Project 365 2017 Week 8

Project 365 2017 Week 8

Project 365 2017 Week 8 Day 50 – 56 from snowdrops to story time with a bit of Brewster and nature thrown in for good measure.

Sunday 19th February  – Day 50

Project 365 2017 Week 8

I’d spotted a post on the Country Kids linky yesterday about somewhere I’d been meaning to visit for ages.  We’d got nothing planned for today, so off we headed to Welford Park – the snowdrops were totally amazing.  We all really enjoyed the visit.

You can’t really see it in this photo but Monkey had a huge lump on his head between his eyebrows.  He had a fight with the kitchen table whilst trying to terrorise Brewster.  The table won, much to Brewster’s delight.

Monday 20th February – Day 51

Project 365 2017 Week 8

Back to school, grrr.  The only thing that made it easier was the weather.  It was glorious this morning, so once I’d walked Monkey to school, I picked up a parcel and walked down to the post office.  Way too nice to be stuck in the car and I’m trying to practice what I’m preaching to Mum, and making sure I go for a walk every day.

Monkey and his class were walking down into town to visit the local Library, I bet the teachers were pleased it was sunny.

Monkey had a meltdown before we’d even got home from school, you know the kind, where everyone is watching you thinking they are so glad that that isn’t their child.  Why?  We popped to the local shop to get something Daddy P wanted and I didn’t buy Monkey chocolate.  Yes, it’s official, I’m the cruelest mother ever.

After dinner there was a little chill out time for his grumpiness before he headed off to Beavers.  Don’t you just love going back to school week.

Tuesday 21st February – Day 52

Project 365 2017 Week 8A full on writing day for me whilst Monkey was at school.  Picked him up from school to an afternoon of meltdowns as shared over on my Facebook page. Let’s just say that day 2 of back to school has been ‘fun’. This photo was taken just before meltdown number 3 of the afternoon, when he started his handwriting handwork.

We got to Skype with Mum and Dad, she looks so much better than she did last week.  So thankful.

Wednesday 22nd February – Day 53

Project 365 2017 Week 8

It’s a hard life being a cat.  Brewster’s favourite sleeping pose, he spent most of the day like this.  I got a lot of jobs done and baked a Banana and Maple Syrup Loaf – it tasted good.

Thursday 24th February – Day 54

Project 365 2017 Week 8

Monkey had a school trip to The Story Museum in Oxford and I went along as a parent helper.  I was very relieved that we were going to be inside as it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale when we woke up.

The kids had a great day, and I was really impressed with the concept.  Walking through the wardrobe into Narnia thrilled me as much as it did the children.

We got back to school with lesson time remaining so I headed home for a quiet cuppa.  Went back to pick Monkey up and in such a short space of time he’d managed to fall over, cut his knee and hand open and put a rather large hole in his school trousers. Impressive.

Friday 25th February – Day 55

Project 365 2017 Week 8

Monkey came downstairs this morning, pulled out a notebook and pencil and started writing about yesterday’s trip. Gobsmacked Mother alert.

Back to college for me this morning, I missed the last class as I was going to Spain, and haven’t done the homework.  I think that maybe because Still Life work doesn’t really inspire me.  But today we talked about animal/wildlife photography and I was back in my happy place.  Our homework for next week is to get some shots of our pets and take some shots of birds.  I put my longer lens to work and went for a little walk around our estate before it was time to pick Monkey up from school.  I was so thrilled to get this shot, I love Robins.

Saturday 26th February – Day 56

Project 365 2017 Week 8

This morning Monkey shocked me by showing me more of his writing, he’s started writing about How to Train a Dinosaur, complete with pictures.  He even did his homework without any fuss.

After lunch my friend L picked us up and we headed over to the Green Dragon Eco Farm, which is on the way to Aylesbury.  The weather wasn’t the best but we still had a great time.  We got to see some baby goats and loads of piglets.  Monkey fed some animals, himself (wow!!).  Him and C had fun in the sandpit and soft play, we all enjoyed cake and a hot drink, but the big thing turned out to be the go karts.  Monkey has never been on a go-kart before. He’s always refused to try, but having his friend C there, spurred him on, and he was soon whizzing around, grin firmly fixed. It was so lovely to watch.

We were amongst the last to leave and we will definitely be back again for more adventures.

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 8

  1. Love the photo of Monkey on the go-karts. Sorry to hear about all the meltdowns, I hope he’s adjusted to be being back at school now. I love the photo of Brewster chilling out. Glad to hear your mum is getting better – what a relief for you!

  2. Oh the back to school meltdowns are hard. I only hope that week 2 is easier. Although I notice on the calendar this is a long term, so I’m expecting mine later in the term!
    I love the photo of Brewster. I saw it on your facebook page and it made me smile then!
    So glad your Mum is looking better. The joys of Skype, eh?!
    We haven’t been to the Eco Dragon Farm yet either although we have heard good reviews. one of the list for this year

  3. Glad the week ended better than it started. N loves go karts and the ones at Green Dragon farm are brilliant. We seem to be finding that the ones we see at the moment are the next size up and too big for him.

  4. oops to your son’s head, did the table survive? sorry to hear about his meltdowns, i remember the days well with my kids and their massive strops over something so minor we often couldn’t remember what they were stropping about in the first place

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