it for him.

My friend L had mentioned going to an outdoor cinema performance of Back to the Future this evening with our boys.  We had been on weather watch all day, having experienced 4 seasons in a few hours.  We decided to risk it, the apps said no more rain. They lied and we got soaked from the waist down but the boys loved it and were determined to stick it through to the end.  We got home, peeled off our wet clothes and Monkey was asleep within 2 minutes of getting into bed.

Saturday 19th August – Day 231

Project 365 2017 Week 33

After a lazy start to the day we’ve spent the morning working on a stop animation film with the Stikbot Pirate Movie Set we’ve been sent to review.  Monkey loves it and I think it will keep him quiet for some time to come.  A perfect activity for two people who are rather worn out today!

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 33

  1. Looks like a good week and the summer holidays are going well. Love the pirate theme and the national forest trips sound good. Hope you are having better weather than here x

  2. Chartwell looks like a lovely place to visit.
    Oh no! That is awful about the card error. Such a shame to lost the photos. I’ve had it happen once after a day out and I was gutted.
    The outdoor cinema sounds like a lot of fun, even with the rain. Eek!
    Fab photos. It looks like you had a great week x

  3. Sorry to hear about losing the photos. What a nightmare! Your trip to Derbyshire looks lovely. Well done for sticking out the cinema in the rain. I’m not sure I would have coped.

  4. That sounds like an amazing week! I’m actually rather jealous of the outdoor cinema even with the rain. What a shame about the SD card! #365

  5. Glad the Lego Bugatti worked out and Derbyshire is just stunning, I used to love driving through Chatsworth so much and imagining Pride and Prejudice there 🙂

  6. how irritating to have lost all your photo’s, have you tried a recovery service? i’ve lost so many photo’s over the years. I use recuver, easy to download, only downside is, it will recover every single picture ever stored on the SD card

  7. some lovely photos of Monkey – he looks to be enjoying his week. he looks so grown up in his hat in your 3rd photo !
    I am so sorry about your camera card – that is so annoying !
    I expect the LEGO meltdown was partly due to tiredness aswell as him wanting it to be perfect, my two get like that. I love the outdoor cinema , what fun! x

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