Project 365 2018 Week 24

Project 365 2018 Week 24

Project 365 2018 Week 24 Days 161 – 167

Sunday 10th June – Day 161

Project 365 2018 Week 24

I had big plans for today.  It was Open Farm Sunday, and I’d made a list of farms we could visit with lots going on, but my son wasn’t interested.  Times maybe a changing!

So instead we had a day in the garden, sorting things out and  he got one of his many radio controlled toys out to play with.  Later in the day his Dad got his miniature steam lorry out and got it working for the first time since before my son was born.  Even I agreed it was rather cool.

Monday 11th June – Day 162

Project 365 2018 Week 24

Morning cuddles before breakfast.  Brewster may not have been as pleased with this idea as my son was.  The smile had certainly disappeared by the time I mentioned spellings and school reading book. We walked to school with his best friend and then I headed off to the shops to restock after our holiday.  We’ve been running on empty since we got back.

I spent the day going through my email inbox and getting some blog work done before taking a look at the online courses I need to complete for the part-time job – blimey, more involved than I’d thought, and definitely something to be tackled when I’m more awake.

Tuesday 12th June – Day 163

Project 365 2018 Week 24

The day I discovered that me and online courses are not a match made in heaven.  I needed to complete 4 courses today for the part-time bank staff job I should be doing soon.  3 were fine, but I had problems with the 3rd and most important one.  Couldn’t understand why I was getting some of the answers wrong so asked a friend.  Went to change my answers in the evening, hit the wrong button and resubmitted the wrong ones rather than amending.  No further attempts available.  I may well have sworn and shed a few tears of frustration, before helping myself to a very large gin and tonic. Buggeration.

In other news, my son had come home from Cubs last night with a rather large badge celebrating his Cub Camp, I couldn’t figure out where I was meant to sew it.  A few more friends asked, got to love Facebook, and it was agreed I could sew it on one of the arms of his sweatshirt.  I needed a bit of a distraction.

Wednesday 13th June – Day 164

Project 365 2018 Week 24

A double dose of Brewster this week. Today is his 6th birthday, so my son insisted they pose together after breakfast this morning.  Hard to believe this fur bundle has been with us for nearly 6 years!

I’d had to email the company about my course cock-up, and they were resetting things so I can retake it.  I’ve got to go in to see them tomorrow morning so they can help me survive it!

Another email about the house I own, another couple of hundred pounds I’m going to need to magic from thin air.  The last week has been a total disaster, extremely costly and very stressful.  Any benefit I’d felt from the holiday has been ruined.

But we ended the day with some good news, my niece rang to say that her and her boyfriend both passed their degrees with a 2:1 and are looking forward to staying on to complete their Masters.  Very proud of her.

Thursday 14th June – Day 165

Project 365 2018 Week 24

Clearly it’s the week of the pjs shot!  This one sporting a pj top that’s been put on back to front, the night before.  But there is actually more to this shot.  As I was getting ready in my room, my son came in and asked if he could get breakfast ready as he wanted to get on with his times tables.

There are two amazing things about this request.  Firstly, it’s the first time ever that he’s offered to make breakfast.  Secondly, he never wants to do his times tables.  So this is the sight that welcomed me once I’d finished getting dressed.  I’ll take that as a win to start the day off.

I sorted out the course I’d been struggling with and passed with 100%.  Apparently 3 other people had had issues in the past week as the format had changed, so at least I don’t feel so stupid now.  Uniform provided and I start on Monday.  Let’s see how it goes.

Had a lovely time after school with my son, just cuddled up on the sofa chilling.  I need to treasure those moments.

Friday 15th June – Day 166

Thank god it’s Friday!  It’s been one of those weeks and I am so ready for the weekend.  The sun is back today and my passion flowers are just starting to bloom in earnest.  Time to crack on with blog work as my blog time will be seriously restricted from next week.

My son’s school has had a Maths Week this week and we were invited into their classes this afternoon to see what they’ve been doing.

A bottle of wine was very much required to end the week.

Saturday 16th June – Day 167

Project 365 2018 Week 24

We decided to have a quiet day at home chilling out.  We’d been sent a set of four travel games to review, one being Monopoly.  It’s my favourite board game, but one I’ve never been able to persuade my son to play.  Today that’s changed and he’s currently thrashing me.  Beginners luck!

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 24

  1. Happy 6th birthday to Brewster! He looks gorgeous, as always. What a pain about the online course and the wrong answers being submitted. Glad you managed to solve the problem. What did Monkey have to do to get a Horrible Histories badge? (read the books?)

  2. Hope the new job start goes well, is it in town? Damn those boys messing up our days out plans. I want to take N to the steam rally next weekend but he’s not having any of it. I might be manhandling him to go at this rate!

  3. Oh my days what a rollercoaster with your new job and the online tests. I am so glad it came out right in the end and wish you lots of luck for Monday

  4. It sounds like a busy week for you. The online course sounds very frustrating. Good luck with the new job.
    Happy birthday to Brewster! Ahh! I love playing Monopoly but hate playing with my girls. They cheat! lol x

  5. Tuesday was a trying day for all lol. Love how you didn’t celebrate Brewsters birthday other than extra treats and a chorus of happy birthday lol

  6. Good luck with the new job. Hope it is more straight forward than the training courses.

  7. Aww Happy Birthday to Brewster!!

    Gosh does sound like a bit of a stressful week but glad that it seems things got sorted by the end!

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