Project 365 2018 Week 3

Project 365 2018 Week 3

Project 365 2018 Week 3

Sunday 14th January – Day 14

Project 365 2018 Week 3

We had a quiet time at home, catching up with jobs.  Our sorting office seems to be open on Sunday’s now which is handy, as I’d missed a parcel yesterday.

We were out for dinner down in Didcot at tea time, and the look on Monkey’s face when his pudding arrived just makes me chuckle.  Heaven.

Monday 15th January – Day 15

Project 365 2018 Week 3


My view when I woke up this morning was of my son.  Neither of us had slept well, I couldn’t get to sleep, then just as I’d turned my light off at 2am, Monkey woke up from a nightmare.  He got in with me and was soon fast asleep thankfully.

I dropped Monkey off at school and got some shopping done in town.  To say the heavens opened would be an understatement.  No way I was going to avoid getting wet.

Then headed into school in the afternoon when thankfully the rain had stopped.  I was there to watch the children try to erupt the volcanoes they’d made in class.  It didn’t quite go to plan but the kids enjoyed themselves whatever the result.  Then it was back to listening to them reading.

After school I’d decided we’d had dinner earlier than normal so we could ease into Cubs preparation.  I’d been dreading what Monkey would be like all day.  He was going to surprise me again, obviously and got changed without any real issues and only had a very tiny wobble before we got to the hall.  We’d discussed badges he could work towards at home before we went and he got to talk our idea over with Akela.  He went to flag with no problems and I left shortly afterwards.  Of course I spent the next 90 minutes wondering what he’d be like at pick up time.  I needn’t have worried, they been making Lego style cars and he’d had a ball from the sounds of things. Phew!

Tuesday 16th January – Day 16

Project 365 2018 Week 3

Another week and another times tables to learn – this week it’s 7.  Tricky at the best of times so more ‘fun’ ideas to try and help it sink in, this time over breakfast.

I got on with some work whilst Monkey was at school.  I’m enjoying not feeling so rushed at the moment and it’s giving me the time to sort some admin out I’ve been putting off for ages.

When I went to pick Monkey up from school his teacher asked if she could have a word.  I think someone has stolen my son! Apparently he’d asked her if he could do some additional maths work at lunchtime, so she’d given him a special book to work in.  He’d done really well with his sums too.  He even did a bit more when we got home.  I hope it lasts.

Wednesday 17th January – Day 17

Project 365 2018 Week 3

Freezing cold morning as we walked to school.  Once I was back home I started to tackle the bedrooms and bring a bit of order to the chaos that seems to have taken over our house.  I hung the train poster up in Monkey’s bedroom that he’d had for Christmas from a review and finally got round to framing an enlargement I’d taken from my photography course of him for my bedroom.

I received a photo canvas for review that comes with a DIY frame, which was surprisingly easy to put together and hung that up in the lounge as well.

My son seems to think that the living room is his own personal space and it really does look like a bombsite.  I’d like him to go through his toys and pick some to give away, but I have a feeling I’m going to need to take ownership of that task when he’s at school one day.

Thursday 18th January – Day 18

Project 365 2018 Week 3

The calm after the storm.  Blimey was it windy last night!  Brewster wanted to go out at 2am and it was blowing a gale then, by 4.30am these trees looked as if they were going to topple over, I’ve never heard wind like it.  I got up and called out for Brewster to come back in, bless him he was clearly scared too.  How Monkey slept through it all I do not know.

By the time we walked to school it was all much calmer thankfully.  I then headed off to college for the start of the new term.  We’re back to portraits, black and white and different lighting this term.  Here’s hoping I can persuade Monkey to help me with my homework at the weekend.

Friday 19th January – Day 19

Project 365 2018 Week 3 Oxford Castle

Dropped Monkey off at school and headed into Oxford on the train with friends for a bit of retail therapy and lunch.  I normally get the park and ride bus into the city so it was nice to discover a park along the river I’d not explored before.  I really don’t know my way around the city at all. Bought myself some new boots and a skirt before heading back home.

Picked a very grumpy Monkey up from school to bring me right back down to earth with a bump!

Saturday 20th January – Day 20

Project 365 2018 Week 3

A very wet and dull day.  So much for us getting outside for a long walk.

Back to college for me means weekend homework projects.  We’re looking at portraits and different lighting at the moment and needed to work on shots in the style of one of two photographers.  All the shots needed to be taken using natural light, what joy on as day like today! I opted for Jane Bown, with a less than cooperative model.  If nothing else, this shot does make me laugh.

Project 365

28 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 3

  1. Just look at Monkey’s excited face at the sight of a dessert, bless him. Fab news that he is happy with the Cubs now, and also asked for more maths. Don’t think it would ever happen in our case.
    I’m afraid, our sitting and dining rooms are both Eddie’s play area, and the toys are taking over everywhere.

  2. Hehe I am loving how big Monkey’s eyes are in all the photos! Great news about him being happy at scouts too. It must me it all a lot easier. #365

  3. love that last picture. Great he has shown an interest in maths, maybe it just clicked and he know feels more confident.
    Bob is the same hates to part with anything even things like an empty sweet packet.
    It has been cold this week.

  4. You’ve captured some great Monkey expressions this week. I’m glad Cubs went so much better and lovely to hear about the extra maths. We’ve still got a lot of sorting out to do here too. My husband has been decorating my daughter’s room and we’ve got a lot of her old stuff to get rid of.

  5. Aww love his expression when getting the pudding! He looks as excited as I get! The wind has been a nightmare hasn’t it. I need to go through the girls toys too and sort them out!

  6. Well done Monkey on the extra maths, knowing how much the children dislike their tables! He pulls the most brilliant expressions, and good on him for helping mum with her homework x

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