Project 365 2018 Week 19

Project 365 2018 Week 19

Project 365 2018 Week 19 Days 126 – 132

Sunday 6th May – Day 126

Project 365 2018 Week 19

We headed off to Dudley to spend a day at the Black Country Living Museum.  We’ve been wanting to go for ages but perhaps going on a warm Bank Holiday weekend wasn’t my best idea as it was really busy.  Once we’d queued to get in we decided to grab an early lunch before exploring what the site had to offer.

The queues to go down the mineshaft were really long so we decided to give that a miss.  But there was still lots to enjoy and the Lace Guild were exhibiting.  My Dad’s mum used to make lace and I got to have a go myself for the first time.  It was fascinating and I might have to look into a beginner’s guide and starter kit at some point.

We hadn’t realised that the Museum was right next door to the Dudley Canal Trust.  So we maximised our time and joined one of their canal tunnel trips.  It was fascinating and we all really enjoyed the experience.

Monday 7th May – Day 127

Project 365 2018 Week 19

We headed off to the Ashridge Estate as I’d heard the Dockey Wood had a wonderful display of bluebells and we wanted to see how different it looked from the last time we were there in the snow.  National Trust members get to walk around the bluebells for free and although the car park was packed, you didn’t feel as if people were crammed together.  The scent was amazing, it was definitely worth the drive.

We walked around a bit of the wider estate before heading home again to enjoy the sunshine in the garden.  What a beautiful weekend.

Tuesday 8th May – Day 128

Project 365 Week 19

Back to school for my son and a catch up day for me.  Blog work and getting things sorted for our trip to Portugal in a couple of weeks. I barely had time for lunch before it was school pick up again.  I did take a moment to admire the clematis in the back garden which is starting to flower.

Wednesday 9th May – Day 129

Project 365 Week 19

One of those days that went in a blur but I’m not sure what I actually achieved.  I’d had a bad night with my son and his growing pains and we were both shattered.  An early night was needed but yet again he was still awake at 9pm.  Clearly he wasn’t quite as shattered as his mother!

Thursday 10th May – Day 130

Project 365 Week 19

I dropped my son and his friend at school and headed off to college for a few hours.  Everyone is finalising their work for the exhibition.  Gutted that I will be away when the family viewing afternoon is being organised but everyone else could make that date only so, I’ll have to arrange my own gathering.

Home for a quick lunch before I was back into school as a parent helper for the 5k sponsored walk that the kids in year 3 and 4 were doing in the afternoon.  Everyone did really well and thankfully it wasn’t too hot or wet.

The school lunch catering company were in after school so that the parents could try a couple of options on the menu.  I tried the chickpea and sweet potato tagine with couscous – it was lovely, but my son wouldn’t try it.

We headed off to the framers to pick up the frames and mounts for my exhibition work and I ordered my enlargements and the photobook to accompany my work.  Another thing off this month’s to do list.

I think Brewster and my son are conspiring against me.  One or the other seem to be taking ownership of my bed at the moment.  Tonight it was Brewster.

Friday 1th May – Day 131

Project 365 Week 19

I had a deadline on a draft post to complete this morning which I needed to crack on with.  Once that was done and sent off for approval I headed over to The Milkshed to catch up with my NCT group for lunch.  I managed to secure the last table and carried on working on my iPad while I waited for the others to arrive.

We got the list through for stuff my son needs for Cub Camp next week and timings for drop off and pick up.  I might only just have told him that he’s actually staying for two nights.  It will either go swimmingly well or will be a complete disaster and he’ll hate me forever.  I emailed the Cub leader to tell him that he’s feeling rather anxious about the whole thing and might not want me to leave.  Help will certainly be needed.  He’s seen it all before so he’s prepared.  This evening I’ve asked Daddy P to come with us for drop off, hopefully it will make it easier all round. Time will tell.

Saturday 12th May – Day 132

Project 365 2018 Week 19

We needed to buy a few bits for Cub Camp and I decided the best way to do it would be to go together.  He has stopped telling me that he isn’t going to go and this morning after breakfast we headed down to our local Millets and he picked out his sleeping mat, a new torch (I did laugh when he picked a red one) and he asked to try the mat with the second-hand sleeping bag I bought him a while ago.  Looking at that face maybe next weekend won’t be a total disaster.  I feeling sick thinking about it already and have zero plans for the weekend for myself in case it all goes wrong.

It’s my SIL’s 70th birthday party later and I was feeling totally uninspired by the dresses I’ve got in my wardrobe.  I’ve put on weight around my hips so the ones I like are just too tight in that area.  When we were looking for something else my son saw a blue dress in a shop – Mummy you’ve got to wear that!  It wasn’t a bad price, it fits me up top and down below (nothing ever does both well) and I’ve earned a few pennies recently.  With a Christening next month too, it will work for both.

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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 19

  1. Well done spotting the dress Monkey.
    I feel your pain with your son and I am hoping it goes ok. DD1 never made plans when it was Bob and she has had to pick him up before now from a camp.
    Glad you are getting some items ticked off your list. I just feel at the moment life is whizzing by. We walk dog after 6, time we are out for usually 2 hrs, get home and get tea it is about bed time.

  2. How amazing that he found a dress for you! Love the photo of him in the bluebells. Fingers crossed for the Cub camp! I feel your pain as we had a really tough time dropping my daughter at Scout camp last year. I literally had to peel her off me and she only stayed one night rather than two, but then a couple of months later she went on camp for a whole week with no problems at all!

  3. The sea of bluebells is amazing. Years ago my neighbours took me by car to one of the local woods to see the bluebells, I remember the scent was wonderful. How lovely that Monkey has spotted the right dress for you. Sorry, he’s not sleeping well because of the growing pains.

  4. It looks like you had some great days out at the beginning of the weeks…
    The school lunches sound very fancy. I don’t think my youngest would have tried the chickpea and sweet potato tagine with couscous either.
    Good luck with cub camp….I hope it goes OK x

  5. That blue dress is lovely. Which shoes did you go for? I bet Monkey has a grand time at Cubs as they will be kept so busy. I love the blue bell woods photo. Must find some near me. We have a few where I work but not fields of the stuff.

  6. gorgeous dress and black and white shoes. Why is it always easier to help someone else than to make up ones own mind lol. Hope Monkey does enjoy his cub camp, have you thought of him having a sleep over in the lounge one night before he goes? You’ll be leaving the UK as I arrive, but fear not you don’t escape me that easily, I’m around till august 30th

  7. Ooh exciting with all the cub camp planning. N loves to camp out, but I’ve never really thought how he’d get on without me. I’m sure he’d forget all about me pretty quickly. My brother used to go to cub camp at the one Monkey’s going to as well.

    If Mr P hadn’t been dropping off too, I’d have suggested popping in for a coffee as we’re only 10 mins away, in case you got called back

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