Project 365 2018 Week 26

Project 365 2018 Week 26

Project 365 2018 Week 26 Days 175 – 181

Sunday 24th June – Day 175

Project 365 2018 Week 26

A glorious day for my great-niece’s Christening.  The service was held in the church at Broughton Castle, with a reception in Banbury afterwards.  The vicar was brilliant and my nine month old great-niece did really well, only protesting at the dunking stage!

The service coincided with the England-Tunisia match in the World Cup, and there were a few happy football fans by the end of the game, at the party.

Monday 25th June – Day 176

Project 365 2018 Week 26

It was still really hot when we walked to Cubs at 6pm this evening.  I’m really hoping this weather doesn’t fizzle out before the summer holidays begin.

Tuesday 26th June – Day 177

Project 365 2018 Week 26

A scorching hot day for Sports Day.  I wasn’t working today and headed to school for 12 o’clock to have a picnic lunch with my son before KS2 had their events in the afternoon.  What a difference in my son.  No tears this year, just lots of smiles and two first places.  He loved every minute of it, so different from previous times.

Ice creams were definitely in order at the end of the day.  He was really happy as his Dad came to see him race for the first time too.

It was so hot tonight, 9.30pm and my son was still awake.  When he finally did fall asleep, I found him lying across the bed!

Wednesday 27th June – Day 178

Project 365 2018 Week 26

A cloudy morning and 10 degrees cooler than first thing yesterday – brrrr.  A bit of morning reading at breakfast time with the book his teacher has lent him.  The biggest thing about this is he has now suggested one of his own books to read when he finishes this one.  That’s a first, and it’s a proper adult book on trains too.  Let’s see if he still feels the same at the end of the week.

We had a chilly walk to school before I headed off to work.  By the time I came out the sunshine was back and it was scorching again.  The school was selling ice pops at the end of the day, that went down well with my son.

We’d had Sky out whilst I was at work.  We’ve had issues with the picture all month, and were told it was cheaper to move to SkyQ then to just have an engineer out to look at the old box.  He’s moved our dish to the highest point on the house, as we are convinced the issue was a signal issue when the trees are blowing in the wind.  He was meant to have set up the second box in the bedroom, and left it running an update.  When I tested it out before my son went to bed, the sound isn’t right at all. it sounds like the audio is on fast forward. Back to Daddy P to get that sorted out.  Why is nothing simple??  We didn’t need a flipping upgrade in the first place.

Thursday 28th June – Day 179

Project 365 2018 Week 26

Another scorcher.  My son was having his best friend over for a play date after school and I’d promised to get the pool set up for them.  I managed to get it up and filled before I headed to work.  When I got back I’d heard a tip about putting black bin liners on top of the water to heat the water up so thought I’d try.  I think my son’s expression tells you that that idea didn’t really work!

The boys had lots of fun, mainly tipping buckets of water over their heads and dive bombing each other in the pool.  I think we might have got our own back on our neighbours with the noise levels, but it was lovely to see the boys having a good time.

Friday 29th June – Day 180

Project 365 2018 Week 26

Camo Day at school as the children celebrated Armed Forces Day.  We have an Army and US Airforce bases close by so there are lots of military families at school from both sides of the pond.  The children can dress up in camo style clothing.  My son’s best friend turned up here first thing with camouflage paint on his face (AKA Mum’s makeup) and for the first time ever, my son asked if he could have his face painted too.  Apparently he had more added at school later.  Amazing.

Sorted out the Sky issue – turned it all off and on again!!

As I approach the full-blown menopause my periods are getting more hideous by the month.  I’ve never had such heavy periods, even a super plus hasn’t done the trick today for more than an hour and half, which has been tricky at times.

My son came out of school with a huge grin, telling me he’d got something to show me when we got home.  He got an Achiever of the Week award for his Sports Day achievements.  He was so chuffed.

Saturday 30th June – Day 181

Project 365 2018 Week 26

We headed over to the Churchill Hospital for 10am to pick up my photographs from the exhibition I’ve been part of for the last month.  Thankfully the traffic was kind to us and we didn’t get caught in any traffic jams.  Headed back on the country roads which were full of cyclists, making for an interesting drive home.

After lunch, I press ganged my son into getting his project homework done as we won’t have time before it needs handing in on Wednesday.  The whole year has to make a Gruffalo themed diorama.  My son wanted to use real things from the woods for his, so we headed off to our local woods to collect twigs, sticks, fallen pine cones and a few hazelnuts.  How on earth has it taken until year three for us to invest in a glue gun I will never know.  Job done and now to spend some tome relaxing in the garden.

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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 26

  1. Ooh I love a glue gun. N discovered mine in a drawer today! Well done Monkey on the achievement certificate and sports day.

    Hadn’t realised you were at Broughton for the christening. I’ve been meaning to visit one Sunday for ages, so might head there tomorrow.

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely Sunday.
    I hope the weather sticks around for the holidays too….Fingers crossed!
    I am so glad your son had a good sports day. Well done with the certificate!
    It sounds like the boys had fun in the paddling pool. x

  3. Nice to see him coming out of himself and how lovely he won some of his races. Great incentive to keep doing well when he gets rewards like the certificate.
    I would happily have sat in a paddling pool of ice cubes this week!!! .

  4. Big well don to M for getting his certificate, that’s a great achievement! Loving your paddling pool, it looks super cool. I’m not a fan of the heat, it makes me weak and dizzy, and I’m hoping the heat will go down this week. Sorry to hear about your horrid periods. That’s one thing I’m happy to have done and dusted.

  5. such amazing weather last week, you’ve certainly made the most of being outdoors. Love the Gruffalo hunt and think it’s great he’s chosen the next book he wants to read. You must be so pleased he took part in sports day, the 2 wins must’ve really made him happy also

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