Project 365 2017 Week 51

Project 365 2017 Week 51

Project 365 2017 Week 51 Day 351 – 357

Sunday 17th December – Day 351

Project 365 2017 Week 51

The day when nothing went to plan.  Daddy P and Monkey were meant to go Christmas shopping today, but it became clear first thing that the only place Daddy P would be going was his bed.  We didn’t see him all day.

The knock on to that was that the Christmas Tree and decorations couldn’t go up, as I can’t reach where they are stored.  One unhappy son.  Don’t worry, I can reach the Santa Express so we’ll set that up and place the tree stand over it when Daddy P is better.  The position for the tree has changed this year, as we’ve lost the fireplace and had new carpeting put down.  The new position isn’t big enough to fit the Santa Express.  Shoot me now.  Monkey kept trying to make it fit, but there was no chance.

In the end he came up with a solution, and we now have his Thomas Trackmaster set, all set up complete with Lego Father Christmas and Snowman , going round in carriages.

It was a day for reflection.  I received a text that I’d been dreading all week, telling me that my oldest friend’s father had died that morning.  We’ve been friends for over 40 years, and I have some very fond memories of her Dad.  I lit a candle and raised a glass, sleep well Alain.

Monday 18th December – Day 352

Project 365 2017 Week 51

It was Monkey’s last school swimming lesson in Year Three.  It’s such a shame they only get a term per year, and the last session was fun play. It was wonderful to watch Monkey swimming around, clearly confident, surrounded by his class mates.  He was there in the middle of the pool, with his best mate, having fun.  I hope their friendship will endure in the years to come.

I really needed to get jobs done at home but Daddy P was out of action and in need of peace and quiet, the hoovering and washing would have to wait.

After school Monkey had a party with Beavers, also his time to say his goodbyes before starting properly in Cubs in January.  Daddy P managed to get the tree and decorations down for me and I promised Monkey I’d have the tree up by the morning.  Brewster is ready for another year of battling the tree, he’s was ready to pounce before I’d even got the second layer if branches in place.

Tuesday 19th December – Day 353

Project 365 2017 Week 51

No sooner had Monkey woken up than he was downstairs hanging decorations on the tree.  They may be a bit of reorganisation when he’s in bed tonight!  He was so excited, with everything else that’s going on at the moment, I just want to savour these moments, the magic moments, pure joy.

Finally persuaded him to get dressed for school, and we headed off with some savoury snacks for his class party.  Time for me to have my pre-Christmas haircut, and I got back to find Daddy P in bed.  He would normally go in late Monday night/very early Tuesday.  He’d stirred when Monkey went to school and mentioned trying to go to work, I really wasn’t convinced that he’d still be at home when I got back, but he was.  Finally he’s listening to his body, fruit and veg will just have to cope without him.  He’s never ill, never takes time away from the business.  I’m now praying Monkey and I don’t catch this bug, what will it do to us mere mortals!!?

End of school until 2018! Let the fun begin.  It started with the annual visit from Santa on his sleigh.  We are right at the end of our particular route, it was 8.30pm before he reached us.  God job there’s no school tomorrow!

Wednesday 20th December – Day 354

Project 365 2017 Week 51

We spent the day with my ex MIL, catching up on each others news, exchanging presents and having fun with Lego.

I totally forgot to take any photos until after Monkey had gone to bed, bauble to the rescue.

Thursday 21st December – Day 355

Project 365 2017 Week 51

Brewster woke me up at 4.30am and I just couldn’t get back to sleep.  Going to be a long day. Thankfully we had no plans so we had a lazy start to the day.  Then it was time for some Christmas crafts, mince-pie making and baking, Christmas chocolates moulded and fun for santa hats.

Friday 22nd December – Day 356

Project 365 2017 Week 51

We spent a lovely day with my blogging friend Emma from Bubba Blue and Me and her son N.  There’s only a year between the boys and they hit it off when we went out for a day earlier in the year.  Monkey was very excited as N lives on a real life farm.  We drove over to the farm and then Emma drove us on to Charlecote Park, where we blew away the cobwebs for a few hours.

It was just what we both needed, and nice for Emma and I to have a catch up whilst the boys played together.

Saturday 23rd December – Day 357

Project 365 2017 Week 51

Mounting excitement levels here.  I was woken up this morning by this cheeky chappy telling me he’d got a plan, and had tidied up his bedroom.  Really?  Can you actually see the carpet?  Well Mummy, you could.  Come and see what I’m doing.  There he was, bedroom floor cleared and Santa Express track laid.  It’s a perfect fit as long as you don’t want to get to his wardrobe or drawers.  He’s very pleased with himself.  I’m left thinking I have zero chance of getting him to go to sleep on Christmas Eve unless there’s a power cut.  But you’re only 8 once right.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 51

  1. Oh no! What a rotten Sunday! So sorry about your friends dad…
    I hope Daddy P is feeling better now. It sounds like a great week of fun!
    Your boy sounds so excited. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas xxx

  2. It was lovely to catch up. Bit of a bummer of a week in places for you. Hope you have a great Christmas and will see you for the ballet in February.

  3. Hope Daddy P is feeling better and sorry to hear about your friend’s dad. How lovely to catch up with Emma. I love that picture of Monkey in his santa hat, and love that he got his own train track up!

  4. Oh dear poor Daddy hope he is feeling better by now. Great thinking on the train sets Monkey. Sounds like a nice way to blow away the cobwebs. Love how you have a relationship with your ex MIL mine cut me and the kids off when ex and I split despite my three being the only grandchildren she would have.
    Don’t think Minky will be easy to get to sleep either.

  5. so sorry to hear about your friends Dad, its not been a good year, an old friend contacted me on thursday to say her husband died last tuesday, i used to look after her kids for 2 years, so a bit of a shock to hear, even if it was such a long time ago. Did you know that man flu isn’t actually a thing? glad to hear Daddy P managed to get the tree down for you and that Monkey came up with a solution for the Santa express. Glad you has a nice catch up with Emma, glad the kids got on well also, that always helps

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