Project 365 2018 Week 28

Project 365 2018 Week 28

Project 365 2018 Week 28 Days 189 – 195

Sunday 8th July – Day 189

Project 365 2018 Week 28

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the sun shone down on us all day.  We had blue skies for the Red Arrows for the first time in years and were rewarded with a great race.  I was particularly happy with the result, a win and third place for Ferrari.  I’m not sure Hamilton showed himself in his best light when he walked off before the parc ferme interviews took place before the podium presentations.

Got home to a text from my parents in Spain telling me that we’d been on the Channel 4 pre-race show with Max Verstappen.  That’s the third time we’ve made it on to the telly over the last few years!

A lovely weekend, but boy am I knackered, the weather has really taken its toll on my this weekend.

Monday 9th July – Day 190

Project 365 2018 Week 28

My son had an inset day and we had planned to spend the day at Whipsnade Zoo but I was shattered and my son was happy to stay closer to home.  So we headed off to our happy place, Stowe, to spend a few hours enjoying the scenery and getting some fresh air.

With the wonders of modern technology we got to watch my niece and her boyfriend graduate from the University of Birmingham in the afternoon as the ceremony was live streamed on their website.  It meant that Mum and Dad could also feel involved over in Spain.

Tuesday 10th July – Day 191

Project 365 2018 Week 28

Back to reality, school and work.  My son spent breakfast telling me all about his steam train adventures from Sunday.

He had his transition morning at school and I learned all about it at the end of the day.  His current teacher had a chat with us both as she knows my son doesn’t deal brilliantly with change.

He’ll have a male teacher for the first time, but he’ll be with his best friend in a mixed year 4/5 class.  I thought he was ok with it all until we were back home and he got quieter and quieter and grosser and grosser.  The duvet thief was back in bed with me overnight.  I don’t know the teacher at all, and I really have no idea how it will all pan out, he’s not keen on the TA either which isn’t great as he needs that bit of extra support at times.  I’m hoping he’ll surprise me in a good way come September, time will tell.

Wednesday 11th July – Day 192

Project 365 2018 Week 28

I woke up to a text asking me to go into work early to help cover someone who was sick, so I dashed off once I’d dropped my son at school.

Brewster really isn’t a fan of this weather, we’ve hardly seen him over the last few weeks.  He comes in for water and food and then disappears under the shrubbery for the rest of the day and night. This morning he appeared covered in those sticky bud things you find in the hedgerows.  He really wasn’t impressed with my efforts to remove them all before they matted his fur.

The World Cup semi finals and my son disappeared to bed, he doesn’t take after my side of the family at all when it comes to football.  We lost, the better team won, but what a journey.

Thursday 12th July – Day 193

Project 365 2018 Week 28

It started out cloudy but ended up as another scorcher.  We’re both shattered and on countdown until the 25th and the last day of term.  I needed to catch up on some blog work, was just too shattered.  I’d even forgotten to take any photos until I headed off to bed and watched this young man sleeping.  He still looks so small when he’s asleep.

We found a scooter on the way home from school, it had been clearly dumped in the middle of a hedge.  Took it home and posted in a number of Facebook groups to try and reunite it with its owner.  The police aren’t interested as it’s not named etc.

Friday 13th July – Day 194

Project 365 2018 Week 28

The end of the week thankfully.  I was asked to go into work early as we were two people down.  Arrived and had to open up, didn’t know where the light switches even were to start with!  It all turned out all right in the end but by the time I left my back was really protesting, and an A34 traffic jam didn’t help the situation.

Reports day at school, some lovely comments from his teacher and head teacher, but we still have a mountain to climb on the tick boxes that are our education system.

Yes we really do need to replace our garden furniture but that’s not the highlight of this shot.  It’s the raindrops on the table and patio, the first rain we’ve seen in ages.  It lasted long enough for me to get rather wet grabbing the washing that was on the line, but not long enough to help the garden.

Saturday 14th July – Day 195

Project 365 2018 Week 28

My back is still sore, but not as bad as yesterday thankfully.  I’m going into Oxford with friends later to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of my NCT group.  My son was happy to spend some quiet time at home before his Dad picks him up later so we had some fun with some rather cool spinning tops we’ve been sent for review.  They digitally record and store the number of revolutions on each turn.  Not that we are competitive at all!

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 28

  1. Hope the move to the new class goes well in the end. It looks like you had a fantastic time at Silverstone and how lovely to be able to see your niece graduate online. We had rain too yesterday, actually quite a lot of it, but still a fraction of what the gardens need – and Severn Trent needs!

  2. It sounds like you had a great time at the Grand Prix….
    How wonderful you got to see your niece graduate! Technology is amazing!
    Oh no! I hope the teachers are OK next year and most importantly your boy is OK with them….It is such a worry.
    Oh wow! Rain! We haven’t had any yet….We’re forcaste some next week.

  3. That’s so nice that graduation ceremonies are streamed now. At ours you were only allowed 2 people (I only had one, so my other ticket went to a friend who had more than 2 people wanting to come).

    Our garden table is similar but smaller and in an even worse state. It needs sanding again and painting but it rained last time I’d sanded it not giving me time to paint. Ooh, maybe I need to get the sander out!

    Hopefully Year 4 goes ok with the move up. At least he’s with his best friend which must be a relief.

  4. Zak will have a male teacher for the first time too and I’m wondering how he’ll cope. The teacher seems lovely so here’s hoping. Congratulations to your niece. It’s so nice that they stream it now for others to watch!

  5. Had to laugh at the fact that you have the same garden furniture as me. Or at least as I did have as only the table remains. All the chairs collapsed one by one including one that went when a builder sat on it! We have had next to no rain too and when we have had an odd bit it hasn’t been enough to benefit the garden.

  6. I usually make the TV at the golf, last year, my friend took a picture of me on his TV in the UK from Abu Dhabi and posted it online in realtime, that was weird….lol. My cousin live streamed her wedding in Vegas in 2002, it was jumpy, but my mum and dad could join us from their sofa. Did you find the owner of the scooter? How long till the summer holidays so you can give your back a rest? Answers on twitter please

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