Project 365 2018 Week 36

Project 365 2018 Week 36

Project 365 2018 Week 36 Days 245 – 251

Sunday 2nd September – Day 245

Project 365 2018 Week 36

We got up early and headed down to the coast for the Bournemouth Air Festival.  We knew we wouldn’t get to see the Red Arrows as they weren’t flying on the Sunday, but we were hoping for a good day nonetheless.  We made use of the Park and Ride in Boscombe for £10 and were soon on the beachfront.  I’d stupidly left one of our camping chairs in my car, so the OH and my son headed off in search of an extra chair, one happy boy now has a red chair.

We set up camp on the beach between Boscombe and Bournemouth Piers and had a lovely day.  The sun shone, the displays were wonderful and we’ll definitely make an effort to go again next year.

The journey home was a long slog but we got there in the end.

Monday 3rd September – Day 246

Project 365 2018 Week 36

The glare, I’m getting a lot of those lately!

We were both shattered after a long day yesterday and I was thankful I’d got the day booked off work.  We’ve had a very lazy day, but it was much-needed, as we’ve got another long day out tomorrow.

Tuesday 4th September – Day 247

Project 365 2018 Week 36

We met me oldest friend and her daughter to enjoy a day out at Legoland Windsor thanks to 365 Tickets.  I was a bit concerned when I saw signs saying it was full at 8.40am but as our friends were travelling there directly from Wiltshire, we had no choice but to get there and see what happened.  Thankfully we all got in ok and a visit to Miniland was top of my son’s wish list.

We had a lovely day, and the queues weren’t really as bad as I thought they might be.  My phone battery is knackered so when my battery charger also died I was without a phone for the day.  My friend’s phone also ran out of juice so when we lost each other at the end of the day we had no way to say good-bye until we both got home.

To add to the drama I thought I’d lost my favourite ring during our visit, but it turned out I’d not put it on in the morning – I am going mad!

Wednesday 5th September – Day 248

Project 365 2018 Week 36

It had been a long day yesterday and we were both shattered, I was glad I’d booked the day off work as I was having my hair done in the morning.  When I got home it was clear a chill out day was needed as we enjoyed our last afternoon before school begins.

I did persuade my son to get his homework for Monday’s Historical Figure school day done so that was out-of-the-way.  A few lines written about Sir Nigel Gresley, and a few photos of his trains printed and stuck on, job done.

You’ve been framed, quite literally it would appear, as he played with the off cuts of his project work.

Once that was done we spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden.  He’s finally agreed that we can let his sandpit go, now we just need to figure out what to do with the sand before we offer the frame to others.  Ideas welcome!

Thursday 6th September – Day 249

Project 365 2018 Week 36

The first day of Year Four and a day for me to catch up on blog work.  My son coped with the morning really well, it was his bestie who had a wobble this morning.  My heart went out to him and his Mum, it was a tough morning.

Time to crack on with some work for me though as I’ve neglected everything over the last few weeks.  Brewster was so happy to have a quiet living room back to snooze in!

It was so lovely to see both boys coming out of school with beaming smiles, what a relief.  Apparently they had a good day, they didn’t do much work and are going to Warwick Castle next month.

Friday 7th September – Day 250

Project 365 2018 Week 36

The duvet thief is back.  The cat woke me up at 1am to go out and then the duvet thief made his appearance just after 3am.  It’s going to be a long day.  But it was lovely to see normal service resumed with both my son and his friend chatting away and laughing on the walk to school this morning.  They happily walked into the building by themselves too. It’s in moments like that that I wish I could show my 4 year old son how happy he would be one day to leave my side!

Back to work for me for a few hours and then off to return the uniform to my old job.  My phone battery is knackered so I backed the phone up last night and took it into town to see about getting a new battery fitted.  Really impressed with the service, fitted while I waited and refreshingly good customer service.  I now have a phone that works for more than 30 seconds without being charged!!

My son has treated us to an airshow and grand prix since school finished and ended the day with a bit of railway track moving thanks to his trusty old tractor and trailer.  My parents bought him those for his birthday (or Christmas) when he was three I think, he still loves them.

Saturday 8th September – Day 251

Project 365 2018 Week 36

We love ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, it’s our closest zoo and somewhere we visit a couple of times a year.  I’d wanted to visit ever since the tiger cubs were born and finally we got there today.  My son wanted to say hello to ‘his’ giraffes and we spent time with the hippos.  The baby hippo has grown so much since we were there early on in the year.

We visited the tiger enclosure four times during the day, for the first three times they were fast asleep in the undergrowth.  We could just about see them but my camera couldn’t pick them up.  Then on our last walk round we came face to face with this scene.  Two cubs playing just as all siblings do, we watched them rolling around, chasing each other, having fun before they suckled from Mum.  It was magical and made the day.

On our way home we stopped off to pick up a couple of Jenson Button books from a friend.  All in all, a good day out.

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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 36

  1. It sounds like you had a great day at Bournemouth Air Festival and Legoland.
    Aww! It is so sad when kids have a wobble at school….My youngests best friend has been upset about going to school and I really feel for him. I’m glad they came out of school happy.
    Those tiger cubs are just adorable. x

  2. It sounds like you’ve had a really good week with your days out. It’s good to hear that your son settled back into school so well. I love those tiger cubs!

  3. Aw those cubs are so cute. Glad the start of school has gone well. I wish N’s school would do more intersting trips. At least his are cheap, but they’re just so local and dull. Not that he minds

  4. we avoided our air show as I hate getting stuck and taking up t 2 hrs to get out the town due to the volume of traffic, made worse by the train station running buses instead of trains due to an issue beyond their control.
    Love his happy face in the frame.
    Oh no at the duvet thief back, maybe just settling back into school.

  5. looks like a lovely week, glad monkey has embraced back to school so nicely and the trip to Warwick Castle will give him something to look forward to, lovely photos of th tigers and well worth the 4 visits

  6. Some good days out! We love Whipsnade zoo too! must go soon to see the cubs..they look so cute! My friends son had a wobble too (Year 1) and they physically had to drag him in! He was fine at the end of the day though

  7. Only just catching up with older 365 posts, sorry for a delay. Loving the air festival shot, it’s splendid. I can easily see it in some promotional brochure on the cover. Monkey looks very moody and intense in that bed photo, like some romantic hero. 🙂
    We also love the Miniland, such an amazing project, so creative and inspired.

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