Project 365 2017 Week 45

Project 365 2017 Week 45

Project 365 2017 Week 45 Day 309 – 315.

Sunday 5th November – Day 309

Project 365 2017 Week 45

We decided to have a quiet day at home which translated in the menfolk disappearing to the garage to play with the train set whilst I assembled our new pet Meccaspider for a forthcoming review.  Let’s just say that once he was built, Monkey was back indoors like a shot to try him out.  He’s rather awesome.

Monday 6th November – Day 310

Project 365 2017 Week 45

A little covert photography, as I grabbed a quick snap of my red hatted fish in the swimming pool during his swimming lesson.  At this point they were using the floats so they could concentrate on getting their breathing right.  I’ve suggested Monkey wear his goggles to make it all easier, but clearly they are still in his bag.  He did really well in his lesson and is now jumping in from 1.5m and swimming back under the rope with ease.

I was in school for the afternoon listening to some of the kids reading, it’s lovely to see how they’ve all improved and to get some book tips for Monkey.

After school he had Beavers and got to make S’Mores over a fire, we never had that much fun in Brownies!

Tuesday 7th November – Day 311

Project 365 2017 Week 45

A day catching up with blog work for me before we headed off for Parents Evening with Monkey’s teacher and the NQT who is in his class until Christmas.  He’s doing ok, need a bit of help with his Maths, which is strange as he’ll happily do maths homework over everything else.  We’re all encouraging him with his reading, an ongoing battle as you know.  The biggest issue is getting him to open up to his teacher.  Apparently he’s warmed to the NQT but not his teacher.  I’m not surprised really, but I’m really hoping the two of them can build a relationship otherwise I can see Monkey floundering in the months ahead.  We will watch and keep our fingers crossed.

Monkey decided to get Daddy P to show him some steam train videos on his phone while I sorted out dinner.  I think it was also a delaying tactic to stop Daddy from going back to work too quickly.

Wednesday 8th November – Day 312

Project 365 2017 Week 45

I headed into London for the day as Vision Express had invited me to try out their new Festive Frames.  It was perfectly timed as I’m due for an eye test and have been wanting to changes my frames for a while.  There were some lovely frames to choose from and in the end these are the ones I’ve gone for.  My near vision has changed slightly so hopefully my new varifocals lenses will help with that.  Picking them up from our local store soon.  I also had my make up done (after this shot!) which was a nice treat.

From there on the day didn’t quite go to plan.  I’d hoped to drop into Dream Toys before heading home on the train in time to pick Monkey up from school.  Time was getting a bit tight so I decided just to grab some lunch and catch the train instead.  Only problem – all the trains heading my way were cancelled due to a broken down freight train.  Cue a quick call to Daddy P for emergency school pick up, there was  no way I’d be home in time.  Finally I ended up on a train heading to Birmingham which was being diverted on to the Aylesbury line.  I had to get off at the first stop and head back on myself.  A fish and chips supper was in order by the time I got home.

Thursday 9th November – Day 313

Project 365 2017 Week 45

Just another manic Thursday.  Had to pick up my prints in town for college when I’d dropped monkey at school, then a drive to college for my photography class.  We’re doing more street photography work this term.  From there I headed off to see my eldest niece and my great-niece who is now 2 months old.  The birth sampler I’d made for her has finally been framed so it was time to give it to her and her Mum. From there it was back down the motorway to be back in time for school pick up.

Brewster had clearly had a much quieter day.

Friday 10th November – Day 314

Project 365 2017 Week 45

A sunny day but I was glued to the laptop trying to catch up with work before picking Monkey up from school for a mad dash into town.  I’d promised him we’d talk to our local framer about getting some steam train printed framed up for his bedroom, and a frame for his lovely giraffe print from Neesie Natters.  Then it was time for his dentist appointment, and a few jobs around town.  Booked his birthday bowling party and grabbed some Sea Bass (his choice!) for dinner.  And relax. But we did get to see this lovely sunset from the top of the multistory car park, so it made the dashing around worthwhile.

I only really use Facetime so Monkey can say goodnight to his Dad, but it’s coming into its own now my niece is in New Zealand.  We text anyway, but it’s been lovely to catch up face to face, this week neither of us was actually in bed at either end of the day – cracked it!

Saturday 11th November – Day 315

Project 365 2017 Week 45

We spent the day with my ex MIL and went out to Pizza Hut for lunch.  When did this one get to look so grown up? I’ll have an eight year old in less than a month now. Eek.

We got home to an Amazon delivery, part birthday or Christmas present for Monkey and a new camera lens for me – 24mm.  It’s not often I actually treat myself, but I figure Monkey will be getting more than enough treats over the next 6-7 weeks.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 45

  1. The Meccaspider looks interesting! I bet your boy had a lot of fun with it.
    Your new glasses look fab! It sounds like you had a nightmare journey home.
    It sounds like you have had a really busy week x

  2. Ooo I just love your new frames. I have seen so many people with silly glasses that don’t suit them. These suit you perfectly and are both fun and classy I think. Also that spider looks so fun!! #365

  3. What a busy week for you. The trains sound really stressful.
    Monkey really does look grown up! From that photo I could easily believe he was 9, not nearly 8! The meccaspider looks amazing! I think my 14yo would quite like that.

  4. A new lens is always exciting. I love my 20mm lens (although it’s really nearer 40 because of my camera). Hope the teacher relationship improves.

  5. I’m liking the new glasses. I’m thinking I made a mistake with my frames last year and I would like some new ones. The train journey sounds like a mare though.

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