Project 365 2018 Week 13

Project 365 2018 Week 13

Project 365 2018 Week 13 Day 84 – 90

Sunday 25th March – Day 84

Project 365 2018 Week 13

After enjoying breakfast at Chicheley Hall, we went for a final walk around the grounds, said our good byes to the resident peacocks and checked out.  The sun looked as if it was going to come out so we decided to head to Castle Ashby Gardens for a few hours.  It was well worth the detour, lovely gardens, and a little menagerie including meerkats.  It had something for all of us.

Brewster was pleased to see us when we get home, lots of cuddles.  Then a good old-fashioned roast dinner to end the weekend.

Monday 26th March – Day 85

Project 365 2018 Week 13

The clocks going forward has thrown both of us and neither of us were looking forward to getting up this morning.  I opted out of helping in class this afternoon as I was shattered and had a list of jobs I needed to tackle ahead of the Easter holidays.

It was the end of term Badge Ceremony at Cubs and they were fundraising for a local Hedgehog Sanctuary who’d visited them during the term.  They’d set up a cafe for us and had made us hedgehog shaped cookies and truffles for us to buy.  One proud son.  Followed by a couple of proud mummy moments as he picked up two badges for Cubs and was presented with his Chief Scout’s Bronze Award and Moving On badges from his time with Beavers.  So not only did he have to walk out in front of all the parents once, but twice.  He did it all with a smile.

Tuesday 27th March – Day 86

Project 365 2018 Week 13

It’s my best friend’s birthday today so my son and I sent her a video message and then had a quick Facetime chat before school.  He does love his Auntie A bless him.

I headed off to my friend’s to have my hair cut and coloured before getting on with some more work.

Eye test time for my son after school, just a routine check up and all was fine.

Wednesday 28th March – Day 87

Project 365 2018 Week 13 Thurs

The last day of term and my son’s class were having a games afternoon as a reward for working really hard this term.  They were allowed to take snacks and a favourite game in, and my son chose one of his Top Trumps sets.

It was hammering down all morning and I’d been sent a few vouchers for Warrens Bakery who were opening in town today.  I’d promised the OH one for lunch so I dashed into town, joined the long queue and came home with a couple of pasties and some cakes.  Delicious.

Thankfully the rain had stopped by pick up time and one very excited son came running out of class and I captured this reflection in a puddle on the walk back.  Within half an hour of getting home the heavens had well and truly opened and hail stones rained down.  Joy.

Thursday 29th March – Day 88

Project 365 2018 Week 13

Inset Day and of course sods law prevailed.  The child that I’ve had to shake awake at 7.30am every school day for weeks, was the same child who came to wake me up just after 6am today.  Joy!  Thankfully I convinced him that it was way too early to get up and he fell asleep with me for a bit.  He was extra happy when he got to talk to his cousin in New Zealand as a surprise Facetime chat.

We’ve got lots of going out days ahead so we decided to have a quiet day at home.  The wooden train tracks have overtaken the entire upstairs (thanks C for prompting that idea!) and we had some fun with some Mardles stickers we’d been sent.  The animals come alive with a free app and we’ll be out tomorrow hiding a few we’ve stuck to rocks.

It’s been a lovely chilled out day, much-needed all round.

Friday 30th March – Day 89

Project 365 2018 Week 13

Good Friday and we’d been challenged by Subway to spend a day out without spending a penny on my son.  we accepted the challenge and started the day with a walk in the woods with a bit of rock hunting, stick carrying and generally getting muddy.

We then headed to the local park and my son asked to go on the zip wire.  This has never happened before.  It was wonderful to watch his face as he finally realised how much fun it is.  He went back and forth for ages.

A walk into town, and lunch at Subway (his meal was free) and a walk along the local 5k walk saw us popping into to see his Auntie and Uncle before we headed home, just ahead of the rain.  A great day outdoors.

Saturday 31st March – Day 90

Project 365 2018 Week 13

We spent the day with my friend L and her son C.  The boys get on really well and they left us for dist most of the time.  We really thought we would get soaked today and dressed for the worst weather.  We were so lucky and didn’t get wet at all, except for my son who decided to lie down in the wet grass.

We started the day at Boarstall Duck Decoy, a National Trust property close to home but one that none of us had ever been to.  The boys were happy to take part in the Easter Egg hunt and L and I got to catch up.  It was very muddy, but we all enjoyed it and it was quieter than other properties which was nice.  They don’t have a cafe there so we decided to drive over to Claydon House, have lunch and spend some time introducing the boys to the grounds.  Can thoroughly recommend the cafe, the volunteers in the house were full of interesting facts and the boys got to try playing Chess for the first time.  I tried to remember the basic moves, really needed my brother to hand! The gardens are privately owned and there’s an extra charge, so we left that and headed out to look at the church and walk down to the lakes.

It was a lovely day, spent we great friends and I think we’ll all sleep well tonight.

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 13

  1. Big well done to Monkey for getting more badges! What an amazing greenhouse with the pond in the first picture. Your new hair looks lovely. Beautiful reflection in the puddle. Happy Easter to you all!

  2. I just love how many heritage sites you visit! I can’t wait till mine are a bit older to not have to nap and be able to spend whole days exploring. Monkey looks so happy with his new badges and cakes. Well done that boy! #365

  3. Sounds like a pretty positive week. How did you find Claydon? It wasn’t our cup of tea. Do you actually cater for children in the cafe now? They didn’t do anything for kids when we went a few years ago – it wasn’t great back then.

    1. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s somewhere to do with somewhere else I think but the cafe was very good and catered well for children I thought. The boys both loved watching the artists working in the stables. We probably got more out of it going with friends than alone.

  4. It took me most of the week to get used to the clocks – surprising the difference an hour makes. Well done on the zip wire – I don’t think I’d get H on one.

  5. Sounds like a lovely week and some great achievements for Monkey, you must be really happy with his progress, shame though about the early morning wake up call on the inset day

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