Project 365 2018 Week 25

Project 365 2018 Week 25

Project 365 2018 Week 25 Days 168 – 174

Sunday 17th June – Day 168

Project 365 2018 Week 25

Fathers Day.  Our plans changed as some review tickets didn’t arrive in time for us to use them today.  Luckily I had a plan B and we made use of the Tesco vouchers I’d bought and headed off to Ironbridge for the day and started our visit at the Blists Hill Victorian Town. We’d been about 10 years ago before my son was born and enjoyed it, but it was so much better still with an eight year old in tow.  He loved it, we changed some money into ‘Victorian money’ so he could spend it in the shops and we all enjoyed ourselves.  My son loves watching engineering programmes and some had been set there, so he was full of it as we walked round.

We were going to stop to see the Iron Bridge itself, but as we drove past it was all covered up and is clearly being renovated. So we made a family decision to drive on and see the Museum of Iron and Enginuity instead.  You get a 12 month pass to visit 10 different museums and the one parking ticket covers you for parking across most of the various sites.

We drove home via Bridgnorth and made a quick stop at the Severn Valley Railway to watch the last steam service of the day, before driving on to Kidderminster for a Pizza Hut dinner.  Then home.  We were all shattered but had had a good day out.

Monday 18th June – Day 169

Project 365 2018 Week 25

First day in the new job and I was awake at just gone 5am.  This week I’m working a 30 minute drive from home, so was feeling the anxiety of being totally out of my comfort zone, worry about the job and parking.  But everyone was lovely, I didn’t cut a finger off and the time went so fast.  I was shattered by the time I’d driven home.  Quick cuppa, prep for dinner and then it was time to pick my son up from school.

My son’s teacher stopped me at drop off time to show us both a book she’d picked up at the weekend to encourage my son to read.  It’s an Usbourne book about trains, and one we don’t actually have.  She’s asked him to read it as his school reading book and then go back into class and tell her a few things about the trains.  If this works, I’ll be giving her a load of his books and asking her to send them back home as school reading books!

My son went on a hike this evening with Cubs.  The difference in him since Cub Camp is lovely to see.  No more battles to get him to go each week.  It makes all the anguish worthwhile.

Tuesday 19th June – Day 170

Project 365 2018 Week 25

Day two of the new job and my hip is protesting somewhat.  I’m guessing it’s because I’m standing up for three hours solid but time will tell.

Someone certainly isn’t impressed that his servant isn’t at home more often to open and close the patio door for him.  He darted straight in as soon as I got home.

Apparently my son and his class are having assessment tests at the moment.  He seems quite happy about them so that’s encouraging.

Wednesday 20th June – Day 171

Project 365 2018 Week 25

One of those days spent rushing around.  Had a nightmare with a washing machine delivery for the house I rent out, which thankfully got resolved whilst I was driving to work.  The last few weeks with that house have certainly given me a few more grey hairs and taken a week or two off my life I think.

Had lots of jobs to do in town once I’d finished work and it was a real dash to try and get it all done before I had to be home before school pick up.  Just about did it.

This little boy wanted a cuddle on the bed with Brewster before bedtime.

Thursday 21st June – Day 172

Project 365 2018 Week 25

Woke up to the news that a Mum who’d once been at our school has died, leaving behind her husband and three children.  She was an US Air Force wife and her oldest son was in the same class as mine for a year before they headed back to the US.  She was always so full of life, it’s just tragic.

The house of doom dramas continue as it now appears that there is an issue with the newly delivered machine.  You could not make this up.  I really would like to find somewhere to just scream right now.

In other news, we finally remembered to plant some sunflower seeds my son had been given at school.  We thought we’d go for a decent quantity to try and ensure that the snails don’t eat them all!

Friday 22nd June – Day 173

Project 365 2018 Week 25

Lovely sunny day, but I miss most of it now when I’m working.  I survived my first week.  Fairly knackered, not had a chance to have lunch all week but trying really hard to drink water.  A challenge for me at the best of times.  Apparently the team gave good feedback which was really nice to hear.

My son and I are both rather glad it’s the end of the week.  It seems that Brewster has to have daily cuddles and be every shot I take of my son at the moment.

Saturday 23rd June – Day 174

Project 365 2018 Week 25

My son and I spent the day at the Classic & Sports Car Show in association with Flywheel.  It’s an annual event for us, which we enjoy as it features old racing cars as well as aeroplanes.  It’s hosted on the Bicester Heritage site which is close to home.  We normally attend on the Sunday with Daddy P, but we have a family Christening tomorrow, so my son and I attended alone.

The weather was kind and we had lots of fun, although we didn’t get to see Derek Bell when he wasn’t in the Porsche he was driving.  My son and I were both looking forward to the Battle of Britain flyover with the Lancaster bomber, Hurricane and Spitfire fighter planes.  It all nearly ended in disaster when I’d accidentally nudged my shutter speed down.  Thankfully I realised in time to catch a few shots at the end of their fly past which weren’t totally blurred.

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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 25

  1. The Victorian Town sounds like a lot of fun!
    Congrats on the new job! It sounds like the first day went well.
    Ahh! My youngest is a reluctant reader unless it’s something she is really interested in which is understandable. Who wants to read something when they have no interest.
    It sounds like your boy is doing great at cubs. Look at all those badges!

  2. Blists Hill is a good day out. We haven’t been for a couple of years so should go again. Glad the job seems to be going well.

  3. Well done on surviving your first week of work! It can’t have been easy after so long out of the workplace. It sounds like you really made the most of Father’s Day and had a lovely day out. So pleased to hear your son is enjoying Cubs now. So sad to hear about the lady who died.

  4. So sorry to hear about the school mum, that is so sad. I hope you settle into the new routine soon and are sleeping a lot better. Great idea about the train book, fingers crossed 🙂

  5. I love watching engineering programmes also. when child 4 was in year 4 he was struggling with his reading and maths, he had a fab teacher who had him reading the sports papers rather than the prescribed books. Glad F has a teacher who identifies his interests

  6. Sounds like a lovely day out for Fathers day.
    Oh a working woman now, guess I must have missed the run up to this in my month off, congrats and hope all goes well.
    Great how he is coming out of himself so much more, Bob loves the camps as well.

  7. I’d love to visit a Victorian town, sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Hope your new job is going smoothly. Brewster must be suffering in this heat. Sorry to hear about the death of one of the Mums from the school, so sad.
    Hope the washing machine saga is resolved this week. Is Monkey not interested in reading? This is the only thing that Eddie does willingly, he loves reading. But ask him to do maths or music, and he’s sulking.

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