Project 365 2018 Week 21

Project 365 2018 Week 21

Project 365 2018 Week 21 Days 140 – 146

Sunday 20th May – Day 140

Project 365 Week 21 Sun

I spent most of the day wishing away the hours to be honest.  I could not wait to pick up my son from Cub Camp.  He’d had a great time, had forgotten to put sun cream of his ears, and was clearly shattered.  If you’ve read my post earlier this week, you will know just how proud I am of him.

Of course he was grumpy when we got home, and nothing I could do would persuade him he was actually tired.  But it was good to have him home, and to know that he’d made such a massive step forward.

Monday 21st May – Day 141

Project 365 Week 21

The duvet thief came back in the early hours.  He’d come home from Cub Camp with a croaky voice and needed a bit of TLC.  He was dead to the world when I woke up and I just knew he was going to struggle at school.

I warned his teacher that he might be a little overtired but by the end of the day he came bounding out of school with his usual energy levels intact.

Tuesday 22nd May – Day 142

Project 365 Week 21

I got treated to a magic show before breakfast, although he still hasn’t quite grasped the idea that he shouldn’t explain to his audience how he’s actually tricked us.

It was a lovely sunny day, and after dinner we decided to go for a walk around our estate.  Of course it wasn’t long before he found a stick!

Wednesday 23rd May – Day 143

Project 365 2018 Week 21

I’ve been struggling with a head cold all week and have been feeling pretty rubbish,  so spent time not running around like a lunatic for a change.  I tried our a neck massager I’d been sent for review and read a book.  I really wanted to go to sleep but I’d had a text about a delivery that was due between 8.30-12 and my OH was asleep.  Grrr, of course it didn’t arrive until 2.15 so I could have gone to bed after all.

After school we were catching up with the Spanish Grand Prix.  I never seem to be around to watch any of them live or the highlights on the right day, these days.  My son decided it was the perfect time to start his own race. I think the Ferrari may have done better in his race than it did in Barcelona.

Thursday 24th May – Day 144

Project 365 2018 Week 21

We woke up to rain.  Is summer over before it’s even begun.  I had to dig out my boots and socks for the school walk, and even a warm coat!

I headed into college with my work for the photography exhibition which starts in South Street, Churchill Hospital, Oxford this Saturday for the next month.  I left early, to come home and crash for a few hours.  This cold needs to do one now, I’m shattered.

Friday 25th May – Day 145

Project 365 2018 Week 21

The last day of term, and it may be raining and cold, but we’re still glad it’s here.

This morning my son’s best friend came round before school as normal, but with these lovely flowers for me, to say thank you for having him each morning.  I might have cried.  It’s lovely to be able to help his Mum out and to see the two boys together each morning.

Dentist for my son after school.

Saturday 26th May – Day 146

Project 365 2018 Week 21

We’d had a long-standing date in the diary with my oldest friend who is also my son’s godmother.  We normally meet up somewhere between us but my son had asked earlier in the week if he could show her around Stowe, his favourite place. What we didn’t know until we arrived is that it was Stowe School’s Speech Day and the gardens would be out-of-bounds.  But actually it worked to our favour as we walked the circular 4 mile Park Walk instead, a first for all of us.  The weather was much better than we’d expected too, it was lovely to visit a favourite place but see it from a totally different view-point.  We’ve now found some more walks to try out in the future.


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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 21

  1. Ahh! Well done your boy it sounds like he had a great time at cub camp. You have every reason to be proud.
    I hope you are over your cold now.
    I am hoping the sun comes back next week for half term…

  2. No wonder he was shattered, I remember how much they use to pack into our school holidays to keep us our of trouble. How lovely he had a great time. And how absolutely lovely of the school friend with the flowers.

  3. love the flowers such a thoughful gift. Glad M had a great time on cub camp, the teacher must think you’re mad, if he came bounding out of school like that. Love the photo of the rain, took me a while to work out you weren’t stood in a muddy puddle and that it is your reflection

  4. So pleased hear that Cub camp went well. What a relief for you! He did well to only forget to put suncream on his ears. My two ‘forgot’ to put any suncream on at all for a whole week on Scout camp last year! Luckily they came back tanned rather than burnt, but they were still in my bad books!
    Hope your cold has cleared up now.

  5. How wonderful to have your work displayed at the exhibition, what a great achievement. Aww @ explaining magic tricks, that is so sweet. Lovely to know that the Cubs camp went well, even if ears were left without sun cream.

  6. I never really thought about Stowe having the gardens shut for the school. I guess most private schools only have a long weekend off from the Saturday rather than a full week, so makes sense.

  7. Every cloud as they say…..nice to see bits you don’t normally and how lovely of him to want to show somebody else his favourite place to enjoy themselves.
    Quite right to be proud of him, he has come on masses, and I think it must be nice for you to read back your blog and appreciate what a great job you are doing as a mum.
    Bummer about the parcel.

  8. Lovely flowers to show appreciation for the support you give their family. Typical delivery waiting around! #project365

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