Project 365 2018 Week 27

Project 365 2018 Week 27

Project 365 2018 Week 27 Days 182 – 188, the week leading up to the Grand Prix.

Sunday 1st July – Day 182

Project 365 2018 Week 27

What a gorgeous day.  We headed over to the Cotswolds for the day, and started at Hidcote, a National Trust property we haven’t been to before.  It was stunning and definitely somewhere we will be visiting more often from now on.

From there we headed over to Cotswold Lavender for our first walk through a lavender field – it was just lovely there.

We decided to pop into Snowshill Manor for afternoon tea and a nearly steam railway to see the last train of the day, before heading into Cheltenham for some pizza.  A full day out.

Monday 2nd July – Day 183

Project 365 week 27

Another scorcher and poor Brewster has been searching out some shade in the garden underneath the shrubs.

My son had to talk at Cubs about the work he’d done for his Animal Carer badge, apparently he spoke very quietly indeed, but at least he did it.

Tuesday 3rd July – Day 184

Project 365 week 27

The day that didn’t quite go to plan.

My son was going straight to his best friend’s house after school for a few hours, so I’d planned to get some things done in town after work, before heading home and spending a few hours on the laptop catching up with blog work.  But, since the last Windows update I’ve had a nightmare using Chrome and it now takes about 10 attempts to get into every single website I want to visit, every time.  The computer people that my OH uses spent the afternoon looking at the issue remotely.  Nearly three hours later, they are still none the wiser and I had to spend the afternoon watching Wimbledon rather than getting anything constructive done.

Wednesday 4th July – Day 185

Project 365 2018 Week 27

It’s weird the things you remember isn’t it.  It’s 25 years ago today that my ex and I looked around the house that would end up being the first house we owned in Banbury.  It was a Sunday and a scorching hot day too.

My son had a major nosebleed at school, apparently there was blood everywhere.  I think he’s teacher was a little shocked when I wasn’t that sympathetic, right up until I told her it was almost certainly caused by finger foraging – a habit I wish he’d grow out of!

After school was all about train track construction.  This child shows no sign of giving up his wooden railway any time soon, and actually I’m rather happy about that.  He shows no inclination to use electronic devices and the longer I can hold that element of childhood at bay the happier I will be.

Thursday 5th July – Day 186

Project 365 2018 Week 27

I’ve got the rest of the week off.  First thing this morning my son took part in a string instrument performance with the rest of the Year Three children, showing us what they’ve learned this year.  He’s been playing the violin, but it’s only ever come home once so I’d no idea what his progress has been like.  I was really impressed with all of the children, they played 12 different scores and they didn’t sound bad at all.  I was gutted that I was sat on the wrong side of the hall to get a decent picture of him but it was lovely to just be there.

Then home to get my hair cut and coloured, before getting some work done, and preparations for the next few days.

My son came home with his class photo for the year.  I think I like having them almost more than his personal photo.  Seeing how all the children in his class have grown up since Nursery and Reception classes, is rather lovely.  I need to remember to make a note of all the names really, as I’m sure in 30 years time neither my son or I will remember them all.

I went to bed and found a note in my bed that my son had written, telling me he loved me and to have a good time at the Grand Prix – love him!

Friday 6th July – Day 187

Project 365 2018 Week 27

Practice day at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix with my brother and nephew, who’s just finished school.  What a scorcher of a day.  We got to see most of the drivers, but as ever, Lewis Hamilton was nowhere to be seen.

The sparks flew in free practice and we tried not to get fried by the sun, something which is rather unusual for a Grand Prix weekend for us.

Shattered and an early night called for.

Saturday 7th July – Day 188

Project 365 2018 Week 27

Qualifying day at Silverstone and another scorcher.  We settled on Luffield to watch quali, Hamilton pipped my boys in red to pole, but hopefully it will be an interesting race tomorrow.

We watched the England v Sweden World Cup match on a big screen at the circuit – 2-0, well that was a nice surprise, even better that the roads were so clear coming home.

It will be another early night for me I think.

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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 27

  1. It sounds like you had a fab day out on Sunday….
    Good on your boy for speaking at Cubs. You are right. It might of been quietly but he did it.
    How frustrating about trying to get blog work done. Windows updates cause so many problems.
    Ahh! The longer they stay playing with proper toys the better!! I wish my girls wouldn’t bother with electronic devices!
    Ahh! We have the class photo been taken next week. I will have to buy it as it’s my youngest girl’s last one in primary school.
    Wow! Fab photos from Silverstone! x

  2. It sounds like a good week for you, apart from the computer problems – how frustrating! Is it sorted now? You had a really packed day last Sunday. I don’t know how you fit so much in!

  3. Looks like a busy week and well done to your boy on speaking at cubs (and hope the nose bleeding doesn’t happen again!). I’d love to go to an actual Grand Prix, just once. I’ve been to the race tracks but never seen cars in action!

  4. how do you watch both a car race and a football match at the same time?
    Well done on talking at cubs for a little boy who struggled to go that is great.
    Annoying on the computer front, hate it when they do updates that messes everything up.
    Our dog spent a lot of time in the garden moving from hot to shaded and back

  5. I’m loving the football right now, didn’t watch the grand prix, didn’t know it was on, too obsessed with the footie. i wanted to visit the lavender fields, but without a car it was impossible

  6. I would love to visit the lavender fields. How nice to find such a sweet note from your son 🙂

  7. Hidcote is a beautiful property. I must go back there soon. Hope you have sorted out your computer issues now.

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