Project 365 2018 Week 39

Project 365 2018 Week 39

Project 365 2018 Week 39 Days 266 – 272  I’m not feeling that inspired lately, the photographs show that I’m afraid.

Sunday 23rd September – Day 266

Project 365 2018 Week 39

A bit of Lego robot building.  His head nods too.  A great little build inspired by a robot building kit we’ve been sent to review.

Today is my son’s best friends ninth birthday and he’d been invited to his party at the local trampoline place.  As the day got closer, as much as he was excited to spend time with his bestie, he was really nervous about going to the trampoline park.  We’d been once before and he reused to go on at all unless I went in too and held his hand.  I wasn’t sure what today would bring, but his friend’s Mum knows him well and suggested that she picked him up from home and have me on SOS standby if needed.  He needed some persuading to get in her car, but ten minutes later I received a photo of him with a beaming smile on his face.  Then of course there were photos of him bouncing around, having a wonderful time.  Got to love him.

I’d aimed to get his Dad doing lots of jobs while we were child free, but he’d worked even more hours (if that’s even possible) than normal in the week, and he slept the whole afternoon!  The plan went out the window.

Monday 24th September – Day 267

Project 365 2018 Week 39

I cracked on with something new at work which I’m enjoying before heading into town to do the weekly shopping.  Then home to open the door to the spare room.  It’s a tip, you can’t move and it’s a room I avoid at all costs.  But with a birthday and then two weeks later, Christmas, coming up, it needs to be sorted.  So I went through the toys and books that aren’t used any more ready to list on selling sites.  I probably need to do another run to a local care home with jigsaws too if I’m honest with myself.

Monday is of course Cubs night.  I knew that they were doing CPR with an Ambulance Medic this evening and thought my son would like it as he’s so into Operation Ouch.  But would he stay without me?  Well this photo shows that he did.  Just me and my shadow walking back to the house once I’d dropped him off.  He enjoyed himself and I have seen photos to prove it too.  Phew!

Tuesday 25th September – Day 268

Project 365 2018 Week 39

Blog work morning and I finally relented and put the heating on.  Autumn has officially arrived in Oxfordshire.

It was an afternoon of meetings.  Firstly with the SEN coordinator at school.  A general meeting with other parents, which will informative, has still left me with more questions than answers regarding my son specifically.  But hopefully those will be addressed in the weeks to come.  We then went straight into a meeting with my son’s new teacher and my son.  Having had a good talk with him I think he’ll be really good for my son.  We talked about my son’s strengths and weaknesses as we saw them, and his likes and dislikes, to help the teacher plan some targets for him in the year ahead.  There will be a couple of meetings before Christmas and I will be very interested to see what is being put in place for him.

I decided that my son deserved pizza for his tea as a treat, I know he doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight.  He was happier about the pizza than this picture might suggest!

Wednesday 26th September – Day 269

Project 365 2018 Week 39

I’m really enjoying my new job.  It’s a real mixture of admin and customer contact and no two days are the same.  I’ve found that getting out of the house and spending a few hours doing something totally different, in company, makes me feel better about everything else that’s going on.  It’s a good balance.

After work I headed back to the spare room.  I figure if I do a bit each day then maybe I’ll see carpet and the laptop with my family history files stored on it soon.  Seriously, my son has too much stuff, too much big stuff that isn’t easily stored.

Anyway, he hasn’t played with his Laser Pegs sets for ages so I got them out and he zoomed straight in on them after school.  They are very clever.

Thursday 27th September – Day 270

Project 365 2018 Week 39

Not sure Brewster was as happy about the before school cuddles as my son was.

I’d not had a chance to bake anything for the school cake sale for charity so we picked some up from the shop on the walk to school.  For some reason my son didn’t actually hand them in, and they were still in his bag when we got home this afternoon!

Once we’d all walked to school I headed out to pick up a secondhand storage unit to go in my son’s bedroom, paid for by some of his toys that we’ve sold.  It fits perfectly in his bedroom and I filled it with some of his trains and track.  There’s still too much of it all but at least it’s a bit more contained and he’s got a bit more space to lay more track on the floor!  Hope he likes it.

Blog work for me although I didn’t seem to get much done, not a very focused day it would seem.

The storage unit went down well and I even got a hug for my trouble.

Friday 28th September – Day 271

Project 365 2018 Week 39

Someone got Achiever of the Week at school today but left his certificate at school.  I’d be none the wiser if his teacher hadn’t mentioned it to me as we were leaving.  Hopefully it will give his confidence a boost, fingers crossed.  Some chill out time after school to start the weekend off was the order of the day.

Saturday 29th September – Day 272

Project 365 2018 Week 39

We headed into Oxford on the bus to meet up with some of the local group of A year with My Camera at the Oxford Botanic Garden.  Perfect weather for it and certainly an improvement from the pouring rain my son and I had on our first visit their earlier in the year.  Unfortunately taking an eight year old with me on a photography meet up was always going to be a challenge, so we didn’t stay with the group for long.  But we still made the most of our visit.

Popped in to the Museum of Science History for the first time, but it’s somewhere to enjoy with my son when he’s a bit older.  We decided to head home and spend the afternoon chilling out.

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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 39

  1. Sorry you are not feeling inspired. I am feeling the same. I am blaming the change in weather. I don’t feel it when it’s cold out.
    That Lego robot looks fab!
    I am glad your boy had a good time at the party.
    I hope you get some answers soon about the SEN thingy. It sounds like the meeting with his new teacher went well.
    hehehe! Brewster looks like he’s about to make a dart for it. Eek!

  2. Nice that SEN’s are being dealt with at school. and fingers crossed the plans work.
    Well done to him for going to and joining in with the party.
    I agree work is a great distraction.
    Shame you are feeling uninspired .I hope it passes for you,

  3. I’ve just shown Eddie the photo of Monkey with the Lego robot. Eddie said: That’s pretty cool, especially the head is impressive. That’s from one Lego master to another. 🙂
    Sounds like your meeting with SEN people was not entirely useless. Good that they plan targets and will be supporting Monkey. Big well done to him for being the Achiever of the week.
    Loving the ladybird photo, so beautiful

  4. I can relate to the not feeling inspired!

    Love that Lego robot…looks cool. Sounds like the SEN meeting was useful..hope your questions get answered soon…and well done on getting achiever of the week

  5. Glad the meeting with his teacher went well. Great news given they have them for a year! Shame we couldn’ make the meet up – the boys could have kept each other company.

  6. really glad you’re enjoying your new job, and I guess no more bad back either. Shame on A sleeping when you were child free lol. Glad F enjoyed the trampoline park eventually and really pleased to hear you’re getting the answers you need with SEN

  7. Good luck with the spare room – I am supposed to be working on ours this weekend, but needless to say I haven’t got to it. I do like the Lego robot. Hope you get the answers you need soon.

  8. Ooh laser pegs look like fun, I haven’t seen those before! My spare room is a disaster area and my mother in law is coming to stay next week! #project365

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