Project 365 2017 Week 48

Project 365 2017 Week 48

Project 365 2017 Week 48 Day 330 – 336

Sunday 26th November – Day 330

Project 365 2017 Week 48

The menfolk disappeared to the NEC for the day to visit a model engineering exhibition leaving me at home to catch up with some blog posts and to do my photography homework in peace.  I’ve discovered that mounting boards make really useful backdrops and in a house with so space, my sofa makes an excellent working space.

Monday 27th November – Day 331

Project 365 2017 Week 48

More covert school swimming lesson photography!  Monkey finally wore his goggles and he had a brilliant lesson.  His kick is so strong, he was leaving the rest of his group behind, even when he started halfway down the pack.  I’m so proud of him but gutted the lessons will stop at the end of this term.

I was in class in the afternoon reading with some of the kids and had some exciting news to share with Monkey after school.  He was going to start his transition from Beavers to Cubs that evening.  I was met with an emphatic no I’m not going.  But thankfully by the time 6pm came round he was happier about the change to his routine, he’d get to stay up half an hour longer and Cubs get tuck shop treats! When I picked him up he was beaming, phew!  One Cubs uniform ordered ready for his investiture just after his birthday.

Tuesday 28th November – Day 332

Project 365 2017 Week 48

A full on day for me catching up with work and I can feel germs brewing.  Me and cold weather do not go together very well.  Monkey had received an Optimus Prime Transformers toy to review so he ended the day on a high.

Wednesday 29th November – Day 333

Project 365 2017 Week 48

It was rather ironic on a day when I really wasn’t feeling great, that I had my NHS Health Check.  This is my second check since hitting 40. My blood pressure was perfect, apparently I’ve put on 3kgs in 5 years (I never weigh myself) but I know that that is all on my butt and thighs!, and my BMI is fine.  2% chance of having a stroke or heart issues.  Then it was time for the blood test, a cholesterol check – I don’t like blood tests at the best of times.  But after a few failed attempts of getting any blood out of one arm, the nurse finally succeeded with the second arm.  So I now have matching bruises.

I’d cancelled a meet up with my niece and great-niece and headed home to the warmth and a pile of Christmas cards that needed writing.  Not feeling the joy right now.

Thursday 30th November – Day 334

Project 365 2017 Week 48

I’m afraid there might be quite of lot of me moaning about the weather over the next few months.  Minus 2 is not the way I like to start any day – brrr.  I headed off to college for a session where we talked through the various plant shots we’d taken for our homework and decided on which shots we’d enlarge for next weeks exhibition.

Came home and whacked the heating on.  After school it was time for Monkey to have his hair cut, quick dinner and then back into town for the Christmas Lights turn on. They aren’t the best but Monkey likes the countdown and we grabbed a few mince pies as we waited for the switch on.

Got home, went to get something out of the freezer in the garage and discovered that all the food had defrosted since Monday.  Bugger. It’s an old freezer we’d inherited from Daddy P’s father when he died but not what I need in the run up to Christmas.

Friday 1st December – Day 335

Project 365 2017 Week 48

Berry the Elf is back complete with new woolly jumper as it was so cold last night!  Cue one hyper excited child waking me up at 5am to tell me he could see Berry at the bottom of the stairs.  Go back to bed!  Can I get in with you Mummy?  yes, if you go to sleep.  6am wake up, Mummy can I see if Daddy’s home now and tell him Berry is here?  No, go back to sleep!  By 7am there was no holding him back.  Chocolate eaten, Berry hugged and the first door of his Lego Advent calendar opened.  He’s very impressed that it made a little steam train.

Daddy P had come home about 4am, looked at the freezer and discovered that it’s the electric socket that was the issue rather than the freezer.  Turns out the electrician hadn’t screwed it in properly when he’d fitted a new double socket for us last summer.  So it was an accident waiting to happen.  But it’s sorted, the freezer is ok, and I now need to restock it.  A trip I could do without at the moment so I’ve booked a home delivery order for tomorrow.

Saturday 2nd December – Day 336

Project 365 2017 Week 48

Don’t you just love school Christmas Fayre ‘must buys’??  This has a magnet on the back and is now on our fridge.  The light up nose is quite cute though.  Monkey did well in the tombola and we are now overloaded with chocolates and biscuits for Christmas.  He didn’t want to see Santa, so it was a bit of a flying visit.

We’ve been watching a programme about great bridges around the world and he’s now constructing his own version out of Lego.  Love him.

We’re off out for an after dark adventure later, which I’m hoping will be goof fun.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 48

  1. wow look at him go in the middle of that pool and it must be great that he’s agreed to move up to cubs with minimum fuss, that freezer incident must’ve been annoying, even more so when it’s not of your own doing

  2. WE don’t have a christmas fayre at our school anymore. There hasn’t been one since N was in nursery. Shame because I love them. N is sporting a similarly short hair cut!

  3. Wow there is a lot going on on that magnet!! Good value for money?! How great Monkey is doing “swimmingly!” and so sweet about the lego bridges. The comment about all on your but has certainly made me chuckle over breakfast #365

  4. The lego bridge sounds like a nice challenge.
    Great that his swimming is doing so well.
    Chuckled at the matching bruises, hope the results come back ok.
    Can you claim the contents of your freezer on your insurance?

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