Project 365 2018 Week 30

Project 365 2018 Week 30

Project 365 2018 Week 30 Days 203 – 209

Sunday 22nd July – Day 203

Project 365 2018 Week 30

We’d been invited to review the Manor Restaurant at Waddesdon Manor, so popped over mid morning, and my son had a run around before lunch.  Afterwards we headed off behind the Stables complex to an area that seems fairly well undiscovered and has become my son’s favourite place to play.

Monday 23rd July – Day 204

Project 365 2018 Week 30

I’m working locally for the next three days until the end of term which is really nice.  Home in five minutes is a novelty after the last six weeks.

It was the last Cubs meeting of the school year and it was badge ceremony time – more sewing for me, but the smile says it all.

Tuesday 24th July – Day 205

Project 365 2018 Week 30

A couple of children are leaving my son’s class tomorrow so his teacher decided they’d have a teddy bears picnic to send them on their way.  My son was so happy that he could take Biff into school.  He also showed his best friend all the badges I’d sewn on his Cubs jumper last night, before school.

Another really hot day, yesterday it registered 42 degrees in my back garden, today was relatively cold at 32!

Wednesday 25th July – Day 206

Project 365 2018 Week 30

The last day of term, the end of Year Three and time to say goodbye to Miss B.  My son walked to school with his best friend and I chatted with his Mum along the way.  It’s so hard to believe that they are going to be in Year Four in September!

My son was full of smiles at the end of the day, he’s so ready for the summer holidays.

A few glasses of Pimms were in order once he’d finally gone to sleep.

Thursday 26th July – Day 207

Project 365 2018 Week 30

The first day of the school holidays and we’d arranged to spend it with our friends L and C.  Someone was eager to be picked up!  We headed off to Cutteslowe Park for the day.  We got there before 10am and the car park was already filling up.  It’s somewhere we don’t visit often enough and it was our first visit since the splash park opened.

We’d expected the boys to spend most of their time getting wet, or digging for gold in the sand pit, but they were really happy just running around, using their towels as props!

We had a picnic and just generally chilled out.  It was actually a lovely way to spend the day.

We even had a few spots of rain in the evening but not enough to do anyone any good.

Friday 27th July – Day 208

Project 365 2018 Week 30

Shattered is the best way to describe how we’re feeling today.  My son couldn’t get to sleep last night and was still awake at midnight.  There were tears, numerous bed hops and I’m not sure what time he finally crashed out in my bed.  I then woke up with cramp in my calf – ouch!

When we woke up this morning it was clear that neither of us were up to doing much, so I scrubbed the plans I had and we had a quiet day at home.  My son got out some of his books for us to look through and we watched some of his Thunderbirds DVD’s (the original series).

We had a bit more rain this afternoon and it’s definitely a bit cooler but still really muggy.  Really cloudy though so no chance of capturing the blood moon tonight.

Saturday 28th July – Day 209

Project 365 2018 Week 30

Thankfully we had a better night’s sleep last night.  For the first time in weeks we can barely see any blue in the sky, just lots of grey clouds.  It’s very windy and my garden thermometer is measuring below 20 degrees, which we haven’t seen for a couple of months.

We decided to have a home day again today as we’re out all day tomorrow and with rain threatened I had the perfect activity to keep my son amused.  We’d been sent a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Labo set for review and we soon set to work building a motorbike so he could pretend to drive one using his Nintendo Switch.  The expression on his face says it all!  Speed demon in the making, even if his hand eye coordination needs a bit of work!

Project 365

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14 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 30

  1. Well done to him on the Cubs badges! It must have been so nice to work close to home this week. The heat has a lot to answer for! My daughter slept on my floor last night after being unable to sleep until 12.30. It’s definitely cooler today though.

  2. Oh wow! Look at all those badges. Well done your boy!
    What a lovely end to the school year. The teddy bears picnic sounds like fun!
    My teen has been on about the Nintendo Switch thing. It’s on her Christmas list. Eek x

  3. Well done, Monkey, on getting all those badges! Sounds like a great end of the year, meeting up with friends and exploring new places. I’m so pleased with today’s cooler weather, I even put on a light cardigan when we had to go out today, as it was rather fresh.
    Year 4, gulp! How did our boys grow up so fast?!

  4. It was so windy here too. A lot of the cooking apples have fallen unfortunately. I must remember to take N to Cutteslowe Park. We’ve never been – so just need warm weather again to do the splash park.

  5. lovely start to the school holidays, shame about the 2nd day and lack of sleep. F has had so many changes during year 3, you must be so proud of him and I’m looking forward to seeing you both in August

  6. Think we all have had much needed rain, and thankfully been cooler,
    Great running photo and the gate is a good way to watch him grow
    Great collection of sewing for you, nice to see him working through his badges.

  7. I have 4 badges to sew on to Matt’s jumper! We didn’t get much sleep while we were on holiday because the bed was uncomfortable but now we’re home and it is too hot. Hope you all get a good rest so you can enjoy the summer #project365

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