Project 365 2017 Week 52

Project 365 2017 Week 52

Project 365 2017 Week 52 Day 358 – 365

Sunday 24th December – Day 358

Project 365 2017 Week 52

Christmas Eve and the disorganised members of the family headed out to do their Christmas shopping, whilst I enjoyed some quiet time curled up on the sofa watching a couple of films.

Berry the Elf headed back to the North Pole and Monkey came home to discover he’d gone, but he’d left him a Christmas Eve box brimming with treats.

We left reindeer food in the garden and Monkey’s Christmas Eve plate on the kitchen table, completer with mince-pie and carrot.  Apparently Santa didn’t need a drink this year.  Monkey was the most excited I’d ever seen him about Christmas so it was gone 10.30pm before he was asleep.  A lie in tomorrow maybe?

Monday 25th December – Day 359

Project 365 2017 Week 52

Christmas Day, no lie but a normal wake up time so it could have been worse.  Monkey was so happy to get the one thing he’d wanted, his RC Excavator.  We Skyped Granny and Gramps in Spain so they could see him opening their present – John Deere overalls, a very happy boy indeed.

I staggered our three course Christmas dinner over a few hours and we watched lots of TV, built Lego and I chilled over a glass or two of prosecco, bliss all round.

Tuesday 26th December – Day 360

Project 365 2017 Week 52

Boxing Day.  We’d planned to go out for the day but it was obvious that Monkey was shattered, and a chilled out day at home was a much better idea.

I’d totally forgotten to take a photo all day, luckily Brewster is always available to save the day.  He was chilling out too.

Wednesday 27th December – Day 361

Project 365 2017 Week 52

The weather forecast was looking rather dire so Monkey and I stayed at home and Daddy P headed back to work.  Another chilled out day, Lego everywhere and a new fashion accessory.  Doesn’t everyone want to wear a bucket on their heads?

Friends popped in unexpectedly, which was lovely and Monkey got to show off his presents.

Thursday 28th December – Day 362

Project 365 2017 Week 52

An icy start to the day, as we headed out to meet friends for a few hours.  Thankfully we didn’t get the snow that others had, but as we drove up the motorway towards Packwood House, you could see it lying on the fields.  Luckily the roads were clear and we got to enjoy some much-needed crisp fresh air.  Monkey was in his element, needless to say, his waterproof trousers and coat went straight in the washing machine when we got home.  I think he’ll sleep well tonight.

Friday 29th December – Day 363

Project 365 2017 Week 52

Panto time and Monkey’s first proper panto experience as we went to see Jack and the Beanstalk at the Oxford Playhouse.  The story line was a little different but Monkey enjoyed it.  We had really good seats but an added bonus as the two seats in front of us were empty.  The only ones, so he had an unobstructed view, result.

From there we headed to Westgate for lunch and to see if I could grab a few bargains in the sales.  I’d been asked to review the shopping centre and had been sent some vouchers.  Found a few things I liked and i might pop back again next week when Monkey is back at school.

No visit to Oxford is ever complete without a visit to the Natural History Museum to check up on Gramps’s bugs.  It’s always top of Monkey’s list of things to do there.

Saturday 30th December – Day 364

Project 365 2017 Week 52

We spent time catching up with my oldest friend and her daughter at Winchester Science Centre.  He looks so grown up in this shot.  It’s a really tough time for my friend and I truly wish I had a magic wand right now, but hopefully a shoulder and an ear helped a little today.

Monkey had a great time and ran around like a loony, hopefully he’ll go straight to sleep tonight.

Sunday 31st December – Day 365

Project 365 2017 Week 52

An eight-day round-up to complete the year with New Years Eve, another completed year of Project 365!  I decided that as Daddy p is home today, we’d (meaning I) take the Christmas decorations down and bring some normality back to the house ahead of the new year.  I can’t reach where he stores all the boxes, so it just made sense.  Now to just figure out where all the birthday and Christmas presents are going to live!

I think we’re off out later to finally catch the lights at Waddesdon Manor before having a quiet night in with a bottle of fizz.  I’ve never liked NYE if I’m honest and with my friend’s Dad’s funeral to attend in a couple of days, I feel even more reflective than normal.  I’m thankful that my parents are both doing well, my 96-year-old Great Auntie is still full of laughter and that my brother-in-law is ok.  My niece is making me so proud, facing her fears and doing it anyway down in New Zealand and my other nieces and nephews are all following their own paths. My great-niece is just gorgeous and it’s lovely to see her growing up.  Then there’s Monkey, apple of my age, the smile that gets me through every day.  He is just the most awesome little boy, even when he insists on living life at full volume.  As for me, I’m just glad to have got through the year in one piece.  Not everything gets shared on the blog, and there have been some really stressful times behind the scenes, I’d be grateful for a few less of those!  But anyway, Project 365 2017 is done, tomorrow we begin Project 365 2018, hope you join me.

Project 365

8 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 52

  1. Aww how lovely. Sounds like your son had the best Christmas. What a great present and lovely way to include the grandparents. A fabulous week and have a wonderful new year x

  2. I love the idea of staggering 3 courses of Christmas dinner. I think we’ve done nothing but eat for about 10 days now. Hope 2018 is filled with lots of good times for you all x

  3. yep i’ll be there in 2018 and quite a lot of it in the UK so we’ll have to meet up for sure. we’re also spending New Year in, can’t be bothered with the crowds and the traffic this year. Sounds like a Christmas Eve in our house, hubby always leaves it till the last minute as if the date springs up unannounced. happy New Year to you all

  4. Bob and Minky tend to live life at full volume as well, never a quiet moment with them running and yelling. They would both like that top Monkey has on, Bob use to have a John Deere boiler suit a number of years ago.
    Glad you had a nice few days, we will be in bed before the bells as well. I have never been a drinker but use to enjoy New Year when you trailed from house to house catching up with people and having a great time, sadly those days are gone.
    Happy New year to you and yours and I will see you in 2018.

  5. Looks like you had a really good Christmas week. Needless to say, I loved reading that you’d been to a panto. I don’t think pantos ever have the traditional fairytale story lines – they always have their own twist! Loved reading about your family at the end. Happy new year to you all! x

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