Project 365 2018 Week 10

Project 365 2018 Week 10

Project 365 2018 Week 10 Day 63 – 69

Sunday 4th March – Day 63

Project 365 2018 Week 10

We rang Mum to wish her a happy birthday and then headed out for the day to explore the Ashridge Estate for the first time.  It was the perfect way to blow away the cobwebs and somewhere I can see us visiting a lot in the future.  on the way home we made a quick stop at Pitstone Windmill.  It wasn’t open to look inside but you could still enjoy it from the outside.

Monday 5th March – Day 64

Project 365 2018 Week 10

The snow has gone and so has the wind thankfully.  I needed some shopping in town and was thrilled to see the car tell me it was 8 degrees.  Spring might actually be about to arrive.

A nothing much happened kind of day, just the normal things.  My son came home from Cubs with a little Mother’s Day creation, I think it was meant to be a basket of flowers.

Tuesday 6th March – Day 65

Project 365 2018 Week 10

A full on work day for me, catching up with a few things.  My son has had a wobbly tooth for months and last night I’d tried to pull it out for him without much luck.  He doesn’t fiddle with his teeth at all and was getting a bit upset about it.  His teacher was on tooth watch and it finally came out at school today, and he didn’t swallow it!  Result.

After school, we deposited said tooth safely at home and headed into town to get him a much-needed haircut.  we have a wonderful independent bookshop that we both enjoy exploring.  We ordered him a book about Pompeii and somehow I got hoodwinked into buying a signed copy of a train book.

I thought the tooth saga was over until my son announced that he’d hidden the tooth and the tooth fairy couldn’t have it.

Wednesday 7th March – Day 66

Project 365 2018 Week 10

My son woke up to a note from the tooth fairy, but he still seemed quite happy to keep the tooth and not have the money, I told him he’d need to write a proper letter to her explaining how he felt, which he did,  But by bedtime I think he’d realised that £1 might be more useful than a tooth in the long-term, so he finally said goodbye!

I woke up with a stinking headache which wasn’t clearing, so I ditched the housework, donned my walking boots and headed off to Stowe.  The sun was out and at times I actually felt quite warm.  I walked and walked, found the Queen’s Temple, which I’m not sure I’ve actually seen before, even after all these years.  I also got to walk around a lake that I wasn’t entirely sure was open to the public, but it looks as if a mown path has now been put in place so I thought I’d give it a try.  Glad I did, and somewhere to add to my route with my son next time we visit together.

The headache hadn’t really cleared but I did feel better for getting outdoors for a few hours.

Thursday 8th March – Day 67

Project 365 2018 Week 10

So it appears the headache is more likely to be a migraine, something I’ve never experienced before.  Apparently another peri menopausal joy.  I probably shouldn’t have gone to college this morning, but I’d not done my homework and some of us got to class early to help each other out.  Not much sunk in.

Got home and a delivery arrived which I hoped would keep my son quiet after school and give me some peace!  We’s been sent the new Paddington 2 on DVD and after dinner we got comfy on the sofa to watch it for the first time.

I had an early night, went upstairs and it appeared that Brewster had already taken ownership of his side of the bed.

Friday 9th March – Day 68

Project 365 2018 Week 10

Thankfully I started to feel more human today and caught up with a few jobs I’d had to leave earlier in the week.  After school my son and I nipped into town to pick up a book on Pompeii I’d ordered for him on Tuesday.  Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, he is actually reading!

I’d arranged to go out with my friend L for the evening and she won a £50 voucher to spend at Farmshop in Bicester Village, so we headed there for dinner.  The food was really very good and we both enjoyed some grown up time.

Saturday 10th March – Day 69

Project 365 2018 Week 10

Not the best start to the day thanks to Brewster.  He’d woken me up at 12.30am to let him out and then the OH must have let him in before he went to work, as I got woken up again at 4.30am to let him out again – grrr.

After our weekly routine of croissants in bed my son and I got up and put together a Monster t-shirt making kit we’d been sent for review.  He’s really happy with his design, and I’m just hoping the t-shirt will still fit him when the weather improves.  Fingers crossed.

The afternoon will be spent catching up on steam train programmes I’ve recorded apparently.  A nice quiet day at home.

Project 365

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A Mum with a 13 year old son, enjoying life and having fun as my son travels through school life. We love to get outdoors whenever possible and make the most of the world around us. We have a cat called Brewster who makes appearances and I’m a mad Ferrari Formula 1 fan, so that expect to hear about as each season unfolds. We love reviewing days out, toys, games and books and would love the opportunity to look at anything that fits in with our family lifestyle. We are always out and about and offering an insight on the places we visit, with a passion for nature thrown in for good measure. If you like what you read please leave me a comment, I love to hear from people, and always try to reply. Enjoy the read.

22 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 10

  1. Oh my days the tooth saga had me in stitches!! Too too funny. The monster t shirt looks great and what a fun thing to make. #365

  2. wow steam train programmes…..that is living the high life……
    Quite right to get out and try and blew the cob webs away.
    Cats….worse than kids……

  3. Aww the fact he didn’t want to let his tooth go did make me smile! That shirt looks pretty cool. We saw Paddington 2 at the cinema and the girls loved it.

  4. Beautiful wind mill, you don’t see many of them these days. The tooth fairy left with nothing made me smile. Eddie also studies ancient Rome this term, and we’ll be going to Bath with his class later this month to visit the Roman baths. The book on Pompeii sounds good.

  5. I love the monster T-shirt! Sorry to hear about the migraine, glad you are feeling better now. I’ve never heard of a child wanting to hold on to their teeth. My kids are intrigued to know where they actually are, but they’ve never found them!

  6. That did make me laugh about his tooth hiding efforts. He’s looking so grown up in that last photo – great t shirt. I’m impressed he’s reading about Pompeii – geography or history themed?

  7. Ugh! Our local supermarket has those escalators & I ate them easpecially coming down when the trolley brakes don’t work!
    Ahh! My youngest won’t fiddle with her teeth to get them out. We had a ton of drama and her refusing to eat because she had a loose tooth. She loves to loose the teeth and get the money but getting there is a headache!

  8. Sounds like he might start making a tooth collection :). Zak gets all worried when the tooth fairy doesn’t visit. We’ve told him how busy she is and how she sometimes forgets. Ahem.

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