Project 365 2018 Week 4

Project 365 2018 Week 4

Project 365 2018 Week 4

Sunday 21st January – Day 21

Project 365 2018 Week 4

We woke up to a smattering of snow and for a while it got quite heavy, but by the afternoon the snow turned to rain and it all disappeared.  I might have been a tad happier about that than Monkey was.

He wanted to spend some time in the garage playing trains with his Dad and decided that his new John Deere overalls and boots were called for to complete the look.

We spent the late afternoon with Daddy’s sister and her husband and she filled us full of roast dinner and yummy pudding.  After a large g&t, a few glasses of wine and an Irish coffee, I was feeling more merry than Mary!

Monday 22nd January – Day 22

Project 365 2018 Week 4

Back to school for Monkey, shopping for me and job at home.  Before I listened to the kids read in class in the afternoon.  It’s lovely that they all seem to want to have their turn.

After school it was time for times tables ‘fun’ as we tried to crack the 8 times table.  To say Monkey was unenthusiastic would be an understatement.  Cue screaming and shouting for half an hour.  Finally he calmed down and actually showed that he knew most of them really.  As dinner was cooking he got out our Magic Cauldron Game and he did actually enjoy himself.  I’ve been told the post-it notes idea from the other week needs to cone back tomorrow too!

Cubs, and they had homework to write something up about a local public service.  Monkey decided to write about one of our train stations (what a surprise!).  So he headed off with that and a spreadsheet we’ve created for his Animal Carer badge work for Akela to approve.  Once we’d talked that through with her, it was time for Flag and he was off before he had time to think about it.

Tuesday 23rd January – Day 23

Project 365 2018 Week 4

That smile certainly hasn’t been gracing that face all day since he’s been home from school!  The slightest mention of doing his times tables today caused a total meltdown.  Nothing ‘fun’ would talk him round.  Not the best of days.

Wednesday 24th January – Day 24

Project 365 2018 Week 4

Rain.  It rained a lot, and was quite scary at one point as I drove up the motorway to meet a friend in Stratford.  We always start our day in Four Teas over a coffee and a slice of homemade cake, before heading off for a walk.  But the rain clearly wasn’t going to let up, so we headed off to the RSC for more coffee and a long lunch instead.

Thankfully the weather had calmed down by the time I needed to drive home and was clear by school pick up time. Monkey has decided that he’s done with maths and sat down to map his teacher a map of the imaginary train layout he has running around the school playground.  If only I could get him to write down his stories, maybe one day.

Thursday 25th January – Day 25

Project 365 2018 Week 4

After the torrential rain yesterday, today is all about blue skies.  Typical.  But at least it meant we could get outside on our photography class and cover some of our homework tasks without the need to rope models in at the weekend.

My orchid is really blooming well now, with more buds on the way.

Friday 26th January – Day 26

Project 365 2018 Week 4

Boo! Brewster was waiting for me as I oped the curtains this morning.

When Monkey headed to school I headed in to town for a dental check up and then decided to go back to bed for a bit – feeling a bit under the weather.

After school we caught up with Mum and Dad on Skype and then chilled out for the evening.

Saturday 27th January – Day 27

Project 365 2018 Week 4

We spent the day with my friend L and her son C and blew away the cobwebs with a trip to Stowe.  The boys ran around, collecting sticks, chatting away and making up all sorts of stories.  We walked a totally different route from normal and all really enjoyed just being outside.  After a couple of hours of walking, we’d definitely earned our lunch and the rain started pouring down as we headed back to the restaurant.

After lunch we all headed back here so the boys could play and L and I could have a cuppa and a chat.  It’s really been a lovely day, and just what we both needed.

Project 365

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32 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 4

  1. sounds like you were really lucky with the rain today. It was raining here from 6am all day until about 5pm. Miserable. Good luck with the maths – N’s been doing 3s and 4s last week I think he said.

  2. Gorgeous photo of Monkey with Brewster, such a lovely smile. The orchids are beautiful, mine are in bloom as well. Maths is our least favourite subject too, it’s always a struggle to do homework.

  3. Love the John Deere overalls and boots. Sorry to hear Monkey has been struggling with his times tables this week, but it’s great to hear that he’s settled in at Cubs.

  4. Brewster is such a bonnie bonnie cat!! And I think I would agree with Monkey and draw a train map over maths any day! #365

  5. love his outfit. I feel homework is so wrong for primary school age children, the meltdowns are not fair on anybody.
    Glad you manage to get up the motorway safely, often feel people dont drive accordingly and the ones without lights on really annoy me in poor visibility.

  6. did we have lunch at the RSC? can’t wait for our next meet up. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now. My kids hated homework and always had melt downs, so we stopped doing it, i just couldn’t cope with the stress and all their other activities

  7. Oh man I just went to enter your Magic Cauldron giveaway and realised it was from a few years ago! Looks like a great game for learning times tables I’ll keep an eye out for it. We’re suffering meltdowns centering around writing at the moment ! #365

  8. That sounds like you were really lucky with the rain today. We have had so much rain last week, especially after the snow. Good luck with the maths. xx #365

  9. Love the overalls, and the photo of Monkey and Brewster. Homework is always a bit of a struggle. My eldest seems to do most of his at school (not quite sure when?!) and my youngest still thinks it’s fun. The middle one though, always a battle. He loathes homework. And, he’s the brightest of the three, so I find it very frustrating!! It would take him five minutes if he’d just sit down and do it!!

  10. Times Tables can be such a nightmare! My eldest struggled with them quite a bit too but seems to have the hang of them now!

    Your orchid is doing so well! Looks lovely.

  11. Loving the John Deere overalls and boots, that’s the standard dress for most people in our village! My boys love doing maths, but I feel your pain as they are exactly the same with English, so they all have something they dislike!

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